Moving House Is Expensive

Oh my gosh moving house can be so stressful and to top it off really EXPENSIVE! There are so many hidden costs that we came across that completely emptied our bank accounts! Below are some of our top tips that will help you when you move:

Save save save- always try and save a little bit of money each month as you never know when you might need it! Even just saving £20 a month can help! Why not get a money tin and fill it up with any lose change you have! After a night out of you have any money left in your purse you could always pop that in!

Free Activities/ Eating Out- do you find yourself spending a lot of money going out or eating out at restaurants? Why don’t you cut down on eating out/takeaways if this is something you do on a regular basis! You will be so surprised how much you manage to save. Another great way to save money is by making a pack lunch for work!

Borrow from family- If you have family that can lend you money then that is a great bonus. You can pay them back over time once you are settled and in your new place. Obviously we realise not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to do this.

Work over time (if you can)- If you work at a job that offers overtime then why not pick up a couple of extra shifts! Obviously don’t work yourself too hard, but a few extra hours will definitely help.

Get your previous deposit back- if you have moved out of rented accommodation then make sure you get your deposit back! Pay for professional cleaners as well (we love Fantastic Services) they are so fab! Land lords can be hard work and some of them will try and not give you your deposit back if they are not happy with the place.

Last resort- There are obviously other ways you can borrow money, which we obviously don’t recommend you doing all of the time, but if you need some extra cash that you know you can pay back within a month then why not have a look at cash lady.

Good luck with the move, it will be worth it when you are in your beautiful new home!

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