Coco di Mama – a delicious Italian lunch

There are so many places out there to enjoy on your lunch break, but mostly all do the same food/cuisine, so we were delighted when we discovered Coco di Mama on the Nutrifix app. They serve healthy and hearty fresh Italian food. There are 21 branches around London, and we are sure you will find one near to where you work or want to visit.

We visited separately and went to 2 different branches. If you work in the Victoria area then Coco di Mama is situated on Victoria Street and is certainly very popular here, there was a constant queue and stream of people on the Tuesday lunchtime that I visited.

If you work in the city, then make sure you head to the king William street branch. The staff here despite being rushed off their feet are super helpful and look so happy, which is a delight to see.

You can pick up a cold option from the fridge which include salads, sandwiches and hummus pots. Annie actually opted for the Jackfruit Salad it was actually incredible especially the pink hummus, I (Annie) also added some balsamic vinegar but it would be perfect just the way it comes.

Or you can get hot fresh pasta from the counter. There is a choice of sizes, the large is pretty big they are very generous. There are plenty of sauces to choose from including, carbonara, pesto & meatballs. Coco di Mama cater for all dietary requirements and if you want you can get gluten free pasta. Coco di Mama is also very vegan friendly and Rach opted for the lentil pasta ragu, and went for gluten free pasta. The lentils were a great substitute for a meat sauce and the whole thing tasted delicious.

There are also fruit pots in the fridge which we definitely eyed up, we do love a fruit pot!

At the counter there is a wide selection of cakes and cookies to choose from. We have been loving our vegan lunches at the moment so we opted for the vegan dark chocolate banana bread and oh my gosh it was just insane! Rach has hers a little later on and heated it up, we both could have eaten it all over again.

There is also fridge full of cold beverages, we tried one of the new juices from Daily Dose which was delicious. We also tried Da-Sh water which was also really refreshing, I got the raspberry flavour.

Coco di Mama also serves yummy coffee, and we particulalry love the cup you get given it’s a coral colour and Coco di Mama on it. Annie had a mocha, to enjoy with her banana bread and it really did hit the spot.

We also noticed the pasta straws which we thought was such an amazing idea especially as they serve pasta in store as well!

We have recommended Coco Di Mama to so many people already and we have even been back ourselves!

First Table UK At The Crazy Bear

First Table is a website that offers a 50% discount off restaurant meals at specific times. All you have to do is pay a £5 booking fee (per table not person) to secure the discount at your restaurant of choice. You can receive 50% off your meal for up to 4 people!

Just go onto the website, create an account and then have a look at the restaurant choices on there. We filtered to London and had a browse but you can also filter on a particular part of London.

Underneath the restaurants are the date and times available. We found that at most restaurants the first table is usually 6pm but some are as early as 5:30pm or as late as 7pm. You can book your table up to a week in advance but you better be quick because they go very quickly!

If you are late for your table they will only wait 15 minutes for you (like most places) and then the deal is off! So make sure you are not late.

We think First Table is such a great idea especially if you have somewhere to be later on like the theatre or you are just popping out after work for a quick dinner.

Rach first heard of First Table when she was in New Zealand visiting her sister, they used the app quite frequently when they were going out for dinner.

We were thrilled when we saw that First Table had launched in the U.K. and immediately got in contact with them. We love working with brands that we already love and have used before.

Our first restaurant of choice was located in Marylebone but we later found out that they were closing so we couldn’t visit, we were so upset! Instead we booked The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia.

Our table was booked for 7pm and we thought we would be the first ones in the restaurant, but actually there were already so many tables occupied. The restaurant itself chooses the dates and times it has availability so maybe there was a reason why The Crazy Bear chose this time.

We ordered some prawn crackers of course, which were so delicious and the sweet chilli sauce was incredible!

To start we had the sharing platter which is £12.95 per person so in total it cost £25.90. The selection was nice but we were slightly let down by the size of the platter, it was tiny and defiantly wasn’t what we expected!

Our favourite dish of the night was the tune and avocado sushi! It was so so tasty and so fresh! We wish we ordered a couple more of these to sample- so if you visit these are a must!

For main we got some sticky rice which was really sticky and so delicious we could have had another portion! To go with it we also had the lamb chop curry which was a dry curry.

For dessert we ordered the passion fruit and mango knickerbocker glory and the salted butter caramel both of which we enjoyed and gobbled up very quickly.

The staff at The Crazy Bear were incredibly helpful and very welcoming, we really enjoyed our evening.

After your meal you will also receive an email if you have opted in to leave a review. If you leave a review you could win £25 first table credit if you write the best review of the week!

We have recommended this website to so many of our friends and family who are also going to make the most of it! I mean who can say no to 50% off a meal!

Maison Talbooth Breakfast

Breakfast as you well know if our favourite meal of the day! We always get so excited for a hotel breakfast, it’s always such a treat. We are definitely those people who think going to sleep is just a countdown to breakfast.

The breakfast at Maison Talbooth was from 7:00-9:30am, we were so busy taking photos that we lost track of time and almost missed it that would have been a disaster.

Breakfast is served in The Garden which is located just off of the main lounge. The Garden Room has beautiful views of the garden, we were super lucky with the weather it was cold and so frosty.

We ordered a couple of pots of coffee which were fabulous and really warmed us up after being outside in the freezing cold all morning!

To start with we tried some of Maison Talbooth in-house granola and muesli and we can report that is was delicious, There was a mixture of dried fruit and lots of chopped nuts which gave it so much flavour. We would 100% buy it from the shops!

Rach tried the mini yoghurt and fruit compote that was served in a mini jar and had a sprinkling of granola on top. This was also delicious and the perfect start to our feast.

There was a selection of fresh pastries, croissants and bread, which we did of course try (I mean you kind of have to when you are writing a review right?) In fact we didn’t just try the fresh bread we basically finished it off Whoops!

There was a menu to choose hot food from with so so much choice that we found it really hard to pick!

Annie opted for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was so delicious! They were so generous and I actually couldn’t finish it… shocker!

Rach was an annoying customer, but the lovely staff did not mind at all! As Rach doesn’t like eggs she went for the chilli avocado on toast with smoked salmon, it would so tasty I would definitely recommend!

As you can probably already tell we absolutely LOVED the breakfast at Maison Talbooth. Oh and we must mention that if you don’t fancy heading down to the garden room for breakfast you can it served to your room!

Pho Restaurant Review

We jumped at the chance of visiting Pho for dinner, Rach visited Vietnam back in December 2017 and ever since then has always loved eating Vietnamese food (I mean doesn’t everyone).

We visited the Spitalfields branch which is located just a 10 minute walk walk Liverpool Street. We arrived at 19:30 and the place was buzzing. From the outside and at first glance this Pho looks relatively small, but actually it surprised us with how big the restaurant was. They have a large seating area upstairs which we had a nosey at when we went to the toilets.

The manager introduced herself to us and told us that we were welcome to try whatever we liked on the menu, as asked her her recommendations like we always do and of course went with a couple of them.

Rach ordered the Nojita to drink which was on their specials menu. This drink was muddled lime and mint, homemade lemonade & soda, shaken and served over crushed ice, garnished with fresh mint. Her eyes said it all when she tried her first sip she was in Nojito heaven!

I ordered a …. which was so refreshing and not too sweet. I would definitely order it again and would recommend you do as well if you visit Pho.

To start we ordered the Spicy Salad Rolls which were three carb-free pure veggie rolls tied together with a carrot ribbon from their new healthy menu. These were so bright and colour and well healthy! They were really delicious were full of lots of bright and colourful vegetables.

We also ordered the Nem Hai San which was a Large crispy spring roll consisting of tiger prawn, crab & pork with nước chấm dipping sauce which were INCREDIBLE! We could have eaten these all over again! If you order a starter when you visit Pho then you have to choose these we really couldn’t recommend them enough.

The third and final starter we ordered was fried squid which was also really tasty. The waitress came over and told us to mix the lime juice with the salt and pepper as it is a total game changer.

Main courses for us were easy, we knew we wanted a rice dish and the curry just sounded out of this world. I went for the chicken Ca-Ri curry and Rach ordered the same but had prawn instead. They really are not stingy on the chicken and prawn portions and we must say the prawns were ginormous! Rice is served on the side which we also tucked into but actually didn’t manage to finish (that must be a first).

We had a peep at the dessert menu but to be honest we were absolutely stuffed we couldn’t even think about eating anything else! We did spy the green tea ice cream though that sounded really tasty, we would have tried that had I had room oh and the chocolate slab!

Toilet review: They were very clean! You will find them upstairs!

The staff at this Pho were to attentive and really helpful. We cannot thank them enough for helping us have the most perfect evening.

By the time we were ready to leave the restaurant had emptied out a lot, what with it being the city you would kind of expect that as it was gone 9pm.

Staying at Maison Talbooth

Maison Talbooth is located in the village of Dedham about 20 minutes from Colchester. The hotel has 12 rooms in total so a small hotel where you are treated like royalty! As there are few guests it means the staff are able to be very attentive and make you feel like the only guest staying there.

On arrival when we were in our taxi in the car park, the hotel looks more like a grand house, we walked up the grand stairs that lead to the main entrance. The 5* treatment began as soon as we entered the door, the staff opened the main door for us and greeted us with a warm smile we were totally wowed by the main lounge area.

The hallway has a grand piano, the most comfiest seats and and warming fire. Afternoon tea is served daily at 2pm in the lounge it was in full swing when we arrived and looked very cosy and inviting. Through the main room you go to the garden room, where there are more tables for afternoon tea and that is also where breakfast is served.

The rooms are spread over two floors, our room (Shelley) was located on the first floor and had windows with the most stunning views. The rooms are named afters famous writers including Shakespeare, Keats & Eliot. 

The room we were in was a deluxe room, it had a large and VERY comfy bed with a gorgeous faux fur throw and super squishy pillows. We could have stayed in bed all day!

The mini bar had complimentary soft drinks including coke, apple juice & still or sparkling water. There was also an array of teas and hot chocolate. The room also had an amazing coffee machine with different types of pods to make the perfect coffee for yourself. If you needed milk you just had to call reception and they brought you up some milk (very promptly might we add!) 

There were dressing gowns and slippers which we of course took full advantage of. They also had a fabulous hair dryer that dried our hair very quickly we were so impressed.

The bathroom was ginormous with a huge free standing bath in the middle, shower and the other usual facilities.

There was also shampoo, conditioner and body lotion from Aromatherapy Associates, which we have to say smelt incredible!

We couldn’t stop saying how cosy the room was and we really wish we had a couple more nights! We had a perfect nights sleep and loved how dark the room was a night.

The hotel also has in house spa treatments which they had pre-booked for us for 4pm. The spa treatment rooms were on the first floor, so we could literally walk straight out the room and be ready for our massages. The staff at the spa were super friendly and made us feel welcome and comfortable. We had the option of having separate treatment rooms or sharing a room which was nice of them to offer! The spa offers many different treatments from, full body massage, facial, manicure or pedicure. 

The hotel also has the cutest pool house with an outdoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Of course we made use of the jacuzzi it was so lovely and warm! Even though the swimming pool is heated at Maison Talbooth we were not quite brave enough!

You need a code to enter the gated pool house area and then once you are in you have full access to the facilities including a lovely chill out room, outdoor fire, showers and changing rooms. There was an honesty bar which is a very trusting thing! You can help yourself to any soft drinks or alcohol and then fill in a slip with what you have taken. Tea and coffee however are complimentary.

For dinner the hotel offers a complimentary Maison Talbotth car to take you to Le Talbooth restaurant which is 900m away. As soon as you let the staff know they organise the car right away. The car itself was impressive, a lovely BMW with heated seats and screens too!

The general manager Evan, who was such a nice man and amazing at his job, took us to the restaurant. He also gave us a little history on the restaurant and explained how it was used for the horses who pulled the boat along the canal to stop off for a rest or some food! The building was simply stunning with beams and low ceilings inside. We have written a separate post all about the restaurant but we shall just say here how delicious the food was and how nice the staff were too! 

When we returned to our room after dinner we noticed our bed had been turned down! We thought this was super cute and a lovely touch, we did have a chuckle though as we had things all over our room, life of a blogger hey!

Breakfast is served from 7am-9:30am and it is served as we previously mentioned in the garden room. There was plenty to choose from and of course we had to write a separate post all about breakfast (it is our favourite meal of the day after all!)

Maison Talbooth has such beautiful grounds, we woke up extra early on Sunday morning to take some pictures. It was the perfect morning it was so frosty and the sun was still rising!

The Maison Talbooth is the most luscious boutique hotel and would be the perfect getaway for a celebration, romantic weekend away or an escape to the countryside. 

We also love the fact that you can hire out the entire Maison Talbooth hotel, if you want a ‘house party’ or for a hen do! The hotel sleeps 24 guests so its perfect for a massive celebration. To hire for the house party costs approx £193 per person which includes, dinner, afternoon tea and breakfast. To hire for a hen do costs £300 per person which includes afternoon tea, 30 min spa treatment, unlimited Prosecco, dinner & breakfast. Both of these options you also get full access to all the facilities; the swimming pool, tennis courts etc. 

Mansions Talbooth can be booked via the Britain’s Finest website.

Thank you so much Maison Talbooth for having us stay, we had the dreamiest weekend and loved every minute of it!

We were gifted a one nights stay

Le Talbooth restaurant

Le Talbooth is the restaurant associated with the Maison Talbooth hotel. All guests staying at the Maison Talbooth are able to book dinner at the Le Talbooth and get a complimentary car to take them to and from the restaurant. The restaurant is only 900m away from the hotel but it feels nice to be taken out for dinner!

Le Talbooth is located overlooking the River Stour, we only saw it in the dark but we can imagine it is truly stunning when the sun is shining. They have received many awards due to their great food & service and we cannot say we are surprised!

The restaurant is VERY popular so you will need to book in advance. We noticed that the waiters new some of the customers by their name, we got the impression that lots of them were regulars at Le Talbooth.

The restaurant is gorgeous on the outside and the inside for that matter, with beams and low ceilings that make it super cosy.

We decided to have a drink at the bar before sitting down to dinner, we sat in the cute snug area which had a roaring fire and comfy seats. We both went for a Hendricks gin & tonic served in gorgeous glasses and had a slice of cucumber, ice and tonic. There was so much to choose from, so many different gins, wines, champagne and plenty of other spirits some of which we had never heard of! There sure is something for everyone!

We also ordered our food and wine whilst sat here, although we would suggest waiting until at your table to order your food so you don’t feel rushed and can enjoy your time at the table more. We decided to go for three courses, because why not! 

We decided to share a bottle of red wine with our meal we went for the house red which cost £22.50 this was definitely one of the cheapest wines on the menu, we did see one for £1671! We loved the glasses, you really cannot beat a huge wine glass!

The menu had lots of variety and it was hard to pick from the starters as we liked the sound of quite a lot of them! In the end Rach went for the Smoked Duck and Goose Liver Terrine, it was served with apple and vanilla jelly, candied hazelnuts and toasted brioche. The dish was served so beautiful and the attention to detail was perfection.

Annie went for the Poached Native Lobster with Claw Spring Roll. This was served with sweet corn, bacon and spring onions. This dish was SO delicious and I wanted to eat it all over again! When it arrived it was covered in a white foam which isn’t something either of us had seen before!

The waitress also served us a plate of bread and butter which of course we demolished! The butter was super buttery, our favourite!

For main, this was not a hard choice at all as we both knew we HAD to go for the chateaubriand steak which was for two people. This came with dauphinoise potatoes, greens, shallots, madeira jus and béarnaise sauce. We asked for the steak to be medium rare and to us it was cooked to perfection and we both agreed was the nicest steak we have ever eaten.

The waitress carved the steak in front of you, and dished up the potatoes and vegetables. We were then asked if we wanted the sauce and how much. We both opted for both of the sauces and loved the béarnaise so much we asked for more. Instead of just giving us another spoonful each they gave us the entire dish to share – we were in béarnaise heaven!!!

Again for dessert, there were so many options but we both had to go for the chocolate fondant. This was served with apricot ice cream, poached pears, and white chocolate & rosemary foam. The flavour combinations of these dessert were out of this world! The combination of the incredible melt in the middle chocolate cake, with the citrus/fruity ice cream, mixed with white chocolate and rosemary just married up perfectly and we both couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was! It was the perfect way to end the dinner.

We also love looking at what everyone else had ordered and can hands down say that all the food that was served looked exquisite, the presentation was amazing and it all looked so yummy.

After dinner we asked to go back to the bar to finish our wine and the staff were more than happy for us to do this and took our wine and glasses over for us! 

We also noticed the dessert plate that was served if it was your birthday! It looked so delicious and we kind of wished it was one of our birthdays!

As you can imagine the toilets at Le Talbooth were amazing and SO clean!

We honestly cannot rate this restaurant enough. The food was some of the best food we have ever eaten, we were totally blown away! The staff were unbelievably attentive and great at their jobs. If you are ever in the area or staying in Maison Talbooth then you MUST make a visit!

Panzerotto Blues Tooting Market

Want to sample the only panzerotto in London….. well you might not even know what it is, so let us tell you first and then we are sure you will want to try it too!

Panzerotto is similar to a calzone that is probably the best way to describe what it looks like but let us tell you it is NOT a calzone and Panzerotte Blues make sure you know this too….. look at these signs and you will agree!

It is basically a sourdough pizza base with a filling of your choice that is folded over then deep fried. Now you may think oh wow its fried, its going to be really greasy, well you are wrong, it isn’t greasy at all, in fact its super crispy and light and we are converted!

We were lucky enough to meet the owner and founder who chatted to us and told us the process of it and also told us little stories about the Panzerotto!

Now, we have told you a little about the panzerotto you now want to know where it is! Head to Tooting Market in, you guessed it Tooting and you will find Panzerotto Blues, you order from thier little kiosk and can either sit at the seats they have along the wall or on the main communcal seats in the middle of the market. They also sell them at Greenwich market, so make sure you head down there as well (Monday – Friday only!)

Rachel went for the Margherita panzerotto which was absolutely delicious! The panzerotto was both filling and light! We didn’t feel overly full but we were also 100% satisfied! Annie ordered their best selling panzerotto which was the Panz Jungle- mushrooms, spinach, goats cheese and a sprinkle of chilli flakes giving it that extra kick!

The Margherita was £5.50 and the Panz Jungle was £6.35 which we think is very decent for a market stall lunch, especially when it’s so fresh and cooked in front of you!

Di Dinette Wroclaw Brunch

Now if you want a brunch place to visit when in Wroclaw, you must visit Di Dinette. It is simply delicious. Brunch seems to be such a big thing in Wroclaw, similar to any other city these days! Brunch really is taking off and Wroclaw did not disappoint. You can check out about Wroclaw Brunch post here.

We soon realised when arriving in Wroclaw how cheap it was and its crazy that an entire brunch for 2 of us cost the same amount as 1 dish back in London!

We both opted for a coffee (of course) Annie went for an americano and Rach had a cappucino. We both also decided to order a ‘cocktail’ as they called them, which was basically a smoothie. For the smoothies they all sound great, but we chose the Mangolinas and the Pink Rosemary which were sooo delicious! We reckon you would be very happy with any of the smoothies off the menu.

For the food we had to go for the waffles and the pancakes as the pictures of them on Instagram looked great!

The waffles were served with a generous portion of bacon and 2 bright orange fried eggs (the sign of a good egg!), it was all drizzled in maple syrup, it was utterly delicious and so so filling!

The pancakes came with seasonal fruit, although we didn’t think that nectarines and mangos are in season in winter. There were 4 pancakes in the stack and the super fluffy pancakes were drizzled in maple syrup. The pancakes came with these amazing cinnamon apples and we wished they just came with these, and lots of them!

The atmosphere is great, with people coming and going and there are plenty of tables. However by the time we had left there was a queue for people wanting their brunch fix!

We actually loved Dinette so much that we visited twice! On the Sunday we ordered two new dishes! Annie opted for the Moroccan eggs and Rach had the bacon and avocado toast!

The Moroccan eggs were delicious it was avocado, 2 poached eggs and hummus but I also added extra bacon! Would definitely recommend this dish it was so delicious.

The avocado and bacon on toast was more like a toastie, we thought it would be placed on top of a slice of toast but instead it was grilled into a toasted sandwich. It was delicious but Rach would more recommend as a lunch dish instead of brunch!

Rach also tried a new smoothie which was the pomarango, it was banana, mango, orange juice and mint and it was really refreshing.

Brunch price Breakdown: Pancakes 21 Waffles 21 Americano Cappuccino Smoothie – Total = 95 zloty including service which is roughly £19

Our bill on the Sunday was cheaper as we didn’t order any coffee! It came to roughly £16 so again another bargain.

If you are in are in Wroclaw you have got to visit, the dinner menu also sounds incredible! So if we return we will be trying it out for sure.

Chelsea Creperie

We have FINALLY visited the Chelsea Creperie! It might have taken us two attempts because we were being ditzy and went to the wrong place last time lol! That’s the last time I (Annie) does the directions, think Rach can take on that role from now on she does a far better job.

We visited the Creperie on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm, making sure we missed the lunch time rush. The creperie is located just a 15 minute walk from both Fulham Broadway and South Kennsington Station.

Upon arrival the waiter asked us if we would like to try one of their rainbow lattes and of course we said we would. When they arrived they were green and orange on top!

We sat in a little booth that was full of Nutella cushions, very cute! And it was the perfect spot for us to get some work done and also have a good old catch up!

We both looked at the menu and there were so many options to choose from! In the end I went for a Nutella crepe (of course) with raspberries and salted caramel ice cream! It was so delicious and the crepe was perfectly cooked.

Rach went for the Amazing Apple it was served on a cute heart plate and was your typical crepe! It was a parcel that was stuffed with delicious cooked apples, salted caramel sauce and a serving of salted caramel icing (Rach swapped this as the menu said it was vanilla) it was sooo delicious and the apples were just incredible!

There were also lots of savoury crepres in the menu which also sounded delicious and had we not already had lunch we probably would have opted for one of them (you know we love the share).

They also had a number of waffles to try and had it not of been a creperie we definitely would have tried a waffle as we LOVE them!

All in all Chelsea Creperie was super cute and the food was delicious! If you are in the area and fancy a crepe then we would definitely recommend!

Panini Durini Milan Coffee Shop

We came across Panini Durini on Instagram before we visited Milan. The coffee cups they use caught our eye and we knew straight away that we would have to visit (anything for that Instagram shot right?).

We walked into the city on our first day and headed straight to the Duomo di Milano There were so many pigeons flying around (people hand out bird feed) that we left pretty swiftly as Rach has a fear of birds! We decided it was time for a morning coffee, we googled mapped Panini Durini (what would we do without google maps) and we realised it was just a 5 minute walk from the Duomo di Milano so we headed there!

It was such a cute coffee shop and the coffee was SO cheap! We actually couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the price of our coffees, they were just 2 euros 60! WOW we wouldnt even be able to get one coffee for that price in the U.K!

We didn’t actually realise that Panini Durini was a chain, we kept coming across them throughout Milan and since coming back we have done a bit of research! There are a total of 18 coffee shops in Milano, we didn’t see them all but once we had spotted a couple we kept seeing them!

Panini Durini reminded us of Gails, it is a chain but is isn’t nearly as big as some of the other high street chains.

They sell Panini’s of course, which looked absolutely delicious, we didnt try them as it was the morning and we hadn’t long had breakfast!

Rach went for a cappuccino with Soya Milk which cost 1 euro 50 and Annie had an Americano which was just 1 euro 10 cent! Remember if you order a ‘cafe’ in Italy you will be given an espresso!

We asked the lady behind the counter for one of each of the cups as we wanted to photograph both of them LOL! We loved the one that said ‘I drink good coffee’! The tropical cup was also really pretty so we had to get a shot of both of them of course!

We sat outside as it was a lovely fresh November morning, but there was also plenty of seating inside.

If you visit Milian we would definitely recommend you visit Panini Durini, the coffee is cheap and the taste is absolutely delicious… what more could you want?