2 months down under

As I was between jobs I took the opportunity to sadly leave the three brits for 2 months and go on an adventure on my own down under!

I was very nervous but it was one of the best things I have ever done, travelling on your own is very daunting but once you get settled and used to the travelling life the adventures you take and the amazing people you meet you forget about those nerves you once had. Travelling on your own is a great way to meet some absolutely incredible people, people are so friendly and welcoming and as you are on your own people want to talk to you, keep you company and get to know you. I have most definitely met some friends for life.

I started my adventure in Cairns, Australia and ended the east coast in Melbourne, visiting some incredible places on route and then heading to Queenstown, New Zealand. I could write a whole blog post but it would be the biggest essay, maybe even a dissertation, therefore highlights will have to do instead, the highlights will be in the order that I visited the places!


  1. Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef – I have never scuba dived before and therefore was super nervous to go down to the bottom of the ocean. We had a quick briefing lesson and then it was into the water to see if we could pass the quick breathing test. I was panicking and couldn’t grasp it at all, so my guide took me off on my own and once I was under the water I was fine. We were with our instructor the whole time, firstly all joined to him linking arms and then once he could see we were okay he let go of us. The great thing was that our instructor dealt with our oxygen tanks etc so we didn’t need to do anything except for swim and be in awe of life under the sea. It was incredible, the colours and the fast array of fish it was simply breath taking and something I will never forget. I even saw a reef shark, and of course Nemo!
  2. Whitsundays – I visited the Whitsundays on a sailing boat called the Siska. Here I met such a great bunch of people that I spent two days with and we had the best fun. The boat was small and sleeping wasn’t the most comfortable experience – imagine sleeping in a sauna! However the amazing Whitehaven Beach and snorkelling made up for it! The first day we visited Whitehaven Beach and it was so beautiful, just like the pictures. We spent the afternoon on the beach swimming with sting rays! Then it was back to the boat to find a place to moor for the evening where we had diving competitions before tucking into a delicious dinner. The next days was spent snorkelling in three different locations. Whitsundays is still part of the Great Barrier Reef so the snorkelling was incredible, I even swam with three different turtles!
  3. Fraser Island – I spent 3 nights and 4 days on Fraser Island on the Kingfisher Bay Resort. I was on the Cool Dingo tour with the most amazing, funny and knowledgable tour guide called Davy. We spent 3 days exploring the island seeing Lake Mackenzie, Champagne Pools, 75 Mile Beach the ship wreck and also an amazing sand dune along with plenty of other amazing sites. Fraser Island was the highlight of the East Coast for me, and I didn’t want to leave the incredible island. The highlight was taking the super small place that fits 7 people. There are only two locations in the world where planes take off and land on sand, Scotland and Fraser Island. The experience was incredible flying over the island and seeing 75 mile beach from the sky.
  4. Sydney – I loved Sydney, I am such a city girl so loved exploring the city seeing the Opera House, walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and roof top bars. I was such a typical tourist when I visited but I really didn’t care!
  5. Melbourne – This is my all time favourite city, I loved my week here. I stayed in St Kilda so right by the beach and a lovely 20 minute tram ride away from the CBD. I was in Melboure for the St Kilda Festival and also White Night – both were so much fun. Melbourne is such a diverse city that reminded me of many European cities. I drank some delicious iced coffees and ate some super cheap sandwiches ($5 bargain!). I will be returning here for sure!

New Zealand

  1.  Abel Tasman – the beach at Kaiteriteri was simply stunning and I loved chilling spending the afternoon here. I also did a skydive at Moteka which is an experience I will never ever forget!  Jumping out a plane is something you cannot describe but the feeling was incredible and the views stunning. I could see both North Island and South Island and the beautiful beach surrounding Abel Tasman National Park.
  2. Kaikoura – here I went on a Whale Watch trip and saw a sperm whale, which is something I will never forget. The boat also followed a school of dolphins and we got to see them swimming around the boat and jumping out of the water – magical!
  3. Roys Peak – the massive 6 hours hike to the top of Roys Peak and back was so worth the pain I was in at the end for the stunning views over Lake Wanaka. It was a great way to end the road trip around South Island.


If you ever get the opportunity to travel down under I would certainly recommend it, you won’t regret it!