6 Unique Ways to Improve Your Home with Old Heirlooms and Upcycling

Rach has recently moved into a house, so there has been a lot more space to fill! My Boyfriend is currently going through the process of buying his first flat which is of course expensive and the little money he has left he has to spend on furniture etc!

We have bother been loving the process though and instead of purchasing new things we have been looking elsewhere! We have been on Gumtree, Freecycle, EBay and the odd second hand sale (shame the car boot sale season hasn’t started yet!)

Often when people think about making improvements to their home they always seems to gravitate towards getting the newest and latest of anything. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your home by doing the opposite, with items you might already have stored away in the attic or at the back of a cupboard!

Did you know that there are ways to upcycle old items for home décor? My mum loves doing this! She painted our old coffee table with chalk paint and it looks amazing! Old items you thought were outdated and useless can quickly become featured decorative items in your home.

Display Old Items

Everyone seems to have old china serving were in their house that never get used! They are tucked away and forgotten about unless your great aunt is coming over for posh afternoon tea lol! We love the old China sets and our parents have a lot of it, we will definitely be displaying it when we eventually get our own homes!

We have glass fronted cabinets, and that is where ours are kept so everyone can see them when they walk into the room. We quite often visit charity shops and always notice the amount of vases there are for sale! The older the better and the more patterned the better as well in our eyes!

Another way to use these items is if you have display shelving or cabinets with room on top to place them. What you’ll get is an excuse to break out these typically unused items and add a little flair to your kitchen or lounge.

Repurpose Old Items in New Ways

Creativity is the name of the game here. Find old items or different combinations of items that you can pair to create an interesting new space in your home. Maybe you have an old coffee table like we had you’ve been meaning to upcycle for years.

My boyfriends parents had an old trunk in there attic that they have given him! He is going to turn it into a coffee table and it’s a great storage space as well!

Brown and White Mix Better Than You Think

Most people enjoy having similar colours when decorating a room. However, recently we feel that people are more willing to experiment with their colours and decor. there is something about that vintage wooden table that goes so lovely next to white walls.

There’s nothing like the craftsmanship of old wooden furniture (it must have taken ages to build). Especially those hand-built items that have accents that are hard to find in today’s more modern furniture choices.

Upgrade to gold handles (our favourite) that will help make the natural wood grain pop out against a white background. If you don’t like it, there’s always the option to paint it white to get some use out of it.

Old Porcelain Vases

Those old porcelain vases which have been passed down from generation to generation are the perfect display for some fresh flowers. You can upcycle these items into candle holders, planters, clocks, or even make lamps out of them for those of you who are a little more creative.

Some of the old porcelain has some pretty unique designs on them, which can add a little charm to a backyard sitting area or even in the garden as some unique planters for spices and herbs.

Whatever you do with it just make sure you use it! It seems a shame to have it tucked away in the attic. If it looks a bit worse for wear, then you could always hire a porcelain restoration professional to bring it back to life!

Create Collections of Smaller Items

We have lots of lovely photo frames, vases and ornaments on display on the shelves in our living room! We decided to group them together to create an interesting display.

You could always take these items and place them on tables, bookshelves, or other furniture.

Make a Hanging Display

A great way to make use of these items is to create a display wall. You can add hangers to the back or find some classic shelves to place the items on display. You can take up a large section of an unused wall to create a display that will add character and style to whatever room you choose.

The key here is to not limit yourself to traditional design ideas. With a little experimentation and creativity, you will find that those old heirlooms can be taken from storage and upcycled into interesting pieces that will give your home something unique.

2018 Reflection

So I decided to scroll right back on our Instagram to the 1st of January, to help me remember exactly what we had got up to this past year. It was super cute reminiscing on our year and remembering exactly what we have been getting up to over the past year. What we did notice was a hell of a lot of brunch spots and restaurants were visited this past year, so much so that we now have an entire section on our blog dedicated to this.

Lots and lots of active wear has been photographed and we even decided it was time to purchase our fourth tripod, this time we went for the biggest henchest tripod we could find, thank you John Lewis! So far so good we have not had any mishaps with this tripod and we have even got our self a cool new ‘clicker’ so we don’t have to keep pressing the self-timer button!

January and February seem like they were very quiet months in the world of the Two Brits, Rach did have a flat warming party in February for her old flat which turned out to be an incredibly MESSY night to say the least. We do remember it being ridiculously cold and the beast from the east hit the UK! Needless to say we still thought it would be a great idea to strip down to our sports bras to take countless amounts of photos.

March it was Annie’s birthday and she turned the grand age of 26 (wow how are we already 26 years old). We visited Dalloway Terrace for Annie’s slightly more sophisticated brunch (more on that in a bit). We had wanted to visit Dalloway Terrace for such a long time and it was just the most perfect morning and the food was so delicious! A boozy brunch also took place at Six Storeys where about 20 of us downed copious amounts espresso martinis that none of us can ever drink again, it’s safe to say we didn’t sleep much that evening!

April was Rachel’s Birthday was in April, we had a delicious picnic on Clapham Common and then continued the party at Rachel’s Flat (so many memories were made at that flat it will be missed).  For her birthday day out we visited Darwin Brasserie at the top of the Sky Gardens, it’s safe to say that EVERYTHING went wrong and it was actually very laughable (hear more about that in our vlog).

Annie also ran her first ever marathon on the 6th April, it was the Manchester Marathon and I absolutely loved it.  I will 100% be running another marathon, not sure if it will be 2019 or 2020 but it will be done! If anyone is thinking about running a marathon then DO IT!

May we hopped on a plane and landed in Edinburgh, it was honestly one of the best weekends we have had. We visited lots of brunch places and hiked Arthurs Seat. The sun was shining and we spent our final day/evening at Dundas Castle Estate. We were staying at their Glampotel and it was just so much fun and the perfect way to end our trip.

June was another trip to Scotland, neither of us had ever visited Scotland before this year and it just so happened we ended up visiting twice in 2018. We stayed in 2 beautiful hotels in Glasgow and we were treated like absolute princesses. We had 2 spa treatments each over the weekend and it’s safe to safe we returned feeling very Zen!

July was the month of the world cup! We were actually at a blog event when England were playing Columbia, we assumed the restaurant would have a screen up but they didn’t, so when we heard it was a penalty shootout we were all manically on our phones trying to get a connection! We ended up watching it from facetime lol!

August was when Rach Travelled Canada with her boyfriend in August and had the most AMAZING time! If anyone is thinking about visiting Canada then you must go the views are insane and it is just an all-round amazing place!

September was when Annie ran the Thames Path Challenge which was a 50KM run, it was hard to say the least and I have never felt so exhausted in all my life. I would 100% do this run again though as it was so much fun and a completely different experience to any road run I have done.

October was a big month for us, Rach got a new job that she is absolutely loving, our blog turned 3 years old and on the same day we hit 10K on Instagram which is a milestone we have been wanting to get to for SO SO long! Rach also moved from Clapham to Wimbledon and moved into a beautiful four bedroom house with three amazing girls.

November included a trip to Milan, we kick started our weekend away in style as we were lucky enough to be invited to review the No1 Lounge at Gatwick Airport. We ate lots of great food and drank lots of wine and it was such a lovely weekend.

December was a great month as per usual Annie got offered a new job in December which is very exciting and I cannot wait to start in January! Rach visited Paris with her boyfriend and went to Disneyland Paris which was super cute.

WOW what a year we have had, one of the reasons we love social media, our blog and vlogging is because we can look back and reminisce on all the amazing things we have been able to do this year. Thank you so much to all the lovely brands and PR Agencies we have worked with this year it has been great!

Bring on 2019, we are so excited to see what you have in store!

Beer Gift Guide

Our boyfriends LOVE beer! So much so that we have decided to put a beer gift guide together There are so many to choose from so we thought we would give you a helping hand.


Mikkeller beer was founded by a maths and physics teacher in Copenhagen. Today Mikkel exports his micro brewed beers to 40 different countries and is acclaimed as one of the most innovative brewers in the world! We especially love the quirky packaging!

This beer would be the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t like to follow the crowd and wants a unique beer that you cannot get anywhere else! Even better if you buy a full case you save 51%! We have actually gifted these to our boyfriends and they absolutely loved them! They have already said they are definitely going to re purchase them!

You can also sign up for a monthly subscription where you will receive up to 8-12 beer depending on the flow of new arrivals! You will also receive limited stuff from time to time. The monthly subscription in 500,000 DKK which is about £60.

This beer is also available to purchase from M&S Food, at present it is on offer for 4 for 3, they are for sale at £2.50 a can!


Beer52 – You can subscribe to the Beer52 club and get yourself different beers & ales each month. Think of the excitement in receiving new beers/ales to try! When subscribing you can opt for a mixture of light and hoppy or dark beers only.

Annie has actually got this for her dad this Christmas but also knows the boys would love it as well- wouldn’t any beer lover!

Flavourly – Another smaller brand which we love, you can get a craft beer box with 10 beers for £25. Rach’s boyfriend got this last Christmas and he loved it so much he ordered a Flavourly pint glass to drink from at home! Flavourly also do gin too, so you can get your gift for that beer love and for a gin lover too!!

Craft Metropolis – You can have beers delivered every 1,2 or 3 months, all the beers come from London! You pick 12 beers from their extensive list which includes; crate, gipsy hill, mondo, tiny rebel & weird beard.

Craft Beer Experience – There are many companies where you can buy a craft beer experience from, this can include a brewery tour, beer & food matching class or design your own beer. redletterdays and buyagift both have lots of choice for that beer lover!

This post is in collaboration with Mikkeller

Chocolate Gift Guide

Chocolate chocolate chocolate…. YUM! It is one of our favourite things to eat and at Christmas time it seems to be EVERYWHERE! Next year we really want to hop on the euro tunnel to Bruges to try all of the amazing chocolate and to bring some back for our chocolate obsessed friends and family!

So sadly we are not jetting off to Bruges this year but that isn’t going to stop us buying all of these chocolate gifts! We thought we would write a chocolate gift guide (because we all have that friend that loved reviving all things chocolate related).

MIA Chocolate Gift Set

we love MIA, we have tried their chocolate several times and keep going back for me! They taste great in desserts as well (read all about it here). The MIA 5 Bar Gift set is he perfect present for any chocolate lover, especially if they love dark chocolate.

The 5 bar gift set are presented beautifully in a gold foil book. Inside you will find 1 bar of each: 75% Dark Chocolate, Almond & Coconut, Cranberry & Hazelnut, Candid Orange and Coconut.

This gift is so beautiful and so delicious that we would definitely give this to any chocolate lover as a main present! It costs £22.40 so its also a great price for such high quality chocolate.

We are going to gift it to our boyfriends mums this Christmas as we know they are chocolate lovers and will really appreciate it as a gift.

Chocolate Recipe Book- if the person loves to bake or cook then a chocolate recipe book would be the perfect idea! We love this one found… who would known there were so many options!

Thornton’s Chocolate- We love these super cute Thornton’s chocolate elf models! There are a few options to choose from on the Thornton’s website including a Santa, reindeer and a snowman. Not only do they look good but they also taste great! There is also the option to get it personalised for FREE which we love (we like everything way more when it’s personalised)! It only costs £7 which we personally think is a bargain.

Chocolate Bath Bomb- Next have such a great range of chocolate scented products so make sure you head on over and check it out! We loved the set of three bath bombs, they come in all different flavours (salted caramel, mint chocolate and chocolate cherry)! They only cost £6 as well so a bargain if you ask us!

Pure Heavenly Chocolate- This is another brand that sells incredible chocolate! We have tried several of their flavours before but this time we opted for; silk chocolate, fruit & nut, coffee and dark ginger. We cannot wait to give these to our parents as part of their Christmas stockings! We especially love the Pure Heavenly packaging it’s so pretty and makes the gift extra special.

Initial Chocolate Bar- who doesn’t want a chocolate bar with their initials on it? We love these chocolate bars we found on the next website, they are the perfect stocking filler!

Homemade treats- we love to bake and we also love receiving homemade goods! These cookies would be the perfect present for any chocolate lover, place them on a Christmas plate and wrap them in cellophane! We follow the Tanya Burr recipe and it is just divine!

Selection Box- in our eyes Christmas isn’t Christmas unless we receive at least one selection box!

This post is a collaboration with MIA

Secret Santa Ideas

Secret Santa is always such a good idea at the time but then when it comes to actually buying the present it can sometimes be a lot harder than its meant to be! Especially when Secret Santa often occurs with groups of people you don’t know that well!

We have pulled together some ideas for you to help you find that perfect present or maybe a perfect jokey present!

For her:

Christmas socks:Novelty socks are a great idea and many places stock some funky socks this time of year. Primark sell super cheap socks so you’ll find a bargain there. Accessorise also have some cool socks, we really like these Mince Pie before Guys ones. Happy Socks are a bit more up market but have a fab range and you can even get your sock in a cracker!

A-Z gifts: Initial gifts have really taken off and everyone loves a personalised present (we know we do). From a mug with the letter of your name on it (we love these ones from M&S) to a key ring, make up bag or coaster you cannot go wrong here. We love this coaster from Oliver Bonas and Accessorize has the most amazing collection of initial keyrings for less than £8.

Gin Lover: We love gin, as do all our friends so these gin themed gifts are perfect secret Santa presents. How cute are these glasses from Argos! We love coffee mugs that pretend to have gin in them, such as this one that says ‘mines a g&t’ or this cute mug saying ‘coffee or gin’. The other slogan we love is ‘gym and tonic’ so this gym tote bag is perfect!
A more novelty idea is gin pong, this is the perfect game to play with the girls and the ideal secret santa gift at only £9.99.
You could also buy a gin smelling candle for that gin lover, if you have a tight budget for Secret Santa at only £6 from M&S, we love this gin candle.
We also much prefer to drink gin out of large gin glasses, why does it taste better that way? These gorgeous glasses are excellent value from Next.

For that cold friend: We all have that friend who is always cold (que tagging them on all the memes/vides on Facebook!), so here are some gifts to warm them up! We love this Unicorn hottie which you heat in the microwave. We are obsessed with these heat warming mouse pads, they come in 4 different animals and are SO cute! Of course onesies are still very much in fashion and the perfect gift for someone to chill around the house in. This giraffe onesie is adorable and we love this Unicorn one too, not to mention you could also be a llama!

For him:

Games: Games are a great gift to give a man because no matter how old they are they will take it very seriously and get stuck in! Pass the Sprout is a fun festive game a bit like pass the parcel. This selection of wind up toys will also go down a treat and you can imagine everyone in the office racing them and cheering their character on!

Socks- we always love the men’s socks in river island, I have got my boyfriend them for a few years now and he loves them! They aren’t just normal socks they usually have cool things stitched on them like these candy cane ones.

Poo gifts: Sorry to be gross but men love poo jokes, so these hilarious gifts will sure get a couple of laughs! This poo head game where you have to catch poo looks like it could be lots of fun. Or is there someone you know or someone in the office who disappears off to the toilet for AGES, this poo timer could be the perfect novelty gift for them!

Christmas: Our favourite Christmas Jumpers of 2018

Last year we had such fun writing our post of all the Christmas Jumpers we loved so we thought we would do it again!

For the Harry Potter Lover – this jumper from Boohoo is amazing! It has such a quirky slogan and we love it!

For the person who loves a tipple – This is a very fashion forward Christmas jumper, it’s not crazy patterned but has a jokes slogan. You may not want to wear to the office Christmas party, but to the girlie Christmas meal, its perfect! Thanks Missguided! We also love this one from New Look, it looks very cosy too!

For the classy one – For that person who loves to wear black on black on black, this jumper from ASOS may be the perfect one for them! We love the slogan and it ensures you will still look stylish over the festive season!

For the pregnant one – There are just SO many fun jumpers out there for those who are preggers over the Christmas period. We love the ‘Best Present Ever’ slogan on this jumper from ASOS

For the Gin Lover – Oh Come Let us Adore Gin, what a fabulous slogan this is on this jumper from New Look.

For the FRIENDS lover – we all have that one friend who knows all the quotes, famous lines and sayings from Friends, so this jumper from New Look will suit them perfectly!

For the dog lover – How cute is this jumper with a sausage dog on it from Next. We love that it’s a ‘traditional’ Christmas jumper style with the added touch of a sausage dog!! If you prefer Dalmatians then Asda have the perfect jumper for you instead!

We had so much fun scouting the internet to find the perfect jumper for you to wear on Friday – if there are any other epic ones you want to share with us leave the links in the comments below!!

Tips for Renting in London

I have recently moved to Wimbledon from Clapham Common so though I would share some tips on looking for a new property to rent and how to go about it and how to have the best time!

1) Register your interest with as many Estate Agents as possible.
2) Have a checklist ready of the things you want eg 4 double bedrooms, outdoor space, close to tube
3) Be open to explore new places, but don’t let the estate agent waste your time by taking you to lots of properties that don’t match your requirements or budget.
4) Always ask as many questions as possible, its better to have all the answers
5) Don’t feel obliged to take the first property you see, shop around and don’t feel pressurised into taking a property. We had so many estate agents tell us that they havn’t had a 4 bed come on the market for 6 months and that we wouldn’t find anywhere.
6) Remember to factor in bills to the price, you will not just be paying rent, if you are lucky get bills included. Don’t forget about council tax too!
7) Always offer below the asking price, the landlord may not accept it but never straight away offer the price they want. More than ever you will manage to get the property cheaper then the asking price
8) Some landlords will want you to rent for a longer time period, however others will only want you to sign for 6 months. Make sure you know what you want and what the landlord wants too. You don’t want to be tied in for longer than you want!
9) Some landlords will request certain things from you in order to agree to rent their property to you. Our landlord requires us to have a cleaner once a month. Therefore we use Fantastic Services They are your one stop shop for all home services. If you use our referral code twobrits you get £10 off your first order as well – winning!
10) Once you move in, make a list of the things you need to buy furniture wise and then do a group shop to Ikea. Its super fun and then you can all bond over building the furniture when it arrives, also it only costs £25 if you head to the home delivery counter after your shop and they will deliver to your property.
11) Cooking as a group is wayyy cheaper. If you are lucky to live with great people then cook all together and save lots of pennies doing so!

Happy Renting, and if you’re still not convinced, check out our post on reasons why you need to move to London!

Latest Deals Boyfriend Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching can you believe it is less than two months away now and we actually only have 7 Fridays until Christmas eeeek!

We really need to start planning our Christmas shopping and what we are going to buy! We both have boyfriends and sometimes they can be extremely easy to buy for but other times we just get so stuck and never know what to get!

That is where Latest Deals as come to the rescue! We had never heard of Latest Deals before but now we are completely obsessed with the website: There are so many cool products on there for a reduced price so we thought we would do a mini gift guide!

Are boyfriends both really enjoy running so these Nike Lunarstelos Running Trainers Mens from Size 7 to Size 11 would be the perfect gift! They were originally £69.99 but we can now get them for £35!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are such a good idea! Who else finds the wire on headphones so annoying, especially when they get all tangled! The wireless headphones on Latest Deals are just £12.99.

Our boyfriends don’t play the Xbox when we are around so we cannot complain too much! But this controller would be the perfect gift as well. Instead of paying £44.99 we can get it for £39.99! We do occasionally like to play it with them but not that often! The Xbox is good for Netflix though LOL.

Who doesn’t like receiving chocolate for Christmas? We most certainly do, Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate 😂 these Artisan Hot Chocolate Spoons On Latest Deals looks soooo good and really tasty! Imagine enjoying one of these whilst the fire is on and you are watching a Christmas film!

The Reebok Gym bag would also be perfect for the gym or a weekend away, it’s such a good value as well only costing £23! The straps can also be adjusted as well which is great!

The shave kit is also a great stocking filler it comes with razors, blades and all kinds of lotions that look like they are travel size. This only costs £5 when before it was retailed at £24.95!

The four of us all LOVE coffee and we know just how expensive coffee pods can be! These Starbucks Colombia Espresso Capsules, Nespresso* Compatible are only £30 and you get 120 pods…. winner winner!

So that is where we have got so far with your boyfriends Christmas presents! It’s a good start and usually the rest of the present will be something we can do as we love making memories!

Creating a Restaurant Quality Table Setting Without Breaking the Bank

When you try a great meal at a restaurant, do you ever get that overwhelming desire to make it at home? Or, if you’re feeling super brave, make it for your friends and family? It’s a great feeling! Like being inspired to do something great. The thing is, whilst restaurants obviously specialise in serving amazing food, a big part of the overall experience is the atmosphere. So even after you’ve found a recipe and invited your friends over to try this great dish you had, how do you create the same atmosphere that the restaurant had?

Fortunately, we’ve looked into it and put together a foolproof plan to help you recreate that restaurant feeling in your own home for a great price.


The first step in any great table setting is the centrepiece. A centrepiece is key to any formal setting but that doesn’t mean it has to be overly elegant or expensive, the only key rules are:

– Don’t let your centrepiece take up too much space.

– Don’t let your centrepiece be so tall that it stops people from being able to speak to one another.

– Don’t let your centrepiece make it difficult to serve your guests.

It’s as simple as that really. Some great ideas are fresh or imitation flowers, fruit bowls, ornaments or intricate china – but fresh flowers are the cheapest (and often the nicest) option.

If you do opt for fresh flowers, then the next difficult step is making sure they don’t wilt before your guests arrive – especially considering how busy you’re going to be right before the party starts! For flowers that you’ve had for a while, see this guide on how to make cut flowers last longer; the best approach is to cut the flowers on the same day, though.

Plates and Tableware

There’s no doubt that the type of plate your food is being served upon makes a huge difference in the overall eating experience. Think about those burger places that bring your food out on a chopping board? It gives the whole restaurant and meal a more rustic or authentic field. Those are the little details that make all the difference, so it’s important to think about what you’re serving your meal on.

There are countless options from the classic to the unusual but the best way to think about it is by imagining the origins of the dish you’re cooking. Classic British dishes probably belong on your average plate, whilst Chinese-style stir-fries could go in rustic wooden bowls. How you eat your food can have a big effect on what it tastes like, so make sure to do a little research about where the flavours of your dish have originated and pick up some complementary tableware.

Cutlery and Flatware

Cutlery is a broad topic, with formal table settings often requiring three different types of fork, three different types of knife and varying different types of spoons. The thing is, your family and friends likely aren’t that bothered by their cutlery options. Still, at least a little formality will add that little something special to your dinner party, so here are the details cut down.

– Dessert fork or spoon should be placed horizontally above the plate.

– Main meal forks should be placed on the left-hand side of the plate – one for each course.

– Knives should be placed on the right-hand side of the plate, with the blades facing the plate – one for each course.

Traditionally, knife and fork sizes vary depending on the dish you’re serving but if you’re only serving your friends and family, there’s no need to worry about that. If you happen to require a spoon for one of the dishes, keep it on the right-hand side with your knives.


The best value glassware on the market (that’s particularly popular with restaurants and individuals alike) is made by LSA. LSA glassware is hand blown and champed into all sorts of different styles from champagne flutes to wine glasses. In fact, LSA champagne flutes are perfect for more than just your dinner parties, upcoming events like Christmas and New Year always make for great celebratory moments where you can pull out the bubbly.

When table setting, include one full water glass and one empty wine glass for each place.

With that we’re all done. Now you’re fully prepared to put together an affordable dinner party table set that will impress anyone. Be sure to write down the recipe for whatever great meal you end up eating!

3 Lessons We Have Learnt in Three Years

So to celebrate our blog turning the grand age of 3 we decided to look back at the past 3 years and think of three things we have learnt. It’s hard to think of the most prominent things to share because we taught ourselves everything, and we have learnt A LOT!

I mean we set up our Instagram and had to learn all about the algorithm, we learnt the hard way probs as its taken us 3 years and we haven’t hit 10k yet (give us a follow if you don’t already and help us out we are less than 50 followers away eeek).

We set up our wordpress account and then decided to go self hosted, now that was a learning curve and a half! We taught ourselves how to edit photos and how to edit vlogs. We tried to learn about SEO (still struggling with that one!), and there is so much more!

So here are our main 3 lessons that we wanted to share:

1) When coming up with a name for yourself or your brand never ever use a number. A number can change you see….. when we originally started there was three of us and some of you may have followed us from the beginning when we were threebrits…… well now you probs can tell there are two of us! So this meant we had to change EVERYTHING. Our blog name and layout, our instagram, twitter and our email address. We still have to check our threebrits email address every now and then just in case someone has emailed us! So this advice is for anyone starting out, not just a blog but for anything, really think wisely about your name!

2) When taking photos take them in the SHADE, not in the direct sunshine! When we first started taking pictures we thought that we needed to find the prettiest sunniest spot. It took us a while to realise (and a few squinty photos) but we are so glad we did! The shade is the best place for photos!

3) Be yourself – now this may seem a bit deep and like woahh! However we stand by this and have been ourselves from day 1. We like to portray our real selves on social media and don’t like this whole insta vs reality thing. Okay yes we do photoshoots in advance but when we have full time jobs we have to plan ahead to ensure we have enough content. However when we go out for food we genuinely do eat everything we are given, so many bloggers will take photos, take a bite and then leave the rest. Not us! We eat it all and have been know to eat share a massive starter, 3 pizzas and 2 desserts between the two of us and we are not ashamed!

We also love to go out and enjoy ourselves, we have had many a crazy night/day out and think its important to enjoy life. We have had 2 memorable bottomless brunches; one where we basically walked the entire streets of London and had a fun encounter with a gold buddha and the other where we were ‘slut’ dropping in the middle of central London…. and plenty more to come!

In addition to this when we attend a fitness class, we put our all in and enjoy ourselves. We have been to a number of fitness events where other ‘fitness bloggers’ have turned up late, then hardly participated in the class and then posted on social media how great the class was and how sweaty they are….. nah not us again, we will fully workout!

So our final point – BE YOUR WONDERFUL SELF….. always!