The importance of good Broadband

It’s weird writing this post as it makes us feel like proper adults! However we have kinda started a series about moving house and finding the perfect broadband is certainly important for millennials like us!

When moving into my new house we had to find a new broadband provider and had to make sure it met all our needs. Not only do people demand more and more data but also want their broadband speed to be super quick, but also stretch all around the house too! There are just so many factors to consider!

For us, epic broadband is important because we have to use the internet an awful lot as being influencers and all that jazz! We don’t want uploading a new vlog to our YouTube channel to take 3 days! We also use the Internet to write our blog posts, edit our pictures and keep up to date with social media, be in if we are in the kitchen, living room or bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house!

In addition I live with 3 other girls so there are 4 of us trying to use the broadband at the same time. To make matters worse (or better!) two of us work from home everyday, therefore we really do need our broadband to be reliable.

We found our broadband using a comparison broadband provider site, and got the most amazing deal. It came with the broadband and also a TV package, and in fact whilst writing this post I am currently catching up on TV I missed last night due to a blog event!

We didn’t realise there were 14 broadband providers in the UK until we started doing our research! Choosing broadband can be confusing especially if it is the first time you are doing it! Cable U.K. helped break the process down for us and gave us some top tips! We especially liked the postcode checker! Imagine choosing a broadband and then finding out it doesn’t work very well in your area!

You can also check reviews on all the major UK broadband providers so we were able to read them all before making a decision. There is lots of choice on the comparison site and some broadband providers that we haven’t heard of which gave us lots of choice! The star rating is super helpful too so its quick and easy to see whats good and what isn’t!

So if you are moving house or feel like you’re broadband isn’t good enough head to a broadband providers site to find the perfect broadband for you! Gone are the days when you have to deal with bad Broadband!