What not to do on the morning commute

We are not ones to moan and in fact moaning really gets on our nerves especially when it is not necessary. We feel this however is necessary and can really dampen our moods and annoy us for the rest of the day. So for any of you newbie commuters out there below our some of our top tips on what not to do on your commute.

Talking on the phone- oh my gosh this has got to be up there with one of the most annoying things on the train. Now we aren’t talking about people who have a quiet conversation on the phone we are talking about those individuals that feel the need to shout into the end of their telephone for the entire train journey. The individuals who decide to pace up and down doing this definitely score extra points as well.

Eat- please be considerate of others and do not bring your smelly food onto the trains where everyone else has to smell it, if I wanted an Itsu curry box then I would have got one myself. The worst offender though has to be mcdonalds it completely reeks the train out.

Sniff- okay we get that everyone gets a cold every now and then but if you have a cold then carry a packet of tissues with you! We have been so close to offering so many fellow commuters tissues because that sniffing is just SO ANNOYING.

Wear a rucksack- Who gets onto a packed train and keeps their rucksack on their bag like a ninja turtle? I do not appreciate you jabbing it into my back thank you very much. Can you please take your bag off and leave it by your feet!

Right thats enough moaning for one day, we have glad we have got that off our chest lol!


3 thoughts on “What not to do on the morning commute

  1. Hahaha I love this! All so very true. When I commuting I used to do a ‘train and shame’ on my blog and take photos (no photos / identifying features of course) of people eating and picking their noses etc. Sadly I realised this would lead me to being a cyber bully… so I stopped. But the standard rules apply, picking the nose is an absolute no go and stretching your legs out like your one Venice beach while I’m sat opposite you is also a no go. Gosh I hated commuting 😂

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    1. Oh my gosh that is actually hilarious and something we would definitely read 😂 commuting can be a right pain especially when selfish people are round! Your Venice beach comment had us in stitches… brilliant 😂😂

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