The Perfect Sunday

I absolutely love a Sunday! As we all know it is the day of rest or it used to be anyway. I love how you can still use this as an excuse to stay In bed all day and only move when you need food. I have got to be honest though I only really do this when I am hungover and literally cannot move. I will spend the entire day with that impending sense of doom feeling knowing the weekend is almost over.

This weekend however, alcohol was strictly off limits, I decided I wanted to have a completely sober weekend so my liver could recover from the previous weekend’s shenanigans. My body clock is extremely annoying and won’t let me wake up past 7 on the weekends no matter how hard I try. I mean don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to sleep in past 9 anyway but 7 is just 30 minutes longer than a week day wakeup call and trust me I am not awake at half 6 in the morning out of choice.

So by 8 o’clock I was already in the gym and it was DEAD! Usually on a Saturday and Sunday the gym is full of people with their personal trainers and no room to move. So as you can imagine I was so happy to see an empty gym. I spent about an hour in the gym before rushing home for breakfast.

Porridge with prunes and a coffee (cannot forget the coffee). I was starving and scoffed it down within a matter of seconds. Now it was really time to start the day! I had a quick shower and put my work out gear back on as I was off to my Annabel’s house to do a bike ride.


Annabel and I set off at about 11 just as the sun was starting to come out. It was so nice cycling around the country side breathing in all the fresh air (definitely not what you get during the week in London). We cycled for about 2 hours through farms and woods and along the canal spotting dog walkers and fishermen.

We had worked up quite an appetite when we got home so it was time for a pick a mix lunch of which we had Quiche, Cheese, Ham, German Sausage, Chutneys and of course another iced coffee. You can probably tell I am a complete coffee addict I never used to be but since working in London I suddenly found my love for this amazing drink.

Once lunch was cleared up the third member of our gang arrived (Rachel). She has been away travelling recently so it was so nice to have us all back together. Sadly Rach missed both of our birthdays so she had our presents to give us which had travelled all the way from Australia.

This afternoon we were meeting a couple more friends in a really cute café called KoHO. It’s a healthy café that serves juices and healthy snacks. We arrived at the café at about 2oclock and ordered our juices, iced coffee and English breakfast tea whilst we waited for our other fiends to arrive.

We spent the afternoon chatting and catching about lots of things which was great and the perfect way to end another busy weekend.

How do you like to spend your Sunday?

Three Brits