Flipside Restaurant Review

Flipside is a 100% plant based restaurant that offers a wide selection of food from healthy salads to meat like burgers. Flipside freshly prepares the sandwiches and salad bowls every morning meaning customers can just grab & go.

Flipside is located just a 5-10 minute walk from Farringdon station, so it’s really convenient if you live or work in the city. They are also a cashless restaurant making them super speedy, you can use the self service iPads or you can go to the counter to place your order.

We arrived at Flipside at around 6pm on a Friday evening. We always try and arrive quite early in the hope that the restaurant will be empty. We were in luck which meant we could take our photos without anyone else in the background. We are glad we did arrive early because by the time we were finished Flipside was starting to fill up.

There is a lot to choose from on the menu we were so stuck on what to order. We have never tried meat like burgers before so we knew straight away that we had to order a couple of those! We went for the Flipside Quarter Pounder and Beyond Burger, the burgers were served with chips which were cooked to perfection, we loved them!

We absolutely loved the burgers they were so delicious and if we didn’t know they were plant based we probably wouldn’t have been able to guess.

We also ordered a couple of the Super Bowls to try, we ordered the Naked Cali which consisted of lots of rice, beans, salsa and tortilla chips it was really delicious and definitely one of their healthier options. We also ordered the Red & Greens which was so delicious we especially liked the chargrilled broccoli and skillet Brussels they were so tasty.

We definitely had a feast this evening, everything looked so good we couldn’t not try. We also ordered the nachos which were amazing and so tasty. The vegan cheese on top was really tasty and again we wouldn’t have known these were plant based, they were also very generous with the portion size. We would 100% recommend ordering the nachos when you visit as you won’t be disappointed.

For sides we were really intrigued by the sticky & crisply rashers so we knew we had to order those. I absolutely loved them, they didn’t taste like bacon at all like we thought maybe they would but they were really delicious! They had a different texture to bacon as well as they were quite chewy- definitely worth a try though.

We really loved that all of the drinks in the fridge were totally plastic free and 100% plant based. We both opted for a small bottle of Prosecco each (it was Friday after all).

We really enjoyed how convenient Flipside is, if you want a glass of water you can just help yourself, which is great if like us you drink a lot of water at dinner.

There was a small selection of cakes and cookies at the till points. We had our eye on the sticky toffee pudding that we had spotted on the menu but sadly that didn’t have any, not that we needed anymore to eat anyway!

The staff were so friendly at Flipside and welcomed us with open arms. If you are looking to enjoy a plant based feast then Flipside is the restaurant for you, we will definitely be returning soon.

How to make moving house stress free

I have recently moved to Wimbledon from Clapham Common so thought I would share some tips on how to ensure its not a stressful experience, however don’t let us fool you, we are sure there will be a couple of stresses on the way!

It is an exciting time though so make sure you enjoy yourself as well! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all of that!


Make sure you are organised and pack everything up in advance, you don’t need a last minute panic on the day of moving, it always takes longer than you think. We suggest getting boxes or we love the big blue bags from Ikea they are great and fit lots in! When packing we suggest you write on the box or bag what is inside so you know what room to put the items in when you get to your new place, trust us it is a nightmare if you forget!

Moving van

Arrange your transport in advance to move your belongings. If you are anything like us you will have so much stuff that you simply cannot move it yourself. Therefore we suggest booking a removal company to help you out. The Man Van are great and you can book everything online, and they are the cheapest man and van hire in London!

Make sure you know how long it will take to drive from your old property to your new one. You don’t want to be annoying your estate agent and turning up late to your new home because of traffic, we know what London traffic is like!


When you arrive at your property put the right boxes into the right rooms, kitchen stuff in the kitchen, clothes in your bedroom etc. This will save you lots of time when unpacking and you will definitely thank yourself later for being just that little bit more organised.

Don’t stress about unpacking, take your time with it and make sure you are happy where you are putting everything, its such fun working out what drawers will be what in the kitchen.

Write a list

Make a list of the things you need to buy that you do not currently have for your property to ensure you don’t go crazy and get too much! Also if you are moving in with others they may already have half of the things on your list and might be up for sharing. Writing a list will help when you are shopping as well, and will save you lots of time.


Make sure you measure the space before you purchase any furniture, there is nothing worse than a sofa arriving that is 1inch too big and doesn’t fit! Gosh that would be an expensive mistake!

Happy moving, and if you’re still not convinced, check out our post on reasons why you need to move to London, trust us you really will love it and never want to leave!

We hope you find our tips useful, we would love to know how you get on with your move. Oh and if you have any tips for us for the next time we move them please do share them with us.

Coco di Mama – a delicious Italian lunch

There are so many places out there to enjoy on your lunch break, but mostly all do the same food/cuisine, so we were delighted when we discovered Coco di Mama on the Nutrifix app. They serve healthy and hearty fresh Italian food. There are 21 branches around London, and we are sure you will find one near to where you work or want to visit.

We visited separately and went to 2 different branches. If you work in the Victoria area then Coco di Mama is situated on Victoria Street and is certainly very popular here, there was a constant queue and stream of people on the Tuesday lunchtime that I visited.

If you work in the city, then make sure you head to the king William street branch. The staff here despite being rushed off their feet are super helpful and look so happy, which is a delight to see.

You can pick up a cold option from the fridge which include salads, sandwiches and hummus pots. Annie actually opted for the Jackfruit Salad it was actually incredible especially the pink hummus, I (Annie) also added some balsamic vinegar but it would be perfect just the way it comes.

Or you can get hot fresh pasta from the counter. There is a choice of sizes, the large is pretty big they are very generous. There are plenty of sauces to choose from including, carbonara, pesto & meatballs. Coco di Mama cater for all dietary requirements and if you want you can get gluten free pasta. Coco di Mama is also very vegan friendly and Rach opted for the lentil pasta ragu, and went for gluten free pasta. The lentils were a great substitute for a meat sauce and the whole thing tasted delicious.

There are also fruit pots in the fridge which we definitely eyed up, we do love a fruit pot!

At the counter there is a wide selection of cakes and cookies to choose from. We have been loving our vegan lunches at the moment so we opted for the vegan dark chocolate banana bread and oh my gosh it was just insane! Rach has hers a little later on and heated it up, we both could have eaten it all over again.

There is also fridge full of cold beverages, we tried one of the new juices from Daily Dose which was delicious. We also tried Da-Sh water which was also really refreshing, I got the raspberry flavour.

Coco di Mama also serves yummy coffee, and we particulalry love the cup you get given it’s a coral colour and Coco di Mama on it. Annie had a mocha, to enjoy with her banana bread and it really did hit the spot.

We also noticed the pasta straws which we thought was such an amazing idea especially as they serve pasta in store as well!

We have recommended Coco Di Mama to so many people already and we have even been back ourselves!

First Table UK At The Crazy Bear

First Table is a website that offers a 50% discount off restaurant meals at specific times. All you have to do is pay a £5 booking fee (per table not person) to secure the discount at your restaurant of choice. You can receive 50% off your meal for up to 4 people!

Just go onto the website, create an account and then have a look at the restaurant choices on there. We filtered to London and had a browse but you can also filter on a particular part of London.

Underneath the restaurants are the date and times available. We found that at most restaurants the first table is usually 6pm but some are as early as 5:30pm or as late as 7pm. You can book your table up to a week in advance but you better be quick because they go very quickly!

If you are late for your table they will only wait 15 minutes for you (like most places) and then the deal is off! So make sure you are not late.

We think First Table is such a great idea especially if you have somewhere to be later on like the theatre or you are just popping out after work for a quick dinner.

Rach first heard of First Table when she was in New Zealand visiting her sister, they used the app quite frequently when they were going out for dinner.

We were thrilled when we saw that First Table had launched in the U.K. and immediately got in contact with them. We love working with brands that we already love and have used before.

Our first restaurant of choice was located in Marylebone but we later found out that they were closing so we couldn’t visit, we were so upset! Instead we booked The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia.

Our table was booked for 7pm and we thought we would be the first ones in the restaurant, but actually there were already so many tables occupied. The restaurant itself chooses the dates and times it has availability so maybe there was a reason why The Crazy Bear chose this time.

We ordered some prawn crackers of course, which were so delicious and the sweet chilli sauce was incredible!

To start we had the sharing platter which is £12.95 per person so in total it cost £25.90. The selection was nice but we were slightly let down by the size of the platter, it was tiny and defiantly wasn’t what we expected!

Our favourite dish of the night was the tune and avocado sushi! It was so so tasty and so fresh! We wish we ordered a couple more of these to sample- so if you visit these are a must!

For main we got some sticky rice which was really sticky and so delicious we could have had another portion! To go with it we also had the lamb chop curry which was a dry curry.

For dessert we ordered the passion fruit and mango knickerbocker glory and the salted butter caramel both of which we enjoyed and gobbled up very quickly.

The staff at The Crazy Bear were incredibly helpful and very welcoming, we really enjoyed our evening.

After your meal you will also receive an email if you have opted in to leave a review. If you leave a review you could win £25 first table credit if you write the best review of the week!

We have recommended this website to so many of our friends and family who are also going to make the most of it! I mean who can say no to 50% off a meal!

Maison Talbooth Breakfast

Breakfast as you well know if our favourite meal of the day! We always get so excited for a hotel breakfast, it’s always such a treat. We are definitely those people who think going to sleep is just a countdown to breakfast.

The breakfast at Maison Talbooth was from 7:00-9:30am, we were so busy taking photos that we lost track of time and almost missed it that would have been a disaster.

Breakfast is served in The Garden which is located just off of the main lounge. The Garden Room has beautiful views of the garden, we were super lucky with the weather it was cold and so frosty.

We ordered a couple of pots of coffee which were fabulous and really warmed us up after being outside in the freezing cold all morning!

To start with we tried some of Maison Talbooth in-house granola and muesli and we can report that is was delicious, There was a mixture of dried fruit and lots of chopped nuts which gave it so much flavour. We would 100% buy it from the shops!

Rach tried the mini yoghurt and fruit compote that was served in a mini jar and had a sprinkling of granola on top. This was also delicious and the perfect start to our feast.

There was a selection of fresh pastries, croissants and bread, which we did of course try (I mean you kind of have to when you are writing a review right?) In fact we didn’t just try the fresh bread we basically finished it off Whoops!

There was a menu to choose hot food from with so so much choice that we found it really hard to pick!

Annie opted for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was so delicious! They were so generous and I actually couldn’t finish it… shocker!

Rach was an annoying customer, but the lovely staff did not mind at all! As Rach doesn’t like eggs she went for the chilli avocado on toast with smoked salmon, it would so tasty I would definitely recommend!

As you can probably already tell we absolutely LOVED the breakfast at Maison Talbooth. Oh and we must mention that if you don’t fancy heading down to the garden room for breakfast you can it served to your room!

Pho Restaurant Review

We jumped at the chance of visiting Pho for dinner, Rach visited Vietnam back in December 2017 and ever since then has always loved eating Vietnamese food (I mean doesn’t everyone).

We visited the Spitalfields branch which is located just a 10 minute walk walk Liverpool Street. We arrived at 19:30 and the place was buzzing. From the outside and at first glance this Pho looks relatively small, but actually it surprised us with how big the restaurant was. They have a large seating area upstairs which we had a nosey at when we went to the toilets.

The manager introduced herself to us and told us that we were welcome to try whatever we liked on the menu, as asked her her recommendations like we always do and of course went with a couple of them.

Rach ordered the Nojita to drink which was on their specials menu. This drink was muddled lime and mint, homemade lemonade & soda, shaken and served over crushed ice, garnished with fresh mint. Her eyes said it all when she tried her first sip she was in Nojito heaven!

I ordered a …. which was so refreshing and not too sweet. I would definitely order it again and would recommend you do as well if you visit Pho.

To start we ordered the Spicy Salad Rolls which were three carb-free pure veggie rolls tied together with a carrot ribbon from their new healthy menu. These were so bright and colour and well healthy! They were really delicious were full of lots of bright and colourful vegetables.

We also ordered the Nem Hai San which was a Large crispy spring roll consisting of tiger prawn, crab & pork with nước chấm dipping sauce which were INCREDIBLE! We could have eaten these all over again! If you order a starter when you visit Pho then you have to choose these we really couldn’t recommend them enough.

The third and final starter we ordered was fried squid which was also really tasty. The waitress came over and told us to mix the lime juice with the salt and pepper as it is a total game changer.

Main courses for us were easy, we knew we wanted a rice dish and the curry just sounded out of this world. I went for the chicken Ca-Ri curry and Rach ordered the same but had prawn instead. They really are not stingy on the chicken and prawn portions and we must say the prawns were ginormous! Rice is served on the side which we also tucked into but actually didn’t manage to finish (that must be a first).

We had a peep at the dessert menu but to be honest we were absolutely stuffed we couldn’t even think about eating anything else! We did spy the green tea ice cream though that sounded really tasty, we would have tried that had I had room oh and the chocolate slab!

Toilet review: They were very clean! You will find them upstairs!

The staff at this Pho were to attentive and really helpful. We cannot thank them enough for helping us have the most perfect evening.

By the time we were ready to leave the restaurant had emptied out a lot, what with it being the city you would kind of expect that as it was gone 9pm.

Books you NEED to read this year

This post isn’t our usual style or what we usually write about, but we love to read and we wanted to share some amazing books with you. You may have seen on Instagram we have got into reading so we thought we would share some books to  read this year:

Wilde like me by Louise Pentland
Louise Pentland is actually a mummy blogger who has taken to writing and oh wow we are glad she has! This book is heartwarming, witty and funny but also very relatable. I could not put this book down and it could potentially be the quickest I have ever read a book! Robyn Wilde is a single mum with a charming daughter named Lyla. This book is all about Robyn coping as a single mum and about how lonely she feels and all the emotions and feelings she is going through. Robyn also starts dating so its all about the on goings of the dating world of a single mum. Not only becoming attached to Robyn and her gorgeous daughter Lyla Blue, you fall in love with her Auntie and all her friends too! This is a must read.

Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton
This is a book that is written very differently and is basically all about the life of Dolly Alterton. You will be laughing out loud when reading this book and everyone around you will probs stare at you, but who cares because a book that actually makes you LOL is the one!

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
This is another fab book by Sophie Kinsella. Her books are always lighthearted and perfect pool side reading. Its about Samantha who is a highflying lawyer and then makes a massive mistake at work which jeaporides her career. Instead of facing up to her problems Samantha runs away and after a strange turn of events ends up becoming a housekeeper for a posh family. Samantha ends up finding her feet and the book follows her journey of becoming a domestic goddess!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
This book if you are a quick reader you will finish in two days, its so gripping and you don’t want to put it down. As the title suggests it’s about a tattooist who tattoos the numbers onto the new inmates to Auschwitz-Berkenau. Lale, the main character falls in love with a lady that he tattoos and the story is all about how their relationships lasts whilst living in the awful conditions of Auschwitz. We cannot recommend this book enough, everyone has to read it.

Always Smiling by Georgia Toffolo
This book has the most amazing and uplifitng advice! Crazy to think that we are taking advice from a 23 year old reality TV star, however Toff shares some great tips with you in this book and leaves you feeling happy, confident and wanting to make the most of your life. This easy read is perfect for a holiday and we cannot recommend it more!

Calm by Fearne Cotton
We hadn’t ready Happy by Fearne Cotton which was the first one of her series, but this didn’t matter. This standalone book was so fabulous and really well written. Fearne tells you how to ensure you have calm in all aspects of you life, if its within your friendship group, family, work, or not letting the issues of the wider world effect you. I loved that at the end of each chapter she gave 3 summary points to take away with you which I think I will always look back at. Now I want to read Happy and also her new book, Quiet!

We have really enjoyed writing this post, so are sure there will be plenty more to come! Maybe we should start being book bloggers too – hehe!!

Exciting And Inspiring Destinations To Visit This Year

If you love to explore the world often, like us, then it can be difficult to think of new places to see, although our list does keep getting longer and longer! If you have already managed to get through your “must see” list of travel destinations, we are very jealous because we are still working through ours!

That doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything though and we are sure there are plenty more places in the world left to see. There might be plenty of places you’ve not considered exploring.

We are going to share with you some of the exciting and inspiring destinations to visit this year. We are only just planning the destinations we want to visit this year, so thought we would share some with you too!

California, U.S.

One of the most exciting and inspiring destinations in the world is California. It’s not the only state in America to offer sunshine and soft sandy beaches, but it does offer a heap of amazing sights at the same time. For starters, Los Angeles is a brilliant city to explore. The streets of Hollywood are intriguing to see in person. We have been before and can confirm it is a bizarre place, but the Hollywood Hills are truly beautiful.

Make sure you check out the Griffith Observatory if you go up there, when hot it can be a bit of a trek so make sure you bring water but trust us it is worth it – not only is it an architectural wonder with intriguing space-theme exhibits inside but it offers magnificent views of the L.A. skyline, you can get that Instagram worthy picture of the views and also the famous Hollywood sign!

Of course, Los Angeles is only one city in this gigantic state. You should check out San Francisco too. The Golden Gate Bridge is even more impressive in person we recommend hiring bikes and cycling to the bridge and then over it to the other side. If you are feeling adventurous and want to make a day of it cycle all around the otherside of the bridge and take the ferry back home.

That isn’t the only thing to see in San Fran, we also suggest taking a ferry to Alcatraz Island. There’s a lot of fascinating history to uncover on the island, but it’s also a beautiful place. Also don’t forget to sample the famous chill or chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl – yum!

Queensland, Australia.

Australia is known for many things; incredible beaches, modern skylines, and vast open landscapes. Queensland offers all of these things.

The city of Brisbane is a particularly exciting place to visit, despite popular belief maybe people told me not to visit and how wrong were they! I loved Brisbane!

You should also check out the stunning Whitsunday Islands just off the coast of Queensland, probably the most stunning place I have visited thus far, the sea is simply stunning. There are plenty of professional tours that will take you around the islands. That’ll give you the opportunity to not only admire the stunning natural scenery and wildlife but also snorkel in some areas known only by experts and take walks along the beautiful beaches of these islands. You will see some stunning fish, including nemo (!!) and maybe even a turtle or two!

You might also want to try out ocean rafting because that’s particularly fun. It’s just one of many incredible things to do on a tour of the Whitsunday Islands, and that’s only a small part of what Queensland has to offer as a whole.

Tuscany, Italy.

The Italian region of Tuscany is one of the most popular places in the country, and there’s a good reason for this. Cuties such as Florence are absolutely stunning and very picturesque. If you do head to the capital then make sure you check out the San Lorenzo market for delicious fresh local food.

The Piazza del Duomo is also full of spectacular buildings and authentic Italian restaurants (you won’t find the likes of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut here, which we HATE seeing when on holiday).

Pisa is another city in central Tuscany that’s well worth visiting and I am actually headed back there this summer! Obviously, the leaning tower of Pisa is its primary draw, but you should also visit some of the beautiful palaces in this city. The Palazzo della Carovana is a palace in Knights’ Square, and it’s stunning.

So there you go that is a couple of places you should add to your travel bucket list! I (Rach) have visited all of the above and I can tell you they truly are spectacular!

Tower Apartments Wroclaw

When we visited Wroclaw we decided to book an apartment instead of a hotel. We always usually book a hotel when we go away as we love a hotel breakfast. We decided to mix things up a bit this time though as the breakfast cafe’s in Wroclaw looked insane!

We booked Tower Apartments on booking.com and it cost us nearly £82 for two nights, which we think is amazing value! The apartment was in such a good location, if was just a 10 minute walk into town and a 15 minute drive to the airport!

Tower Apartments were really helpful and booked us a taxi from the airport (first time ever having my name up on a sign at the airport, we felt special lol!). Check in closed at 11pm and they told us to keep them posted if we were going to be delayed.

The very polite and helpful receptionist helped us find the reception as the taxi driver dropped us off outside a random door, we thought we were going to be outside all night! We were given our keys and she directed us to our tower block.

The Apartments looked so nice online and when we opened the door to our apartment it didn’t disappoint! It was really spacious and we both said we would be happy if it was our own flat!

When we walked through the door we were in the living room, which had an L shaped sofa and a tv! It was really spacious and there was also a dining room table! The Built In wardrobes were also in the living room tucked away near the door!

The kitchen was a decent size and had everything you would expect to find in a holiday rental apartment! They did also provide tea and coffee which was great!

We bedroom was tucked away behind a wall! It was a good size and had a double bed taking up most of the space! We loved the view from the bedroom window as it looked out onto the river!

The bathroom had a shower, toilet and massive wash basin! We will say though that they did not provide any shower gel so make sure you bring your own (luckily we did) there is toilet roll though which is fab! We loved the decor of the bathroom it was really light and made the bathroom feel very spacious!

We also had a HUGE balcony that would have been perfect in the summer months! Imagine coming back after a day of exploring and enjoying an ice cold drink outside!

We did of course make use of it and take some pics even in the freezing cold!

Ski Festival Finder

We would LOVE to go skiing, I went at school when I was 13/14 and absolutely loved it, it was so much fun and i just had the most incredible time! Rach has never been skiing before and is also really keen to try it, so its definitely something we will HAVE to do- hopefully sooner rather than later.

We have heard that skiing holidays however, are not just about the skiing they are also about great music and the après ski that takes place at the end of the day- sounds absolutely incredible and right up our street!

If you want to take it a step further then there are also so many skiing festivals in Europe and Worldwide, imagine being able to ski and also getting to listen to some of your favourite artists well.

We didn’t realise there were so many skiing festivals out there, it was quite overwhelming when we were doing our research! That is before we came across Admirals Ski Festivals Finder it saved us so much time and meant we only had to research the one festival as opposed to the 100’s online.  

We both took the test and got the same results! Now this is why we are friends we are too similar and basically like the same things! Anyway, here are our joint result below, guess we better start looking at flights to Italy (lucky we are obsessed with Pizza!!)

The Ski Festival Finder asks you 5 questions before recommending ski festivals that meet your criteria, so it makes finding that perfect ski holiday much much easier!

It literally takes about 5 minutes, we think they need to create more of these! We would love to use it to find the perfect summer holiday or city break!

We have shared the ski festival finder with so many of our friends (lots of them are keen skiers)! They are all loving it and are hoping to book one up next year!