Follow Your Heart, have you ever thought about moving abroad?

Travelling, exploring and seeing new parts of the world as a tourist is one thing, but have you ever visited somewhere and thought I really want to live here!? But then doubt comes into your mind because you don’t know where to start with the process and you are scared. Whether the idea you have it for a few months a pendant move or just an extended holiday the idea can be incredibly daunting.

Rachel moved to America one summer and also lived in Australia for a couple of months. With careful preparation it is possible and it is less daunting than you think once you have everything you need in place.

Below are some of the essential steps you might need to consider taking before making your move abroad to make sure it is as stress free as possible.

As soon as you think of going abroad, start to put money away into a high-interest savings account. The more you can set aside each month, the better. You may be planning to work once you get to your destination country, but you will still need some savings. Make a list of all the things you’ll need to fund before you start earning – there are visa applications, the cost of flights and other transport, international shipments, potential medical costs. And of course you’ll need somewhere to stay. And while you may be searching to find that hdb rental price on an apartment you like, you’ll also need somewhere to stay immediately.

You should do some research on the cost of living and the average rent price so that you can come up with a monthly budget plan to guide your way while you find your feet. If you can manage to have six months of costs saved up it is likely to be less stressful! You will then have the luxury of a little more choice rather than having to rush into things from a cost perspective.

The last thing you want to do is get to the final weeks before departure, only to find that you needed to renew your passport. Some countries have a legal requirement that you need at least six months validity on your passport after your final travel date, so check carefully to make sure that you meet this requirement and if not, leave plenty of time to renew and get your documents back.

Rules and regulations around visas can vary massively from country to country, so make sure that you understand what they are in your chosen destination. The best place to start is by visiting the government website for the country you’re planning to live in. There should be a section of advice for travellers and immigrants that will explain what the visa requirements are and what documents you need. Destinations such as the United States may also require you to make a separate appointment to submit biometric information – such as fingerprints and a photograph. Know in advance and you can make the right arrangements.

Much like visa arrangements, healthcare provision is very different from country to country, so make sure that you understand how it works at your destination and also that you have appropriate arrangements in place to cover you. We don’t like to think about accidents that can happen or becoming ill but these things do happen! If you have healthcare insurance now, it’s worth asking your provider about policies and provisions they can offer overseas.

If you are planning on moving away for a long period of time and setting up a home in your new destination it might be worth shipping some of your belongings overseas. If like us where most of your belongings are clothes then you might be lucky enough to be able to leave some of them back home (especially if you still live with your family). There is of course also the option of selling some of your belongings which could also be another way of raising some funds! There are so many platforms where you can sell your belongings including eBay and Gumtree as well as a Facebook local selling pages.

We have always been advised to keep our current bank account so we can maintain a good credit score in our native country. Research banks in the destination you are travelling to so you can check out the requirements before arriving and trying to open a bank account.