How often do you wash your hair?

We are two of the laziest people ever when it comes to washing our hair! It is such a chore for us and we literally can’t think of anything worse! We keep our hair for as LONG as possible and sometimes it is almost a competition between us LOL! (We are so sad).

There are so many benefits though for not washing your hair that often including some of the following:

Your hair isn’t as dry which is a massive bonus especially if you anything like us and put quite a bit of heat on your hair (we just love our GHD’s!) We do like to straighten our hair and obviously this is known to dry your hair out!

Annie’s curls are more prominent which I LOVE! I love it when my curls are less frizzy. It means I can be lazy and just wake up and not do anything with my hair.

Hair colour lasts longer (which is great as highlights are SO expensive). We always notice our hair colour is much brighter at the beginning and the more we wash it the darker it becomes!

Less expensive so you don’t have to buy shampoo and conditioner as often, which will help you save a few pennies especially if you like to splash out on a good shampoo and conditioner.

Prevents hair loss which we most definitely do not want, but hey if we do start get hair loss as we get older we will just get a hair transplant! Not sure why people are ashamed to admit it, we would happily get one!

So the next time you think you desperately have to wash your hair because you haven’t in the past 12 hours, ask yourself the question do I really need to wash it?

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