Gleddoch Hotel, Spa & Golf Review in Glasgow

Gleddoch Hotel is a gorgeous hotel that is located just a 15 minute drive from Glasgow airport.Gleddoch Golf Club is the home of two golf clubs both a ladies and men’s golf club. It seemed like a very popular golf course, there were lots of people playing during our stay.

The old house had stunning views of the river Clyde and Ben Lomond and certainly makes for the perfect getaway. The main house is home to ‘The Residences’ and then up the hill and towards the back are the rest of the standard rooms in a more modern looking building.

The Residences are a collection of simply stunning rooms all with their own unique charm and character. As the rooms are in an old manor house all are ever slightly different and quirky shapes and sizes.

We were taken to the Bridal suite which was amazing, the jacuzzi in the enclave by the window was to die for and we can see why it is so popular for newlyweds. There was the main bedroom and then a lounge area with a plush sofa and a tv screen.

We were then also taken to another room which had a gorgeous 4 poster bed with views of the river to wake up too- not a bad way to start your day if you ask us!

The part of the hotel we stayed in was bigger than the residences and there were plenty of rooms, we were lucky enough to have a view of the river and it was so nice to wake up to the view in the morning.

We had a twin family room which had 2 HUGE beds which were extremely comfy and very generous with the pillows, 4 on each bed in fact!

One thing we did notice which for us is really important is the amount of plug sockets (in accessible locations) and full length mirrors. They had definitely thought out the layout of the room and put sockets in all the right places!

The bathroom was the perfect size and it had a large shower with two shower heads (which was perfect if you only wanted a body shower). The shower products they provided were Elemis and smelt delightful!

We also enjoyed waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee with the coffee they provided. There were also Borders biscuits which made for the perfect afternoon snack. The water provided was in glass bottles and all they asked was that you left the bottles in the room as they recycle them.

We had breakfast included in our night stay which was served from 8am until 10:30am. We arrived at around 9am and we were shown to a table. Unfortunately the terrace area was not open otherwise we would have opted to have sat outside as it was a nice morning.

The breakfast was a buffet there was a selection of hot and cold options that we were able to help ourselves to. There was also a menu that you could order dishes such as eggs Benedict or pancakes off of.

We both started with a bowl of fresh fruit (watermelon & pineapple) before moving onto a full English. We tried haggis for the first time and surprisingly liked it, we actually thought it tasted like a steak and ale pie!

There was fresh bread and pastries as well so we made sure we had some toast and jam to finish off our breakfast! There was of course cold meats, cheeses and a selection of cereals as well.

The hotel also boasts a spa which we will be posting about separately. You can also enjoy a 18 Hole golf course, but as we aren’t really golfers we didn’t experience this!

The hotel also has a gym which was really good considering it is a hotel gym. It was really well equipped and had everything we needed. There was no one else in there either which is always a bonus. The gym opening hours are 8am-8pm at the weekends.

There are several bars and lounge areas at Gleddoch house. They have a gin and whiskey bar and also a chill out lounge that had beautiful yellow leather chairs in!

The ladies at reception handed us a goody bag for our journey which consisted of a packet of crisps, bottle of water, apple & some biscuits which was really sweet!

We had such a fabulous time at Gleddoch, the hotel was lush and was the perfect way to start our weekend away in Glasgow! We would highly recommend!