My Vietnam Homestay experience

Whilst in Vietnam (long post to follow), we went to a homestay which is exactly as the name describes – you stay in someone’s home. This was a great way to experience Cambodian life in the heart of the country. We arrived by our bus and then had to get off at the edge of the village and walk the rest of the way to where the family lived.

We were greeted by the owner of the homestay who was very friendly and picked our rooms/beds.I was with my 3 other girlies on matressss on the floor!

We then headed straight out for a walk around the village, we stopped to see local houses and ‘kitchens’, which are basically huts with a stove. We saw how the locals grew their own fruit and vegetable and got around by boat or motorbike. We also met some lovely Vietnamese children who were so happy and loved to wave at us!

We returned to the home for some chill time where we played card games.Then the women of the house taught us how to make savoury traditional pancakes which we also got to eat! They tasted delicious and were filled with beef and vegetables.

We then all sat around and ate the most incredible home made feast: pumpkin soup, spring rolls, prawn crackers, rice, green beans, tofu and pork curry. Everything tasted INCREDIBLE!

We spent the evening chatting before heading to bed for an early night. The locals all go to bed 9.30pm latest! We slept with mosquito nets to protect us from not only the mosquitos but all the large lizards and rats! Despite this and sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the humidity I slept very well!

I loved experiencing a homestay and think it’s a great way to experience the local way of living and something everyone should do when visiting a new country if possible.