London Bucket List

Sometimes its just nice to write things down, we feel that when we write things down we will actually do it, so we have decided to write our London bucket list. Despite living in London, we sometimes feel that we take it for granted and do not appreciate the amazing city we live in. There are so many things we want to do in London and by writing them down, hopefully we will one day we will be able to tick all things off the bucket list. We apologise its a very random list!

We also have a long long list on the notes section on our phones (we have become addicted/reliant on our notes!) of places we want to brunch, but we won’t share that one with you as it will ruin our Brunch Series posts.

Let us know if you would recommend these places, or what we should add to the list!

1) Climb over the O2 – we have wanted to do this for ages and ages so will definitely be climbing over this iconic building soon

2) Dalloway Terrrace – this place looks like bloggers paradise and the food also looks divine. Check out their Instagram and you’ll want to visit too!

3) Madison – based at St Pauls with views on London we really want to go here for a drink or two

4) Run the London Marathon – now this is probably our most crazy idea on the list, but its something we have always wanted to do. We enter the ballot every year with no luck, but hopefully one day we will get the chance to run the marathon.

5) Sky Garden – this is free to visit with beautiful views on London. Crazy that we haven’t been yet, maybe Christmas will be a magical time to go.

6) Bottomless Brunch – we aren’t really fussy as to where to go for this, but we have never attended a bottomless brunch so this is a MUST DO!

7) Ministry of Fitness Class – as if you can go to Ministry of Sound for a fitness class. How amazing would the atmosphere and workout tunes be!

8) Swim in the Serpentine – so they use the Serpentine in Hyde Park for triathlons but you can also pay to swim in a small section of it yourself. Its only £4.20 for adults, and although does look quite disgusting, it would be something very different to do!

9) Afternoon Tea Bus Tour – b bakery offer the opportunity to sit on a London Bus that takes you on a tour of London whilst eating afternoon tea, how amazing does that sound! The same company also offer a gin lovers tour, we could be tempted!

10) Watch the sunset from Primrose Hill – we love Primrose Hill and its so easy to get to from Baker Street. A lovely walk through Regents Park, past ZSL London Zoo and up the hill and boom, the most stunning view of London.

11) Go for a run through Richmond Park – we love Richmond Park, and once went on a walk through the park to see the deer, we really want to run through the park.

12) Go to Protein Haus for a smoothie – we have followed these on Instagram for a while now and keep meaning to head to Canary Wharf to try one.

We know we shall be adding to this list as the months/year/blog goes on!


14 thoughts on “London Bucket List

  1. Great list. I think it’s so important (and fun!) to be a ‘tourist’ in your own town sometimes. It’s so easy to get stuck in your normal routine and miss out on so many awesome things otherwise.


    1. We couldn’t agree more! it is so easy to just become so settled and not make the effort to go out and explore new areas! We love London and explore it a lot but the more we explore the bigger our bucket list gets! Where are you from?

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      1. From Birmingham but moved to the Netherlands a couple months’ ago for work and a life change. I live in a beautiful, historic little city called Zwolle so it’s easy to be a tourist here!


    1. Hello, thanks for stopping by and reading our post! Yes we cannot wait to tick some of the things off our list! We sure do we become so bogged down with the daily routine that we can easily forget the amazing city we live in!

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  2. Yeah, good list. You’ll find though in 40 years time that list will change dramatically and will probably focus on historical places and stuff 🙂 I don’t like London much (sorry) but if I ever find myself there overnight I’ll make my way to the Blind Beggar (the old gangster pub) in Whitechapel for a drink.


    1. Hello, Yes it probbaly will change in time, we have explored quite a lot of the history in London already but not in great detail. That’s okay that you don’t like London it’s not for everyone! 🙂 Where are you from yourself? Oh we will have to take a look at the pub it sounds like fun! 🙂

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      1. Ah okay we have been to Birmingham a few times, we went two years ago to visit a friend and went to the Christmas markets. LOVE Jersey will be over in January and already so excited! Thank you so much! 🙂

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