Boxing Day Love

Boxing day used to be a day of rest in our house, we would be getting over the Christmas excitement and playing with all our new toys. The afternoon would consist of watching lots of films on the TV and enjoying the left over turkey. That was until my Dad decided to take up Morris Dancing as a hobby!

Every year his dancing troop meet at a pub in a little village nearby called Sarratt. Sarratt is so beautiful if you haven’t been then I would really recommend you take a dive, there are plenty of circular walks you can do and a selection of pubs to end in. There is a pub there called The Cricketers and the dancing starts outside at 12:30pm. Lots of our family and friends turn up to watch and its just another excuse to enjoy a mulled wine or two. Every year we are so lucky with the weather, the sun is always shining and by the end of it no one can feel their toes!

Once the dancing has finished all the family comes back to our house where we will have a big old feast! Which usually includes cold turkey,  bubble and squeak, pork pies, cheese and basically anything else my mum has decided to cook. Its safe to say on the 27th December there is always so many leftovers in our fridge (definitely not complaining about that!).

I absolutely love this tradition and sometimes I look forward to it even more than Christmas day, nothing beats a day with the family; eating, drinking and being merry!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day and Boxing day resting up and enjoying time with the people you love.