Our love for Blogging 

image-4We started our blog over a year ago in October 2015 but never really posted anything regularly. We were new to the blogging scene and didn’t really know what we were doing. We would write posts about fitness, travel and food as this is what we were and still are passionate about.

One evening we decided to have a blogging evening and decided we wanted to up our game. Firstly we knew we had to change the design of our blog as we were really unhappy with the way it looked. We did some research on how we could change the design on WordPress and finally found one we were happy with. We also knew we had to pay for a domain as we didn’t want http://www.threebrits.wordpress.com any longer, I mean no one was going to take us seriously with a URL like that. We had such a productive evening and it got us excited for the months ahead! We Planned so many blog posts that evening so we knew the direction we were heading.


Instagram has always been our favourite social media platform, we love taking photos and could scroll though our insta feed for hours at a time. When we first set up our blog In October 2015 we focused a lot of our time on Instagram and definitely neglected Twitter. Some people might find this odd, because now we have been blogging for a while we have realised that Instagram is the hardest place to get followers! Its all a learning curve though right!?

We didn’t really know what to use Twitter for, we connected our blog to twitter and tweeted the odd tweet but that was as a far as we went. One evening we came across something called a Twitter chat and decided to join in and it’s safe to say we have never looked back! Everyone we have spoken to on Twitter has been so supportive. The blogging community has some of the most positive, professional and humble people we have ever spoken to and they have encouraged us to make decisions we would never have made before hand.

Twitter chats are great, and we look forward to joining in on them in the evening (they are usually between 6-9pm GMT) and meeting new bloggers and finding blogs to follow. We really enjoy the Sunday chats, the perfect end to the weekend. A couple of weeks ago we held our first twitter chat, it was so much fun an we cannot wait to do another one.


Last December we decided to bite the bulett and share our blog with our family and friends on Facebook something we had never done before. We were embarrassed and scared to share our blog with people we knew and we don’t really know why. We love our blog we talk about it and work on it all the time so we don’t know why we were so scared to share it with people. When we did finally share it on Facebook we were so overwhelmed with the support we got especially from people we hadn’t seen or spoken to in years.

Some people would probably think we are mad for getting up at god knows what time on a Saturday morning for photoshoots in the freezing cold or spending our Friday evenings baking instead of going out and drinking.

We honestly don’t know what we would do without our blog, it is a hobby that we have fallen in love with and have so much planned for the future.


27 thoughts on “Our love for Blogging 

  1. Love this post!
    I understand why you were scared to share your blog – I have told a few of my closest friends but I am still unsure if my family even know about it! xx
    Big love, Izzy -https://pinchofdelight.wordpress.com


  2. Thank you for sharing your story… keep on rocking! I started blogging as a way to record my recipes but I, too, have fallen in love with this hobby as well as the blogging community..


  3. Awww your blogging journey sounds great & I feel like I can totally relate, eventually I do want to buy my own domain as well but its not available in the way I want it to be written 😔 I recently joined twitter & I have no idea how to work it, what kind of chats should I be looking to get involved in? Ive managed to get my insta up and going but I’m just struggling to socialise on twitter! Any help is appreciated 😃 my twitter handle is https://twitter.com/TheTypicalBBlog/ 💋



    1. Hello, Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you can relate we think so many people can, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of our blogs when we put so much time and effort into them. We didn’t have a clue how to use twitter until we started joining in on chats. We have followed you on twitter so we will DM you which chats we join in on there are so many though. 🙂 How long have you been blogging for? Annie & Rach x

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      1. Thanks for taking the time to help me out guys! I really appreciate it! I will be part of these chats from now on! Maybe not as, as you are right there are so many! 😅 I posted my first blog in mid April 2016.. But I only posted like 30 blogs throughout the whole year, from 2017 I have been much more active on my blog & literally it’s all I think about now! I even joined Instagram on the 1st of Feb 😊 xx


      2. No problem we are happy to help!! Yes there are so many 🙊 we don’t join in on all of them as some don’t relate to our blog etc! Oh you are exactly like us then we didn’t post much to begin with. Ooooh yay to insta we love it you can find us at @threebrits 💕

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  4. Aw this was really lovely to read girls! So interesting to hear your blogging journey and how you’ve fallen in love with blogging. You’re such nice girls and always show support to me. Thanks so much :)xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk


  5. Interestingly enough, I seem to have taken the opposite trajectory when it came to developing and publicising my blog: I began sharing it first with my closest friends (whom I felt wouldn’t judge me too hard) and people I knew from an online forum (I felt it would be less embarrassing to tell people I didn’t know as well), and only then moved on to social media. My family still doesn’t really know about my blog though! Thanks for sharing the process of starting and publicising your blog – I can certainly relate to the trepidation of ‘going public’ about it. Unfortunately I’m not on Twitter, but it’s nice to know there’s a community of bloggers out there willing to share with each other 🙂


    1. Awwww love hearing about everyone’s journeys, everyone is so different it’s great!!
      Definitely when you feel ready tell your family too – they are good help with photos!!
      Good luck!! Xx


  6. its has been 2 year and you have improved well. I love blogging and just started guiding other on how to blog free with wordpress.com. everyone should blog because it might become a auto earning machine in future 🙂


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