The Body Coach

We were having one of those days were we really didn’t want to go to the gym. The sun was shining and we wanted to make the most of the summer sunshine (good job we did it started to thunder and lightning soon after our workout). We had never tried a Body Coach workout before so decided to give it a go.

The Body Coach has a Youtube channel where he uploads live videos once a week. The HIIT session we did was 20 minutes long and oh my gosh it is an absolute killer. When Joe Wicks says you are going to sweat he really does mean it.

In the session we completed there were 5 rounds of 4 exercises, you do 30 seconds of work then you rest for 30 seconds. The exercises in the workout were; High knees with straight punches, Press ups, Squat jumps (imagine you are shooting a basket ball) and finally a Burpee with four mountain climbers.

We will definitely be going back for more!

After the session we refueled our bodies with a PHD Chocolate Peanut flavour protein shake.

5 Benefits of HIIT

1. It only takes 20 minutes; you can complete a HIIT session in the morning before work or even in your lunch break.

2. You will burn more fat during the session and after the session is complete. You will burn more calories in the 24 hours after the HIIT session.

3. No equipment is necessary.

4. It’s free and you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership.

5. You will always be able to challenge yourself no matter how fit you are.

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