AMBA Blow Dry

We were so excited to visit AMBA Blow Dry a couple of weekends ago, we don’t usually visit the hairdressers to have our hair styled, unless we are going to a wedding or another fancy event which only ever happens occasionally. We had our friend’s hen do so we thought it would be the perfect way to start our day.

AMBA blow dry is located in Mill Hill, it is a short walk from Mill Hill Broadway station. We drove to Mill Hill as it is only 20 minutes away from home and we were also heading to St. Albans after our appointment. Parking was really easy, I did a little bit of research before hand and found parking in a residential street about 5 minutes away from the salon.

Upon arrival we were greeted by one of the hair stylists behind reception, she took our coats and asked us to take a seat. She offered us a drink and we both asked for a cup of coffee which was served in an adorable pink cup. We waited in the waiting area admiring the flower wall and noted that it would be the perfect post hair styling Instagram photo! In fact the entire salon was very ‘instagramble’ we loved all of the pastel colours.

Our hair stylists introduced themselves and took us over to our styling seat. We both told the stylists the kind of look we were going for which was both curly of course! It was then time to get our hair washed which was so relaxing, we loved the head massage they gave us, and the moisturising treatment left our hair feeling so soft.

Then it was time for the styling to begin, as we were going for a curly look we just had our hair roughly blow dried. Annie has her hair curled with straighteners and then the hair stylist brushed them out as she was going for a beachy look. Rachel’s hair stylist curled her hair with a curling tong instead as she wanted to get ensure Rach had volume in her curls.

We both opted for a plait to be put in our hair, which at the time we LOVED but if we went back we actually think we would have left the plat out of our hair. We both look really young already and looking back at photo we feel like the plait made us look even younger (is that even possible?) this is just a personal preference though.

AMBA Blow dries are from £20 depending on the length of your hair, and for the plait it costs an additional £10. We think this is a really reasonable price especially as they do such a good job!

We had such a lovely time at Amba and felt like we were treated like Princesses, thank you so much! We are super sad we cannot visit Amba every weekend!

Pingle The App

Pingle is an app that helps people to do more things together- in real life! Yes, you did hear us right in real life and not on the Internet! Pingle works with locals and gives you inspiration for things to do in your area.

Pingle keeps you updated on what’s going on in your local area, their main goal is to get people off their phone and out into the real-world meeting new people!

Pingle uses #’s where you can use the tags as a way of describing who you are and what you like to do. That way Pingle can find more people like yourself and suggest personalised activities that you might like to take part in.

Is there a restaurant you have been wanting to try for a while but don’t have anyone to go with? Or Is there a gym class that you are too scared to go alone? If you have an idea of your own, then why not download Pingle and invite others along.

Pingle is easy to download, simply go onto your app store and install it, oh and you want to know the best thing? It’s totally free! Once the app is installed you can set up an account using your mobile number or Facebook Account.

We know exactly what Pingle we would do, it would be a morning run around the city. Running in the morning before work is the perfect way to start your day and it’s even better when you can run with a group of like minded people! The run would be a 5 mile run and would happen each week on a Wednesday morning at 7am! Oh and it would have to end with a coffee at the end of course! We would arrange with a local coffee shop a bag drop off scheme and in return people would buy a coffee post run (if they wanted to)!

We are already getting so excited about our Pingle idea that we are going to have to create it as soon as possible! We love the idea of bringing like minded individuals together!

The importance of good Broadband

It’s weird writing this post as it makes us feel like proper adults! However we have kinda started a series about moving house and finding the perfect broadband is certainly important for millennials like us!

When moving into my new house we had to find a new broadband provider and had to make sure it met all our needs. Not only do people demand more and more data but also want their broadband speed to be super quick, but also stretch all around the house too! There are just so many factors to consider!

For us, epic broadband is important because we have to use the internet an awful lot as being influencers and all that jazz! We don’t want uploading a new vlog to our YouTube channel to take 3 days! We also use the Internet to write our blog posts, edit our pictures and keep up to date with social media, be in if we are in the kitchen, living room or bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house!

In addition I live with 3 other girls so there are 4 of us trying to use the broadband at the same time. To make matters worse (or better!) two of us work from home everyday, therefore we really do need our broadband to be reliable.

We found our broadband using a comparison broadband provider site, and got the most amazing deal. It came with the broadband and also a TV package, and in fact whilst writing this post I am currently catching up on TV I missed last night due to a blog event!

We didn’t realise there were 14 broadband providers in the UK until we started doing our research! Choosing broadband can be confusing especially if it is the first time you are doing it! Cable U.K. helped break the process down for us and gave us some top tips! We especially liked the postcode checker! Imagine choosing a broadband and then finding out it doesn’t work very well in your area!

You can also check reviews on all the major UK broadband providers so we were able to read them all before making a decision. There is lots of choice on the comparison site and some broadband providers that we haven’t heard of which gave us lots of choice! The star rating is super helpful too so its quick and easy to see whats good and what isn’t!

So if you are moving house or feel like you’re broadband isn’t good enough head to a broadband providers site to find the perfect broadband for you! Gone are the days when you have to deal with bad Broadband!

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade fortnight takes places each year for 2 weeks of the year, this year it is the 25th February to the 10th March. Thousands of individuals and companies across the U.K. come together to celebrate the individuals who grow our food. These individuals often live in some of the poorest countries in the world.

This year Fairtrade fortnight is focusing on people, but in particular women. The women who grow the cocoa in chocolate we love and eat almost every single day.

A cocoa farmer earns around 74p a day, but actually they need around £1.86 to achieve a living income. This is why Fairtrade are campaigning for a living income to become a reality. Living income isn’t a luxury is it a human right, it means these ladies would have enough money to feed their families, buy medicine when they need it and send their kids to school.

So you might be wondering how you can help? Well you can: sign a petition, host an event, fundraise for Fairtrade, share on social media making sure you #shedeserves.

We believe Fairtrade fortnight is so important and that is why we are getting involved. Not only are we here to spread awareness about #shedeserves but we also want to share with you so many other incredible Fairtrade brands.

Gusto Organic

Gusto Organic was one of the first natural energy drinks to hit the world market in the late 80’s. In 2017 Gusto Organic drinks were voted number 1 ethical cola in the UK. There are several flavours available including; Real Cola, Naturally Slim Cola, Lemon Energy, Real Cherry Cola, Fiery Ginger with Chipotle and Sicilian Blood Orange. You can find Gusto Organic Drinks in over 10 different countries from Holland to Japan and they are in over 200 UK stockists.

These went down an absolute treat when I handed them out to my cousins post Brighton half marathon! Our favourite flavour was the Sicilian Blood Orange it was soooo delicious!

Seed & Bean

Seed & Bean was founded in 2005, the owners wanted to create an ethical range of confectionery goods. They wanted to create flavours that you would rarely find in other chocolate bars and now sell over 20 flavours.

Seed and Bean are a Fairtrade, ethical and organic chocolate bar company. They sell dark, white and milk chocolate so they definitely cater for all chocolate lovers! You can find Seed & Bean at Wholefoods, Planet Organic, WHSmith, Amazon, John Lewis Food Hall and many more places.

We loved the chocolate bars were were sent to Sample, all but one were dark chocolate (our favourite). We are coffee lovers so the espresso flavour was definitely one of our favourite it was so tasty and we couldn’t stop eating it. We also love anything orange flavoured so we knew we would love the mandarin and ginger flavoured one as well. If we are honest we loved all of them, some more than others but that is always the way!

T2 Tea

T2 adhere to the utmost standards of ethical trade, and are set to be classified as B-Corp by the end of this year – very exciting! The tea that they currently stock that has a Fair Trade Certification is their English Breakfast Tea and their Turmeric Ginger Ninja.

We loved using the cute little tea pot to brew our teas and the english breakfast went down a treat, but then again who doesn’t love an english breakfast tea! The tumeric ginger tea is perfect for the winter and to fight those colds off, but certainly is an acquired taste!

Bird & Wild

Bird and Wild is on a mission to help protect migrating birds, support the RSPB and sell great tasting Fairtrade organic coffee- what an amazing company! The coffee is naturally grown under the rainforest canopy which is a haven for birds. Bird & Wild coffees are Fairtrade Certified, they ensure that producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work. They are also organic which means that no pesticides are added to the coffee whilst it is growing which is helping to support wildlife.

We tried the espresso blend and oh my gosh it was incredible. We have been so used to drinking instant coffee or cafetiere coffee that just doesn’t wow us or have a powerful flavour. This was was labelled strong and it certainly was, and that is just how we like our coffee. We believe there has to be some flavour to wake us up in the morning and this certainly hit the nail on the head. After sampling this we will sure be buying it, you can purchase on Ocado and also Amazon.

Karma Cola

Karma Cola believe that what you drink should not only taste good but should also be good to the land, good to the people who grow the ingredients and as good to the customer who drinks it.

Karma Cola found out that the world drinks more than a million colas a minute but none of the money went back to the people who originally discovered the stuff! So Karma cola decided to create a drink that does just that and we think that is pretty dam cool!

We have tried karma Cola previously and absolutely love it. It’s great to see lots of restaurants selling karma cola, I actually enjoyed One after my Brighton half marathon as served it in the Vegan Restaurant I was in! Karma Cola tastes just like a Coca Cola sweet, it is delicious and takes us right back to our childhood.

MIA Chocolate

MIA is an incredible chocolate brand that we have been loving for quite some time now. The name MIA stands for Made In Africa; everything the company produces is sourced and made in Africa. In addition the company believes in making delicious, unique and premium food fairly.

Each and every product that is made by MIA is entirely crafted by communities in Africa. They want to create more jobs on a continent where a single income can support an entire family.

We have written a post all about Mia chocolate before and it’s great to know that it is also Fairtrade. We love their chocolate, its great to nibble on and also to bake with. Here of their chocolate and here you can read all about when we ate in the cutest pub that use Mia chocolate in their desserts.


Although Abelha is not Fairtrade we couldn’t not mention them in this post. They are doing some incredible things and truly do believe in providing jobs and paying fair wages to their suppliers in the villages.

Abelha Organic Cachaça was created from such a simple idea: they wanted to use the best possible all-natural ingredients and the most traditional artisan methods of production at source.  The cane used is grown 100% organically in the beautiful protected national park of Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Northern Brazil, where the high, dry climate and sandy soils yield excellent cane for making Cachaça.


The team at Abelha believe that quality and soul come from doing as much as possible in the traditional way, by hand and in small batches. You can get the Albelha Cachaça Silver which is rested for a few months in an open steel tank which allows for some of the unwanted compounds to evaporate. Albelha Cachaça Gold is aged for 3 years in wooden barrels!

How to make moving house stress free

I have recently moved to Wimbledon from Clapham Common so thought I would share some tips on how to ensure its not a stressful experience, however don’t let us fool you, we are sure there will be a couple of stresses on the way!

It is an exciting time though so make sure you enjoy yourself as well! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all of that!


Make sure you are organised and pack everything up in advance, you don’t need a last minute panic on the day of moving, it always takes longer than you think. We suggest getting boxes or we love the big blue bags from Ikea they are great and fit lots in! When packing we suggest you write on the box or bag what is inside so you know what room to put the items in when you get to your new place, trust us it is a nightmare if you forget!

Moving van

Arrange your transport in advance to move your belongings. If you are anything like us you will have so much stuff that you simply cannot move it yourself. Therefore we suggest booking a removal company to help you out. The Man Van are great and you can book everything online, and they are the cheapest man and van hire in London!

Make sure you know how long it will take to drive from your old property to your new one. You don’t want to be annoying your estate agent and turning up late to your new home because of traffic, we know what London traffic is like!


When you arrive at your property put the right boxes into the right rooms, kitchen stuff in the kitchen, clothes in your bedroom etc. This will save you lots of time when unpacking and you will definitely thank yourself later for being just that little bit more organised.

Don’t stress about unpacking, take your time with it and make sure you are happy where you are putting everything, its such fun working out what drawers will be what in the kitchen.

Write a list

Make a list of the things you need to buy that you do not currently have for your property to ensure you don’t go crazy and get too much! Also if you are moving in with others they may already have half of the things on your list and might be up for sharing. Writing a list will help when you are shopping as well, and will save you lots of time.


Make sure you measure the space before you purchase any furniture, there is nothing worse than a sofa arriving that is 1inch too big and doesn’t fit! Gosh that would be an expensive mistake!

Happy moving, and if you’re still not convinced, check out our post on reasons why you need to move to London, trust us you really will love it and never want to leave!

We hope you find our tips useful, we would love to know how you get on with your move. Oh and if you have any tips for us for the next time we move them please do share them with us.

Books you NEED to read this year

This post isn’t our usual style or what we usually write about, but we love to read and we wanted to share some amazing books with you. You may have seen on Instagram we have got into reading so we thought we would share some books to  read this year:

Wilde like me by Louise Pentland
Louise Pentland is actually a mummy blogger who has taken to writing and oh wow we are glad she has! This book is heartwarming, witty and funny but also very relatable. I could not put this book down and it could potentially be the quickest I have ever read a book! Robyn Wilde is a single mum with a charming daughter named Lyla. This book is all about Robyn coping as a single mum and about how lonely she feels and all the emotions and feelings she is going through. Robyn also starts dating so its all about the on goings of the dating world of a single mum. Not only becoming attached to Robyn and her gorgeous daughter Lyla Blue, you fall in love with her Auntie and all her friends too! This is a must read.

Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton
This is a book that is written very differently and is basically all about the life of Dolly Alterton. You will be laughing out loud when reading this book and everyone around you will probs stare at you, but who cares because a book that actually makes you LOL is the one!

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
This is another fab book by Sophie Kinsella. Her books are always lighthearted and perfect pool side reading. Its about Samantha who is a highflying lawyer and then makes a massive mistake at work which jeaporides her career. Instead of facing up to her problems Samantha runs away and after a strange turn of events ends up becoming a housekeeper for a posh family. Samantha ends up finding her feet and the book follows her journey of becoming a domestic goddess!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
This book if you are a quick reader you will finish in two days, its so gripping and you don’t want to put it down. As the title suggests it’s about a tattooist who tattoos the numbers onto the new inmates to Auschwitz-Berkenau. Lale, the main character falls in love with a lady that he tattoos and the story is all about how their relationships lasts whilst living in the awful conditions of Auschwitz. We cannot recommend this book enough, everyone has to read it.

Always Smiling by Georgia Toffolo
This book has the most amazing and uplifitng advice! Crazy to think that we are taking advice from a 23 year old reality TV star, however Toff shares some great tips with you in this book and leaves you feeling happy, confident and wanting to make the most of your life. This easy read is perfect for a holiday and we cannot recommend it more!

Calm by Fearne Cotton
We hadn’t ready Happy by Fearne Cotton which was the first one of her series, but this didn’t matter. This standalone book was so fabulous and really well written. Fearne tells you how to ensure you have calm in all aspects of you life, if its within your friendship group, family, work, or not letting the issues of the wider world effect you. I loved that at the end of each chapter she gave 3 summary points to take away with you which I think I will always look back at. Now I want to read Happy and also her new book, Quiet!

We have really enjoyed writing this post, so are sure there will be plenty more to come! Maybe we should start being book bloggers too – hehe!!

Low Alcohol & Zero Alcohol Beer Guide

January was the month where so many people gave up alcohol and took on dry January after indulging a lot over the Christmas period.

Well the longest month of the year is now over and many of you may be going back to alcohol BUT if you have enjoyed those hangover free weekends then we suggest you read on.

We have been trying lots of low alcohol and non alcoholic beers and we thought we would share them with you. Some of them really remind us of the shandy’s we used to drink when we were younger on a Sunday afternoon with our roast dinner. These beers are also perfect if you are designated driver, you can enjoy the taste of these delicious beers without feeling the effects.


Mikkeller was set up in Copenhagen in 2006 by Maths and physics teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, this award-winning, nomadic beer brand has released over 800 beers since it launched and they are now available in 40 countries worldwide.

We tried a selection of their alcoholic beers over the Christmas period which you can read all about here, so we were excited to try their low alcohol beers.

Mikkeller Energibajer

Style: Wheat beer

ABV:  0.0%

Description: This beer has lots of citrus notes with a malt backbone, ultra refreshing, lvely aromas of tropical fruit on the nose combined with a lightly acidic backbone and a refreshing finish!


Mikkeller Drink’in Berliner

Style: Berliner Weisse

ABV: 2.7%

Description: A fruity and tart Berliner weisse – Drink’in Berliner has tropical notes, a nice acidic backbone and a light malty body. The palate is both fresh with the perfect amount of dryness.


Mikkeller Weird Weather

Style: Low alcohol New England IPA

ABV: 0.3%

Description: Mikkeller Weird Weather 0.3% is a hazy New England style IPA for those who need a beer without the alcohol.  The Danish craft beer company is crazy excited to introduce this new brew to the world.



Krombacher beers have been produced exclusively in the small town of Krombach, nestling in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany since 1803, adhering to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot). 

Krombacher is a beer company we are very familiar with, we have previously created a recipe that we thought went really well with a cold Krombacher Pils which you can read about here. We were excited to see if the Kromacher low alcohol beer tasted very different to their alcoholic range. 

Krombacher Low Alcohol

Style: Low Alc Lager

ABV: 0.5%

Description: The leading low alcohol beer in Germany, this quality lager offers all the classic characteristics of Krombacher’s famous Pilsener but with the alcohol.  This beer is clean, crisp and full of flavour.


About Stiegl

The Stiegl brewery grew out of what was a popular beer-making guesthouse called the ‘Bräuhaus an der Gstätten’.  It was first mentioned in written records on the 16th June 1492 and was located in Salzburg, Austria.  

Over the past 500 plus years, the brewery has seen everything from immense joy and celebrations to fires, war, and economic turmoil but throughout, it has remained, playing a huge part in the city and country’s culture and history.  Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart guzzled a few Stiegl beers in 18th century. 

Most famously known for its multi award-winning Stiegl Goldbräu beer, which launched in the UK in 2007, Stiegl utilises a wealth of brewing experience combined with some of the most high-tech brewing equipment, processes and procedures in Europe whilst benefiting from the finest Austrian raw materials – often cultivated in the brewery’s own fields.

Stiegl Freibier

Style: Lager

ABV: 0.5%

Description: Appreciated in its homeland for its full-bodied, well balanced taste, Austrian Saphir hops provide aromatics to this unfiltered, ultra-refreshing non-alcoholic lager. 


Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

Style: Radler

ABV: 2%

Description: this naturally cloudy and zesty, thirst-quencher uses real grapefruit juice alongside Stiegl’s famous Goldbräu beer for the ultimate, refreshing ORIGINAL Radler. 


So the next time you are tempted by an alcoholic beverage but you know you shouldn’t for whatever reason, then make sure you reach out for one of these!

Cafe’s To Work From In London

London is full of young professionals, including myself! So we have decided to compile a list of cafes you can work from if you are lucky enough to be able to work from home.

Black Lab is on Clapham Common Southside and is a super cute coffee shop. There is enough seating inside and outside along with an extensive menu. You can have dairy milk or almond milk and there are lots of cakes and treats to enjoy too. In the sunshine its nice to sit outside, however it can be very noisy as you are right on the road.

Located near to Old Street station this place serves a delicious coffee! It is also very spacious (although doesn’t look like it on the outside). There are long benches upstairs which has plug sockets and then lots more tables downstairs. This is a popular place for people to work from and I even spied someone holding interviews here. The wifi is great too!

Farm Girl in Notting Hill is often very very busy and its hard to get a seat, same with the one in Chelsea. However Farm Girl at 1 Carnaby Street is a lot quieter. Located above Sweaty Betty this is a great place to work from. The wifi is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed. There is also lovely outside seating for the summer. You can treat yourself to a matcha latte and be super millennial!

This Whole Foods is so big and there is so much choice! There is a huge section for takeaway food/lunch options, but you could also do your weekly shop here if you are rich enough! Anyway, upstairs is a spacious seating area which is lovely to work from. The wifi is strong and there are plenty of plug sockets. Make sure you get there early to get a seat before the lunchtime rush!

This Whole Foods has a large seating area upstairs with plenty of places to sit at. You can sit at the window and watch the world go by down below or can sit on one if the main tables. Again, pretty decent wifi and plenty of plug sockets.

This cafe is an Instagram dream, the stairs are marble, the tables are marble, the lighting is bright and there are cactus’ everywhere! What’s even better the wifi is fab. They serve breakfast until 11.30am and there is lots to choose from. The lunchtime menu is also fab, check out the burger! The only problem here is that there are not enough plug sockets so make sure you arrive with a fully charged laptop!

Okay we aren’t exaggerating when we say Gails bakery serves the best hot chocolate we have tasted! There are also so many delicious bakery delights to choose from. There are plenty of tables in all the Gail’s we have visited (and we have been to a fair few!), there are also so many plug sockets which makes spending all day here ideal. The wifi is fab as well and there is also a jug of water to help yourself when you get thirsty.

The Coral Room is located in the Bloomsbury Hotel (also home of Dalloway Terrace). It is the perfect spot to work from and has great WiFi! It is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and it is hidden so not everyone knows it exists! They have a great brunch menu and the coffee is fab if you are also looking for a bite to eat. The staff treat you amazingly and do not rush you out of your seat- will definitely be returning!

A Jazz Apple a Day

Apples have to be one of our favourite fruits of all time, every morning before we leave the house we grab one out the fridge and yes we do believe they have to be kept in the fridge but we wont get into the debate!

We love having an apple ready and available to eat whenever we get slightly peckish! Did anyone else’s mum tell them to ‘have an apple’ if they moaned about being hungry? Gosh how that has stuck with us!

We went away to Colchester for the weekend and we always make sure we throw a couple of Jazz apples in our bag to keep us going when we get peckish!

We are actually quite fussy with our apples, they have to be super crunchy and full of flavour, we cannot stand a soft furry apple YUK! That is where Jazz apples are so good, they can be out of the fridge all day and still have a delicious crunch to them.

Jazz Apples originally from New Zealand and are actually the result of a natural breeding process between the Royal Gala and Braeburn apple! Jazz apples are grown in sun drenched orchards in New Zealand but they are also grown in the UK, Europe, USA, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

Look our for their distinctive bright blue label in the supermarkets when you are browsing the apples. Jazz apples can be found in Aldi, Asda, Tesco, M&S, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, Lidl, Coop & Booths.

We found ours in Sainsbury’s and we purchased a pack of 4! They didn’t last long hehe we need to re stock the next time we visit the shops!

So the next time you go to the shops branch out a little bit and try the Jazz Apple! We cannot recommend it enough and we have got our friends and family loving them as well.

6 Unique Ways to Improve Your Home with Old Heirlooms and Upcycling

Rach has recently moved into a house, so there has been a lot more space to fill! My Boyfriend is currently going through the process of buying his first flat which is of course expensive and the little money he has left he has to spend on furniture etc!

We have bother been loving the process though and instead of purchasing new things we have been looking elsewhere! We have been on Gumtree, Freecycle, EBay and the odd second hand sale (shame the car boot sale season hasn’t started yet!)

Often when people think about making improvements to their home they always seems to gravitate towards getting the newest and latest of anything. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your home by doing the opposite, with items you might already have stored away in the attic or at the back of a cupboard!

Did you know that there are ways to upcycle old items for home décor? My mum loves doing this! She painted our old coffee table with chalk paint and it looks amazing! Old items you thought were outdated and useless can quickly become featured decorative items in your home.

Display Old Items

Everyone seems to have old china serving were in their house that never get used! They are tucked away and forgotten about unless your great aunt is coming over for posh afternoon tea lol! We love the old China sets and our parents have a lot of it, we will definitely be displaying it when we eventually get our own homes!

We have glass fronted cabinets, and that is where ours are kept so everyone can see them when they walk into the room. We quite often visit charity shops and always notice the amount of vases there are for sale! The older the better and the more patterned the better as well in our eyes!

Another way to use these items is if you have display shelving or cabinets with room on top to place them. What you’ll get is an excuse to break out these typically unused items and add a little flair to your kitchen or lounge.

Repurpose Old Items in New Ways

Creativity is the name of the game here. Find old items or different combinations of items that you can pair to create an interesting new space in your home. Maybe you have an old coffee table like we had you’ve been meaning to upcycle for years.

My boyfriends parents had an old trunk in there attic that they have given him! He is going to turn it into a coffee table and it’s a great storage space as well!

Brown and White Mix Better Than You Think

Most people enjoy having similar colours when decorating a room. However, recently we feel that people are more willing to experiment with their colours and decor. there is something about that vintage wooden table that goes so lovely next to white walls.

There’s nothing like the craftsmanship of old wooden furniture (it must have taken ages to build). Especially those hand-built items that have accents that are hard to find in today’s more modern furniture choices.

Upgrade to gold handles (our favourite) that will help make the natural wood grain pop out against a white background. If you don’t like it, there’s always the option to paint it white to get some use out of it.

Old Porcelain Vases

Those old porcelain vases which have been passed down from generation to generation are the perfect display for some fresh flowers. You can upcycle these items into candle holders, planters, clocks, or even make lamps out of them for those of you who are a little more creative.

Some of the old porcelain has some pretty unique designs on them, which can add a little charm to a backyard sitting area or even in the garden as some unique planters for spices and herbs.

Whatever you do with it just make sure you use it! It seems a shame to have it tucked away in the attic. If it looks a bit worse for wear, then you could always hire a porcelain restoration professional to bring it back to life!

Create Collections of Smaller Items

We have lots of lovely photo frames, vases and ornaments on display on the shelves in our living room! We decided to group them together to create an interesting display.

You could always take these items and place them on tables, bookshelves, or other furniture.

Make a Hanging Display

A great way to make use of these items is to create a display wall. You can add hangers to the back or find some classic shelves to place the items on display. You can take up a large section of an unused wall to create a display that will add character and style to whatever room you choose.

The key here is to not limit yourself to traditional design ideas. With a little experimentation and creativity, you will find that those old heirlooms can be taken from storage and upcycled into interesting pieces that will give your home something unique.