Esquared Fitness App

We have been using Esquared now for quite some time! When we were first introduced to the app it was all very new to us as we had never really booked our classes via an app before.


Esquared got in contact with us last year and asked if we would like some credit to try the app and it’s safe to say we haven’t looked back since. We thought we would write a few of our favourite workout spots from the app on a blog post, go and give them a try!

Esquared fitness app

Esquared make it so easy to book a class, you create an account online or via the app (you get sent a text to verify your mobile number) add our code TBRITS16536 for £10 off your class and hey presto its time to start booking. You then can search via list or map view and also filter by class type, barre, boxing, HIIT etc. We love the map view as quite often we are out and about, so we search for classes on the map close to where we will be that day. The flexibility makes working out so much easier, but also way more fun as you can try out different gyms. We don’t really filter by class type as we are open to all and like to discover new classes and gyms!


KXU NOK OUT was the first class we booked with esquared and oh my gosh it was amazing! Firstly the studios are just incredible and secondly the instructor was really encouraging. It was a boxing class and there were various levels in the class but she made sure she spent time with everyone which was great to see! They have other classes here including HIIT & Run, Meta KX, Yoga and Cycle.

Price: £26
Time: 45mins – 75 mins

Sweat IT

This is probably Annie’s favourite class of ALL time, Annie took Rach and she’s become hooked too! We both absolutely love to run and this class involves a lot of treadmill running. The class is a combination of running and HIIT, each day the floor work changes to be a different part of the body and it sure does what it says in the name!

Esquared fitness app

Esquared fitness app

The instructors are always so passionate about the class and we are not going to lie it is a haaaard session so we ready to feel the burn!

Oh and they also do a great post workout shake! They are plastic free and also have metal water bottles you can borrow for the class.

Price: £20
Time: these session vary between 40-60 minutes so check when you are booking

Project Fit

I have only recently tried Project Fit as it is very close to my (Annie) new office. The first class I booked was called RUNNING which at the time of booking (because I didn’t read the details) I didn’t realise was purely just a treadmill running class- but I was over the moon when I found out. Half the class were doing A HIIT workout but in the app you have to book STRENGTH session. I also did the 50/50 class which is where you do both the running and Resistance workout, it was a great workout even though the music had broken the instructor kept us going with her energy.

Price: £20
Time: 45 Mins

Fitness Fusions

This is a boutique studio based in Clapham Common. If I (Rachel) hadn’t used Esquared I would never have tried a reformer pilates class. Thanks to the app and a free class I gave reformer and go and haven’t looked back. I have become addicted to reformer and now go at least once a week!

The teachers at Fitness Fusions are great and tailor all the classes to your needs and they are particularly great with newbies, being super supportive and ensuring your technique is correct and not injuring yourself.

Price: £23
Time: 1 hour

Define London

I (Rach) prefer more ballet based classes with toning so Define London suits me perfectly. I love their Barre classes in the morning but also their express barre at lunchtime. The class is only 30 minutes but you work extremely hard and the class flies by! I have also been to a dance class here which was super super fun!

Express Barre – £12 (30 mins)
Barre – £20 (45 mins)

Victus Soul

This studio has recently been added to the app and we could NOT be happier as we love this place! There is a choice of 2 classes, HIIT & Box or HIIT & Run – we have done both and love them equally it just depends what ya fancy!

Price – £21
Time -1 hour

Let us know any classes that we should try, we love finding new gyms to visit and classes to sample!

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