Livia’s Kitchen Blueberry Porridge Squares

When we came across Livia’s Kitchen Blueberry Porridge Squares we knew we had to make them. If you read this blog regularly or follow any of our other social media platforms you will know we are obsessed with porridge, so of course we were going to jump at the chance of making these delicious sweet treats.

The blueberry porridge squares only contain 5 ingredients all of which are healthy and nutritious (and you are most likely to have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard which is a bonus and makes the recipe inexpensive). They took us less than 5 minutes to prepare and cooking time was between 15-20 minutes. There are lots of other porridge square recipes on Livia’s kitchen and we are certainly going to be testing them out, the Cacao & banana ones look divine.

The squares would be perfect to have for breakfast if you are in a rush or as a mid morning of afternoon snack enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee. We were going away for the weekend to Sheffield so thought they would be the perfect car snack for the 2 ½ hour drive.

You can find the recipe here

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