Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day! 

Its pancake day, so of course we have to post a recipe for pancakes. We normally make the fat pancakes, or drop scones as they can also be called. However on Pancakes Day we always have the thin pancakes, or crepes as they are known in France. You can make these pancakes super fancy, however we both adore them with lemon and sugar – nice and simple .

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins, which is when Christians traditionally fasted, so they made pancakes to use up all the basic store cupboard ingredients, in particular eggs and fat before the Lenten fast. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days until Easter Day. These days Pancake Day has become a more lavish affair with people making epic pancakes, and huge pancake stacks or even pancake cakes, however we wanted to keep it simple this year. The good thing about these pancakes is that it uses only 4 ingredients and are so quick and easy to make, we should really make and eat them more often! However, the bad thing about these pancakes is that you can make and eat so many, we sure will be enjoying a fair few pancakes this evening!

100g plain flour
150ml milk
2 eggs
butter or oil for the pan

1. Put the flour in a large mixing bowl and make a well.
2. Break the egg into the well and slowly mix together with a whisk
3. Whisk in the milk a little at a time to make a batter
4. Melt the butter in a low frying pan and then add a ladle of batter to the hot pan. Spread the mixture out and cook until the pancake is golden
5. Flip the pancake (if you are brave enough), and then cook the other side
6. Serve with toppings of your choice – we prefer lemon and sugar

Are you lacking fitness motivation?

Scrolling through Instagram is sometimes enough to motivate us to get to the gym. Our Instagram feed is full of fitness fanatics who never seem to lack motivation. This isn’t true though, people only show what they want to show on Instagram so it is important to remember these people do run out of energy and can also lack motivation!

Everyone has those months were they are feeling less motivated. Most of the time motivation and consistency is never a problem for us, we look forward to going to the gym in the morning, but we do notice it takes us a little bit longer to get out of bed during those cold winter months.

fit 1.png
We love the lifestyle we lead and we never desire another routine or lifestyle. When we have a bad day at work working out really helps us regain a positive attitude. It’s our place where we can switch off from the rest of the world and just focus on our work out. 99% of the time we will leave and have a completely different view on the problems we were facing beforehand.
Fit 2.png

Below are a few tips to help keep you dedicated and motivated to your fitness regime:

Don’t stress- It’s really important you don’t stress yourself out if you cannot fit a work out in, stress can cause de motivation. Sometimes other things get in the way that you have to prioritise and that’s just life. You aren’t going to throw away all your gains just because you missed a class. On the flip side of you do miss a class don’t let this demotivate you, get back up and go again tomorrow.

Make fitness part of your life but not your life- it’s so important you have the correct balance, that’s not to say that you should feel bad for turning down an event if you have your favourite fitness class that night. If you find yourself constantly doing this you could find yourself falling out of love with fitness.We like to work out in the morning so we can plan to see our friends and family during the evening.

Eat well- when we don’t eat a healthy balanced diet our body tells us off! We wake up feeling sluggish and lethargic with little or no energy. We know our bodies don’t agree with too much sugar and salt so it is important we personally eat this in moderation. Don’t restrict yourself though as you are likely to fall off the wagon, instead eat a balanced diet treating yourself every now and then.

Find a friend- working out with a friend can be so motivating! They are there to motivate you and maybe even get you there in the first place. If you have arranged to meet a friend in the morning you are less likely to stay in bed!

Pack your bag- we always pack our bag for the next day before going to bed! We also like to place our gym clothes by the bed so we just have to pull them on and go!

Set yourself a goal- we like to set ourselves regular goals so we have something to work towards. A few examples would be: run a certain distance, lift a certain weight, do a deadlift, do a pull up etc.

What are your top tips for keeping motivated, we would like to know!

Fit 3.png

Chocolate Orange Protein Pancakes

Anything made with chocolate and orange is bound to be a winner. We loved making these pancakes and enjoyed eating them even more. These would be the perfect treat to enjoy on Pancake Day. We will definitely be enjoying them before Annie takes on the challenge of giving up chocolate for lent!

Let us know if you give these a go and make sure you tag us on Instagram or Twitter if you make them, you can find us at @threebrits.

Makes 8 Pancakes

100g Oats Blended or oat flour or oatmeal flour
1 Scoop Unflavoured Protein
3 egg whites
1.5tsp Baking
1.5tsp Bicarbonate of soda
2tbsp raw cacao
zest of 1 orange
1tbsp coconut sugar
50ml Milk (add a bit at a time as you may need more or less)

1 bar melted dark chocolate
2tbsp maple syrup
1tsp orange essence
orange segments

Place the dry ingredient in a bowl with the orange zest
Add the egg whites and mix. The slowly add the milk until a batter forms.
Heat your pan (medium/high heat) and melt some coconut oil.
Add a table spoon of mixture to your pan and flip once bubbles appear on the surface.
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and then add the maple syrup and orange essence.
Stack the pancakes and drizzle over the chocolate sauce and decorate with the orange segments


Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food tastes incredible and I loved trying new dishes when visiting the country. It seemed there were particular dishes to certain areas so I thought I would write a blog post all about the food you NEED to try when visiting Vietnam.

Hoi An
There were 2 local dishes that I ate when visiting the beautiful town of Hoi An. We sat one evening along the river bank at a street food place and enjoyed the dish called Cao Lau, this was a dish made of noodles, pork, and local greens. The unique taste and texture is achieved by using water from an ancient well, just outside the town. We loved Cau Lau as it wasn’t like anything we had eaten before, a lot of the dishes in Vietnam were more soup/broth dishes with noodles but this was just noodles and pork. The best bit of the dish was the crackling served on the top, it added a great texture to the dish

At the cookery school, we ate the most incredible dish called Mi Quang, which is also local to Hoi An. This is a noodle dish made with pork, shrimp and quails egg. Again this wasn’t a soup based dish so was a delight to eat. What made this even better for us was that we were taught how to make it. If I was to return to Hoi An I would like to eat at the Streets restaurant, it is advised to book in advance


The local dish in Hue is called Bun Bo Hue (the name is in the title!) It is rice noodles served with beef. It was very tasty and I enjoyed eating another local dish.

Bun Cha is the local dish here and we were taken to an amazing street food restaurant for lunch where the only dish you can buy is Bun Cha and spring rolls. We loved the dish so much we went back the next day for lunch. This dish is minced beef served in broth. You are then served a plate of noodles on the side and you add the noodles to the broth along with salad if you please. The flavour of the dish is incredible and the amount of noodles you are given is incredibly generous. For 25,0000 VND (about 90p), this is the best hot lunch you will eat in Hanoi


Banh Mi
Banh Mi can be found all over Vietnam, and I lost count with the number of Banh Mi that I ate! There are many varieties of Banh Mi, but they are basically a sandwich/baguette filled with amazing things. I normally went for the mixed meat, which included many different slices of meat, pate and shredded carrot, lettuce and cucumber. However you can also buy and omelette banh mi too, which are also very popular. I can recommend 3 places to go for an epic Banh Mi, with the first one of the list being my absolute favourite (I had 2 from here!)

Hoi An – Madame Khanh
Madame Khanh is called the Banh Mi Queen, and she most certainly is. The taste was incredible, and the sandwich was not dry at all due to the sauce that Madame Khanh adds to it. For 20,000 VND (72p) this is the best sandwich you will ever eat! Madame Khanh also puts egg (omelette) in her’s, but I requested without.

Saigon – Banh Mi Huynh Hoa
We were lucky that this Banh Mi place was literally right behind our hotel. We grabbed one of these before taking the sleeper train. This place is full of locals and we were the only tourists there. This place doesn’t even look like a food outlet from the outside; however you can tell it is popular due to the large queue snaking outside! There isn’t much organisation here you just queue to one of the many stands inside and wait for your banh mi. They staff here work super-fast and it was fascinating to watch them make sandwich after sandwich. They were even making bulk orders for people! I would definitely recommend this banh mi place when you visit Saigon. These were a little more expensive, but that’s expected in a large city, you will pay 33,000 VND here (£1.18).

Hanoi – Banh Mi 25
This is a very sophisticated Banh Mi shop, you queue up for you order and then told where to sit. We were told to sit in the ‘yellow cafe’. We were then brought our Banh Mi in a basket and sat and enjoyed in the café. This was another tasty banh mi, in particular the crunchy baguette. If you are ever in Hanoi make sure you visit here, its 25,000VND for a mixed meat one, however it is possible to order one meat or even an omelette banh mi.

Vietnamese Coffee
Funnily enough Vietnam are famous for their coffee, it is also very strong! As the climate is predominantly hot iced coffee’s are very popular in Vietnam. A Vietnamese iced coffee is nothing like you would drink at home because they make it with condensed milk. I lost count the number of iced coffees I enjoyed whilst on my trip, every single one tasted different but they all tasted amazing. I know they are super unhealthy and very sugary but I will most certainly be trying to make my own in the summer!

Vietnam : Halong Bay


We arrived to Halong Bay after driving from the station in Hanoi. The place was not as expected at all, the beach was none existent and had  a large theme park being built on it. It seemed they were turning this place into a mega tourist trap.

We checked into the hotel and got ready for the boat trip to the bay. We were taken by coach for around 10 minutes to the pier and then finally boarded our boat.

The boat was huge and as there were only 12 people on our small group seemed mad that we needed such a big boat. The other group who were on the same G Adventures tour as up also had their own boat. This was something that we all picked up on and felt it was so stupid our two groups to be on 2 boats. Considering the poverty in the country, a lot of money could be saved including fuel if we all shared one boat. Anyway, rant over.

We set sail and were brought lots of different things to eat including whole fish, prawns, squid, noodles and rice and also chips (random!). We were promised by our guide an amazing 3 course meal, but I would hardly call it that. The fruit salad for dessert was a slice of watermelon each!

We then headed to the top deck to check out the views and take a billion and one photos! The day was gloomy and dull which was a shame but we all remained in positive spirits.

We then were taken to a cave which again was a bit overrated and a complete tourist trap. They had even pumped water into the cave and tried to pretend it was natural. If I am completely honest the whole cave felt fake and all of us were baffled as to if it was real!!

We then headed back to the boat and some people had opted to do some kayaking, but most of us chose to stay on the boat where we all did some colouring in from my colouring in book!!

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. The group were told to meet at 7.30 for dinner but we didn’t think we needed 2 hours to get ready so we decided to meet earlier. We were warned that there was not many places to go for dinner and this certainly was the case. Its crazy that a place that one day hopes to be a huge tourist destination with a massive theme park literally has no where to eat. We ended up at some restaurant and the food was gross with no flavour!

The next day we left Halong Bay super early. I am in 2 minds as to whether I would return to Halong Bay. Part of me wants to come back when the weather is guaranteed to be nice and see Halong Bay in the sunshine just like the pictures in the guide books. However another part of me thinks that I will be even more upset as to how spoilt the beach is…….


Banana bread baked porridge

We absolutely love experimenting with oats, especially when we are making our porridge (also known as oatmeal in the USA). Porridge is the perfect winter warmer on a cold February morning helping us to refuel after a morning workout.

We love banana bread so we decided to make our very own banana bread baked porridge. This recipe is absolutely delicious and we would recommend making it as soon as you can. We do put nuts in this recipe but if you have an allergy then it still tastes delicious without.


50g Oats
1 ripe banana
50ml milk of your choice
30ml water
3 walnuts chopped

Pre heat the oven to 180oc
Mash your banana in mixing bowl
Add in the oats and walnuts and then stir until combined
Pour in the water and milk and continue to mix
Place in the oven for 25/30 minutes until the oats are cooked and the colour is golden brown.

Let us know if you decide to make the porridge and please send us photos as we love to see them!

Vietnam : Hue

I hadn’t done much research on this place so didn’t know what to expect. However all I knew was that I HAD to do the motorbike tour because it was amazing and my friend had recommended it to me.

We arrived in Hue around midday and then had 45 minutes to check in before meeting for the motorbike tour.

We were all assigned a driver and sat on the back of their bike and were basically taken all around Hue to all the touristy (or not so touristy) sites. We visited 3 temples, a bridge, a pagoda, a museum of rice farming, a bunker and a food market. We were taught how to make a non la and incense sticks and also went to a view point of the perfume river. We also had the most amazing vegetarian lunch cooked by monks at a Buddhist temple. The trip was 6 hours long and simply amazing and a great way to learn all about Hue and also the Vietnamese culture. This was one of my highlights of the trip and I will always remember zipping through country lanes, though rice fields and the crazy traffic.

However apart from the bike tour I would say that Hue doesn’t really have anything else to offer and I think we spent too long here. We only needed the afternoon for the bike tour and could’ve left early the next morning rather than waiting around until the evening for the sleeper train.

Although a visit to the Imperial Citadel is worth it!