It takes two to work out

Having a workout buddy is likely to keep you motivated while at the gym but most importantly it is likely to motivate you to actually go in the first place. Think about it, you have no plans on a Friday evening and your friend asks you to go to the gym, you say yes immediately because it’s Monday morning and you are feeling guilty about your over indulged weekend.

5 o’clock on Friday has suddenly arrived and the beer fridge at work is looking very appealing, do you let your friend down or do you stick to your original plan? If you had not of made the gym plans with your friend it is more than likely you would already be on your second drink. Now of course this is just an example and Friday probably isn’t the best example to use but you get what we mean.

We have been running and taking part in exercise classes together for quite some time now but decided to go to the gym together as it was raining. We had never really trained together before but slowly discovered it was the best thing ever! Coming up with routines/exercises together and taking it in turns made the session go so quickly.

Working out with a friend is a great way to have a catch up- as long as you don’t put this before the workout of course.

Gym’s can often be intimidating, particularly the weight sections, which are dominated by grunting men, who people think are going to stare. This can put many women off lifting weights but really this should motivate you to grow some booty gains.  We can completely understand this intimidating feeling so going with someone else is a great way to conquer your fears – safety in numbers right?!

10 Reasons to work out with a friend

  • Motivation to go to the gym in the first place.
  • Workout can be fun and exciting.
  • You can learn from each other- techniques and exercises.
  • You will push yourself harder.
  • You will mix up your usual routine.
  • Friendly competition.
  • See better results.
  • Having a catch up whilst working out.
  • Workout for longer.
  • Recover together.

Of course it is still nice to occasionally work out by yourself, everyone needs there down time and exercise can be a great way to help clear the mind. Although it has been proven that working out with someone else does tend to lead to better results.


Three Brits