Vietnam : Nha Trang

This post wont be a long post, because bascially the point I want to make it that Nha Trang is not a place you need to visit on your travels around Vietnam.

Nha Trang is a place that has strong connections with Russia as you can take a direct flight from Russia in only 6 hours. This means this place is full of Russian tourists, and even signs are written in Russia and some places wont serve you if you aren’t Russian.

As part of the tour we spent 2 whole days here and that was long enough. If you want to read all about the tour carry on, if you’ve read enough then feel free to stop!

My 2 days in Nha Trang as part of the G Adventures tour:

Due to the flooding we couldn’t go on the boat trip which we were all sad about, so were told we could go to a ‘beach party’ instead. We were told this was a big party on a private beach, so had in our mind lots of people on this amazing beach. How wrong were we, and again more examples of where our guide lied to us to make us partake in activities (the guides work off commission for these activities we think!). This was certainly not a beach party, we sat with this lady who tried to force us to play games and have awkward conversations with her. If I am honest we were all slightly bored and the weather didn’t help. However the food was incredible and it was included in the price, along with some bottles of vodka and rum, which we didn’t drink but snuck back with us for another night!! We were given mussels cooked on the BBQ and they tasted amazing. We were also fed twice in the space of 2 hours so can’t fault that either!

That evening we were meant to go for a group dinner, but as our guide couldn’t speak Vietnamese he didn’t really know where to take us, we met for dinner anyway. However he ended up taking a couple to see some lanterns and we did our own thing. Myself and Tal were not very hungry due to our epic lunch so went for milkshakes instead!

The next morning we met early to go see a Buddhist Pagoda. We decided to walk there as the walk was only 30 minutes. We arrived for the Pagoda to be shut as the head monk was celebrating his 69th day, so headed back to the hotel. Myself and Tal split off from the others and visited the cathedral on route home. We then grabbed our bikinis and decided to make the most of the sunny day and spent the rest of the day at the beach. We paid pennies for a bed which included wifi and didn’t move all day – it was bliss!

That evening we met for dinner and enjoyed some street food, we all had the Pho which was super tasty and then ended up at a yoghurt bar where we ate the tastiest yoghurt ever which had come from De Lat.

Thankfully we let Nha Trang on the sleeper train that evening.