Hello and welcome to our blog! We are two best friends currently living in London who write a blog, Instagram and YouTube channel which focuses on Fitness, Food and Travel. We write about these things as they are what we are interested in and passionate about. Something that initially started out as a hobby has now become part of our lives and a main focus for us.

The great thing about us that we are normal relatable girls, we love the exercise and keep fit and healthy in terms of working out and eating, but at the same time we recognise that its important to enjoy life therefore we also love to bake.

Whose dream isn’t to travel the world? There is so much of the world to see, so many beautiful places to visit and cultures to learn about. We really enjoy our mini breaks in the UK, there are so many beautiful places right on our door step. However we are also partial to some sunshine and venturing half way across the world to experience a whole new culture and cuisine.

Love of love,

Annie & Rach

A snapshot of brands and places we have worked with:

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    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      The story is, there were originally 3 of us, but third didn’t take to blogging so now there are just 2 of us (and we are from Britain, hence Brits!). We cannot change the name of the domain as we have it for a year now, so for the time being we have to stick with the name and the third brit is our trusty tripod that helps take all the photos!!
      Have a lovely day!

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