We love the National Trust


We absolutely love the National Trust and we are not ashamed to admit it. Our friends think we are a bit mad but a Saturday spent at the National Trust going for a super long walk and maybe a visit to the cafe or pub too is our ideal Saturday!

We actually have a life members card which admits 2 people for free which makes our weekends spent at the NT even better as they are free so a cheap weekend for us! We have already written a post about our love for walking, but will highlight why we love it again. Walking is great cardio, its good to get out in the fresh air, we find it excellent therapy and of course its totally free!

I think the reason we love the NT so much is because there are so many different places for us to visit and explore and often there are many already planned walks for us to try out. Then we can end the walk and explore at either a NT cafe or a pub. The NT cafes are great, especially the homemade cakes!

We have decided to make it our new years resolution to visit lots of NT places in 2017 and write lots of posts about our visits. We also want to take lots of pictures on our visits and to show everyone how much fun a visit to the National Trust can be. So you can all look forward to lots of National Trust posts this year!

Why not check our their website and pick a place near you to visit, trust us you won’t regret it!