Why A Camping Trip Is Good For Your Soul

Recently we went camping, okay so we didn’t go full on camping we went glamping but you know what we were in the wilderness, we woke up to the sounds of the birds and it felt fantastic.

We always used to camp when we were younger, we used to go away with the brownies and guides and had such a great time cooking on the campfire. When we were older we did the Duke of Edinburgh and that was a completely different experience but we still loved it!

Camping is one of the best ways to explore the UK and see what it has to offer It can also be far cheaper as well! Just make sure you load up on on camping supplies, pack the tent and get going.


Getting back to nature means getting away from it all, and that can be a really valuable thing in today’s fast paced world. Why not just enjoy your surroundings, turn off your phone and log off the social feeds sometimes a digital detox is just what you need. In fact, research by the Camping and Caravanning Club found that 93% of regular campers said it made them happier people!


As camping is something that people of all ages can do, it can be a great way to spend some quality time with family or friends. The focus on conversation and time together is invaluable, don’t forget to pack some games!


Going on a camping trip can actually help the many of us who experience issues with insomnia and sleeplessness. Research has found that camping can help to reset our circadian rhythms– the hormonal patterns that dictate when we feel sleepy and awake. It has a balancing effect that counters our increasing use of artificial light and blue-light emitting devices that are known to disrupt the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Getting enough good quality sleep has a huge range of health benefits.


Working out in the great outdoors is a fantastic boost to your mental and physical wellbeing, and camping trips are ideal for combining with other types of exercise.Hiking is one of our favourite forms of exercise and it’s great because you get to explore your surroundings as well. Plus, doing all this outside ups your body’s exposure to daylight, which results in greater Vitamin D production. This has many upsides, from improving your mood to giving you stronger bones.

Combining a brilliant way to explore the UK with all these other benefits means your next trip should definitely be in a tent. From the stunning coastlines of Cornwall to the beautiful wilderness of the Scotland there are so many diverse areas to explore and get to know a little better.