On The Run

Back in March we decided it was time to step our running up a notch, we put our trainers back on and started pounding the pavements. We could already run 3 Miles comfortably, which we found was the hardest mile stone to reach. We decided to start with the end in mind which was to be able to run 6 miles with ease but we also knew we didn’t want to stop there once we had accomplished our goal.

Our first run was on the 21st March, it was freezing cold outside but this was not going to stop us. We managed to run 4.5 miles on our first run which we were happy with. Over the next few weeks we continued to run upping the distance bit by bit. By the end of April we had hit our 6 mile goal and we were chuffed. We are now up to 8 miles and we cannot wait to meet our next goal of 13 Miles.

We tend to do a long run on a Monday or a Wednesday straight after work, there is something about exercising after a long day at work that really relaxes us. We also do several short runs during the week either during our lunch break at work or at the weekend.

Running is free and one of the best forms of exercise, grab your workout buddy and run your little legs off.

Top 10 Tips we have learnt

  1. Run with a buddy so you can chat along the way. This will stop you constantly checking the distance you have run.
  2. Choose new routes each week to ensure you do not get bored.
  3. Run at your own pace.
  4. Make a set day in the week so it is part of your routine.
  5. Make sure you run further each week to ensure you are challenging yourself.
  6. Invest in a good pair of running trainers.
  7. Encourage each other when running.
  8. Have a goal in mind, it does not matter how long it takes you to meet this goal.
  9. Stretch after a run it will really help you muscles the next day.
  10. The most important one of all is to enjoy yourself and just have fun!