Healthy eating on holiday 

Everyone loves going on holiday right? Stupid question really how can you not. A summer holiday is something most of us look forward to throughout the year. We work hard to get ‘summer beach body ready’ so why when we get on holiday do we over indulge and let go of all our hard work. It is important to relax and enjoy yourself whilst on holiday but this doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start drinking all the larger and eating all the ice cream.

Lack of routine or escaping routine is what a holiday is all about. Enjoying lazy days by the pool were you practically spend every minute laying horizontal is pure bliss. Laying on your deck chair all day (as you should be you are on holiday) will however result in your average daily step count declining rapidly. You could help this by swimming a few lengths in the pool or going for a walk into the local town.

Hotel buffets are full of all things delicious; pancakes, waffles, pan au chocolate, croissants, fried foods and so much more it is almost impossible to say no because after all you are on holiday right? Most people might find they start the holiday off eating well and then fall into a trap and their healthy eating starts to slip. You are on holiday you should be able to over indulge but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard.

You are likely to eat far more for dinner at a buffet style restaurant, piling your plate high with every cuisine on offer. We have decided this holiday we are going to eat a starter, main and pudding like you would in a restaurant. Choose one main dish instead of a random mixture this way you will be able to keep track and properly enjoy what is on your plate.

Hot weather is likely to dehydrate you, make sure you are drinking lots of water to ensure you do not mistake thirst for hunger. If you are still Hungary in 20 minutes then get yourself a snack.

You have worked hard all year for these holidays make sure that the only thing you come home with is a tan and not a big weight gain, no one wants to be back at square one. Saying that you should not pressure yourself too much when on holiday you should be relaxing and having the time of your life. Your healthy lifestyle shouldn’t stop you having fun and if you are stressing you will not be fully relax.