Lorna Jane – Active Nation Day

We follow Lorna Jane on instagram and were very excited when we realised one of her active days was to be held in London. We snapped up the free tickets as soon as possible.


Not really knowing what to expect, on Sunday morning we headed by train to Shoreditch. We took the short walk to Shoreditch park, following other people in gym kit and arrived to lots of people all jumping and exercising to loud music.

We registered at the pink tent and took advantage of the free samples, those salted caramel aussie protein bars were amazing by the way! We found our spot and joined in with the workout.

The first was a jungle style workout that involved dance like moves which was a lot of fun! It definitely got us warned up ready for the day!

Next we enjoyed a really good pilates class, now we haven’t done pilates before so were a bit sceptical abut it, however it turned out to be amazing and we really worked our core muscles. We will definitely be trying them out in the gym and maybe finding a pilates class near home.

We then took part in the duo workout which is all workouts to be done with a partner. To be honest we weren’t really a fan of this session and felt that we could do all the workouts on our own but with a partner doing it together. Maybe these duo workouts ¬†are not for us – well there are 3 of us after all!

The next workout was with Wildcat and this was body pump and it was soon good! We loved getting hot and sweaty and getting fully involved with this workout – squats, lunges, burpees, sit ups, press ups – you name it we attempted it!

By this point the sessions were over running slightly and we were feeling peckish, so we headed towards Shoreditch for a wander and some food before heading back home

We had such a fun morning and it was all completely free – we cannot wait until the next event!