BLOGMAS day 2 – Our Christmas Gift Wishlist

When shopping for Christmas sometimes its nice to have a one-top shop where all your Christmas presents can be bought in one place. This is where the big department stores are ideal.

We love walking down Oxford Street and seeing all the Christmas lights and window displays that all the major department stores have created. Department stores are great which is why we have decided to take part in the Debenhams Win Your Wishlist Competition.

Imagine having all the money in the world and be able to buy anything you wanted from Debenhams, not only on our own wishlist but also presents for friends and family and of course for each other!

You can find Debenhams full Christmas range here 

Annie’s top 5 wishlist

Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine- I absolutely love coffee! I don’t currently have a coffee machine at home just a cafetiere which can be quite time consuming before work! I have had a couple of dolce gusto coffee before and they are amazing. The machine is super easy and quick to use which would be perfect before work in the mornings.

Pure Luxuries Tan Back Pack- I cannot get enough of back packs at the moment, but I haven’t got a tan/brown one. I love the shape of this back pack it looks quite sophisticated and one I could definitely use for work. It is quite pricey so this would definitely be one of my main presents.

Wild and free pyjamas- I always love getting new pyjamas in my stocking and it has definitely become a Christmas tradition. I have so many pyjamas but always welcome more; it’s great to be able to wear new pyjamas almost every night. I love these lounge and sleepwear pyjamas from Debenhams that have the slogan ‘Wild and free’. They look super cosy and I am a sucker for anything monochrome.

Oh so Lovely Travel bags- Whenever I go on holiday I always pack a plastic bags for things like laundry, shoes and lingerie so these travel bags would be perfect (plus they are much prettier). I wouldn’t just use these for holiday either I would use the shoe and lingerie bag in the mornings when I go to the gym.

Active Wear Jumper- What would a gift guide be without mentioning something health and fitness related! I love this ‘Run’ jumper and it would be perfect to wear to or from the gym. This jumper would be perfect to also wear with jeans in the day when you want something slightly more casual.

Rachel’s top 5 wishlist 

Kitchen Aid – I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid, I think they look beautiful and have been on a wishlist ever since I spied them on GBBO. I love the colour of this one, because its very unique. It will be perfect for all the baking that we do for the blog, and would look epic in photos!

Nutribullet – Again this is a gadget I have wanted for a while, so it heads straight onto my wishlist. I love making smoothies so this is perfect gadget for me. They are also good for making protein pancakes and other liquids. I have read lots of posts about these types of gadgets and how difficult they are to clean, but this one is much easier to clean which is great news!

Pyjamas – It is a tradition that we receive new pyjamas on Christmas Eve to wear to bed that night, so of course some new pyjamas had to feature on my wishlist. I don’t have a pair of shirt style pyjamas and I particularly like the red tartan look as it always reminds me of Christmas.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb– Another tradition is that I receive a new bottle of perfume for Christmas. I love the smell of this perfume and will always head straight to this one at Duty Free – just wish I could afford to buy it! Therefore this is straight onto my wishlist.

Happy Jackson lunchbox– I think its always good to feature a more novelty gift on your wishlist, and I love the Happy Jackson products. I love the quirky slogans they use and the bright colours too. I bring my lunch to work everyday, and it would be fab to have a cool lunchbox to bring my food in, so this is the ideal gift from Santa!

Top 3 suggestions for Mum

Fitbit Alta – We both have Fitbits and our mothers have both shown a keen interest in them, so a Fitbit HAD to feature on the wishlist for mum. Its a goo way to encourage your mummy to do some exercise and try and meet the 10,000 steps target. The colour of this one is fab, its girlie but not too outrageous. In addition the great things is that you can buy additional straps for them – this blush pink leather strap is so dreamy!

Cookery Lesson- Our mum’s absolutely love receiving gift experiences so this year we thought the perfect gift experience for them would be a ‘hands on cookery lesson’. Both our mums love to cook and are always experimenting in the kitchen trying new dishes which is great for us, so we thought this is something they would bother really enjoy.  The class is three hours and you can enjoy what you have cooked at the end or take it home with you.

Christmas Jumper – Our mothers love joining in on ‘trends’ so of course want to get a Christmas jumper. However as they both work in a school would much prefer a stylish jumper rather than a loud, ugly one! Therefore a great gift for mums is a trendy Christmas jumper. There are many too choose from at Debenhams; we love this subtle snowflake one with added sparkle, it would look fab with jeans and boots. This penguin jumper is also very cute and our final favourite is the denim polar bear jumper. With too much to choose from maybe we will have to buy them all!

Top 3 suggestions for Dad

Polaroid Camera– We stumbled across this by chance on the Debenhams website and it was sooo cool and something we haven’t seen before it HAD to feature. This is a Polaroid Cube+ lifestyle action camera and is definitely a gadget your Dad is going to love.  It is much smaller than the traditional polaroid camera, can take photos and also video. Why not buy the waterproof case to go with it, imagine those cool underwater shots you can take on holiday, and of course those pics of Nemo!

Coffee machine – Don’t all dads love coffee, so a coffee machine could be the ideal gift for him this Christmas. There are lots to choose from and depends on the budget you are on. You could treat Dad to a top of the range DeLonghi which is often used in coffee shops and restaurants. Another one to choose from are the Nespresso capsule machines, this NESCAF Dolce Gusto Oblo by KRUPS looks very  snazzy and something your dad would proudly have in the kitchen, oh and there is virtually no cleaning needed so always a bonus!

RJR John Rocha Holdall- Our Parents regularly go away for short weekend breaks, so we thought this brown leather holdall would be the perfect gift for our dad’s. It is spacious and also has a detachable cross body strap. Even though this gift is quite pricey it is definitely a present that will be used in the years to come (we hope!).

Gifts for all the family

Sometimes you just need to buy gifts for an entire family, one great option when you have to do this is to get a board game. How about the Eyetoons board game where you have to guess the tune that is either hummed or drawn by team mates. Another great gift to buy a family is a hamper, where there is something for everyone. Debehams have a dedicated hamper website which you can access here. There are lots of great hampers including a cheese and wine one, cosy night in hamper, Boxing Day hamper or a chocolate lovers hamper, all at various prices.

Gifts for each other

As the two of us write this blog together we thought it would also be fun to decide what to buy each other for Christmas if we didn’t have a budget! Oh what we would do with all the money in the world!

What Annie would buy Rachel

Pure Luxuries Black Backpack– We love to have matching items, sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident just because we have the exact same taste in most things! Therefore I have chosen the same bag for Rachel that was on my wishlist above, I have actually chosen a different colour as Rachel doesn’t have a black backpack. Backpacks are so handy to have especially on day trips which we love to go on so I think this will come in really handy and Rachel will love it.

What Rachel would buy Annie

I absolutely love giving gift experiences as presents, something for the recipient to look forward to and make memories taking part in. Therefore I have chosen as my wishlist gift to Annie to be something that we could enjoy together. Therefore I have gone for a Gift Experience- Full Day Cake Decorating Class. We love baking together, and have been known to turn down a night out to spend our Friday evening baking delicious goodies. A cake decorating course is the perfect gift to give Annie. I know she will love it!