Brighton Birthday Bash 

Rachels Birthday was back in April and we decided to organise a birthday treat for her. We decided a day trip to Britghton would be PERFECT. We have not been back to Brighton since our Christmas shopping day in December so it was definitely time for us to take a trip down there.

We all love Brighton there is something about it that is just so calming. Rachel didn’t know much about the plan she just knew we were spending the day there. We thought a picnic on the beach would be amazing, we spent hours on Pinterest and Instagram researching recipe ideas. We had it all planned the shopping list had been written and then we checked the weather forecast…. TYPICAL BRITISH WEATHER the forecast was rain and cloud.

Plan B it was! (keep reading to find out). We got to London for about 9:45 and got on the train down to Brighton, transport connections to Brighton are so good it only took us an hour. We arrived just after 11 and headed straight towards the North Lanes.

By now it was definitely coffee o’clock, there are so many independent cute coffee shops in Brighton we were spoilt for choice. This was good though because it meant we could scan the food counters for lunch later on. Once the coffee had been drunk we continued to wonder through the lanes stopping off along the way.

We stopped off at BlueBird Tea Co and purchased some of their delicious lose tea leaves. This time Rachel went for strawberry jelly with cream and Sangria they both smelt delicious.

We stopped for lunch at about 1 o’clock and decided to try the ‘Flour Pot Bakery’. We had heard/read some good reviews about this bakery so decided it was a must. The sandwiches were literally amazing. We ordered a selection of Chicken, Chorizo and cheese Ciabatta and a Pastrami, Gherkin and cheese focaccia. There were a number of sandwiches to choose from and they all looked incredible so if you are in the area we really recommend.

The interior inside ‘The Flour Pot Bakery’ was also really warm and welcoming. They had some really quirky ideas for example all cold drinks were kept in a sink instead of a fridge.

One of the main reasons to go to Brighton is to see the sea and we had not yet been down to the sea front. On our way we stopped off to get some handmade ice cream from ‘Boho Gelato’ which was probably the best idea we had all day. There were a number of flavours to choose from and we noticed some said ‘experimental’ the man behind the counter said they were flavour they were testing to see how well they sell before they make them permanent flavour.

Flavour Examples: Salted Caramel with Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Caramel, Espresso, Sour Cherry, Chocolate- Dairy Free, Chocolate, Carrot Cake- Experimental, Gin- Experimental, Mint etc.

We made our way down to the sea front dodging the seagulls on the way, can’t have those pesky things stealing our delicious ice cream! We wandered along the seafront and obviously had to get the selfie stick out – cue the million and one photos!

We then headed into the centre for a spot of shopping, with Berksha being the firm favourite – we all treated ourselves to an outfit or two for our upcoming holiday – post to follow!

We got the train home at 6pm back to London and then home sweet home. Getting to Brighton by train is super easy and we would highly recommend it for a super fun day out and its very cheap too!