What I eat in a day 

We love reading blogs and watching on you tube what I eat in a day videos. It’s great for new recipe ideas. You have to be careful not to compare what you eat in a day however, compared to what someone else eats in a day. Make sure you eat the diet and quantity of food that works for you. What works for someone else may not work well for you and that’s okay!

There is so much information out there these days it is almost impossible to know what is the truth. Should I be eating carbs after 6, is sugar the enemy, will protein make me lean, are super foods really that much better than other grains? The questions are endless! But the truth is the best thing to do is to listen to your own body.

No food is bad in small quantities, if you want some chocolate have some chocolate it’s not going to kill you! We have never really understood ‘cheat’ or ‘treat’ days, instead you should eat a well balanced diet and instead incorporate those ‘bad’ meals into your diet by making them slightly healthier a good way to start would be to make your food by scratch.


Scrambled  egg with pepper seasoning

1 cooked tomato


5 almonds

3 prunes


Green salad with falafel and balsamic vinegar

Afternoon snack 

5 strawberries


Cod cooked in a spicy tomato lentil sauce

Green beans


Drinks throughout the day 

Coffee first thing in the morning

Salted caramel green tea-throughout the day (so blooming good)

Ice cold water- throughout the day

Hot water with lemon in the evening before bed

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We had researched this beautiful island and were told it was the european version of the Seychelles, beautiful white sandy beaches on a secluded island. Now we’ve never been to the Seychelles but we can tell you this island is simply stunning.

We enjoyed an hour and a half boat trip to the island, which was lovely in itself. Sailing along the coast of Ibiza and stopping at 3 places to pick up more passengers was a fun adventure whilst enjoying the breeze from being at sea and topping up the tan.

We arrived to the port and headed straight of the boat to the bike shop to rent some bikes for the day. We were initially told it was 10 euros each, but we knew from research we could get it cheaper so we walked away. This worked and the man said we could have them for 6 euros each – which is what we had seen online! We hired 3 bikes and off we went.

Formentera is designed for bikes and all we had to do was follow a line drawn on the road and that was our route sorted. We headed north and to the famous beach of Playa de Ses Illetes along a dirt track, obviously taking lots of selfies as we went, we even tackled cycling whilst holding a selfie stick – its thats not multitasking what is?!

We chilled on the beach and had a cheeky dip in the sea (it was cold!). We were starting to feel peckish so tucked into our sandwiches that we had made (cough stole!) from breakfast!

After this it was back on the bikes with the intention of heading to Es Pujols the next village along the coast…… Now it wouldn’t be a trip with us three without a bit of drama, we were minding our own business and cycling along the road back from the beach when a taxi was letting its passengers out. Annabel was cycling in the front and thought the taxi was pulling out, she swerved to avoid and and next minute limbs are everywhere and she is crashing to the floor! She stands up quickly and dragging the bike along the gravel goes over to the taxi man to give him a piece of her mind! The poor passengers were so confused and bewildered not knowing what to do!

Anyway, its time to get back on the bikes and continue with the ride, however the back wheel doesn’t move, the hub cap thing has moved and the wheel is stuck underneath it and the breaks have also moved and are locking the wheel in a strange place. Now just imagine, three girls looking at a bike not knowing what to do. We are shoving the wheel and trying to move parts of the bike to free the wheel with no luck.

Luckily a lovely Spanish man helped us fix the bike, well I say fix he managed to unlock the break so the wheel could move again.  We thought it would be best to stop off at the bike shop and swap the bike before we carried on our adventure.

Next up we decided to cycle where we intended on going, although it would be a 6km ride due to the slight incident ! The route to the beautiful little village called Es Pujols was stunning, we saw so many salt lakes which were shimmering pink in the sunshine. The sun was scorching hot and we needed some shade asap. As soon as we arrived at the village we stopped off at a little cafe and ordered three iced coffee.

The boat was leaving to get back to Ibiza at 5:15 and it was already 3 o’clock so we had a quick walk around the village snapping away on our cameras and browsing in the local shops. If we were to stay on the island we all agreed we would definitely choose Es Pujols as it was a lot quieter and the beach was absolutely stunning, not to mention the variety of shops and restaurants, there ever appeared to be a club!!

We had a down hill cycle on the way home which was lush. When we were nearly back we stopped off at one of the salt lakes because we has been fascinated by them all day. The salt marsh looked incredible and was an incredible dusty pink. Even though there were signs telling you not to trespass we quickly picked up a teeny bit of salt to smell and taste – rebels!

We gave the bikes back and still have just under an hour until the boat. We wandered the super expensive market and then this amazing ice cream shop caught our attention and we just had to try it. The concept was ice cream that had been set in a ice lolly shape. The ice lolly was then dipped in melted chocolate and then covered in a topping of your choice and frozen instantly. It was so cool and super tasty too. There were lots of flavours to choose from including, pistachio, yoghurt, banana and chocolate. The ice cream could be covered in cookies, nuts or fruit.

It was finally time to get back on our boat and enjoy the breezy journey back to Es Canar. Whilst on board we treated ourselves to a corona each. This was an experience in itself where the staff member carved a slice of lemon out and then proceeded to shake our corona bottles – it was all very odd, but of course we managed to capture the whole thing on video.

Formentera is such a stunning island and we would love to return. It would be great to spend a long weekend on the island exploring everything it has to offer. Maybe one day when we are rich we could even take our yacht to the beautiful island, although we would need to make sure our yacht had a slide!

Homemade Lemon Ice Tea 

There is nothing more refreshing than a homemade lemon ice tea. It always takes me back to being on family holidays when I was younger where I used to drink Liptons ice tea all day everyday.

This recipe is super easy and most of the ingredients you are likely to have already. Let us know what you think!


1 tea bag

1 cup hot water

3 lemon slices

Ice cubes


Place your tea bag in a mug

Pour boiling water into the mug and let the tea brew.

Remove the tea bag and place the tea in the fridge or allow to cool on the side.

Whilst your tea is cooling slice up your lemon.

Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass and put the ices cubes on top.

Pour the cold tea into the glass.

Stir and enjoy

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Escaping the British weather- Ibiza 

The British summer will begin tomorrow, it has to right? This is what we kept on telling ourselves for several weeks until quite frankly we felt like a record stuck on repeat. That’s it we are going on holiday!

We didn’t really mind where we went as long as it was hot and sunny, because what else do you need on holiday? We did a bit of research and it looked like Ibiza would be the perfect destination. We booked to go for five days and we decided to stay in a little town called Es Cana as far away from San Antonio as possible.

Booking last minute holidays is great! We literally had 3 weeks to wait until we were boarding the plane and getting the hell out of here. We were planning and researching what we could do when in Ibiza as we wanted to make sure the five days we had there were the best five days ever.

The hotel we stayed in was all inclusive and for the price we paid it was dam good! It was not your usual hotel building instead we were staying in little bungalows. The complex we were staying at was called ‘Club Punta Arabi’ and it felt like a little village.

The hotel was not luxury but it was very clean and the location was great. The menu for lunch and dinner changed daily which was great and there was always so much choice. The snack bar only served food like chips and burger which is something we left feedback on.

For the majority of the time we lounged around the pool drinking iced coffee and Sangria. It was great and we didn’t want the holiday to come to an end. The view from the swimming pool was utterly BEAUTIFUL, it over looked the sea what more could you ask for?

One day we decided to go on a boat trip over to the island Formentera- blog post to follow. If you ever get the chance to visit you must GO!

Ocean Beach club was the only day we ventured over to San Antonia, we had heard good things about it and wanted at least one day were we could dress up and drink champagne. It was amazing and luck was definitely on our side that day!

We chilled, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we cried, we tanned but most importantly we had the most amazing time EVER. We cannot wait for our next adventure. Where are we going next?

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Brighton Birthday Bash 

Rachels Birthday was back in April and we decided to organise a birthday treat for her. We decided a day trip to Britghton would be PERFECT. We have not been back to Brighton since our Christmas shopping day in December so it was definitely time for us to take a trip down there.

We all love Brighton there is something about it that is just so calming. Rachel didn’t know much about the plan she just knew we were spending the day there. We thought a picnic on the beach would be amazing, we spent hours on Pinterest and Instagram researching recipe ideas. We had it all planned the shopping list had been written and then we checked the weather forecast…. TYPICAL BRITISH WEATHER the forecast was rain and cloud.

Plan B it was! (keep reading to find out). We got to London for about 9:45 and got on the train down to Brighton, transport connections to Brighton are so good it only took us an hour. We arrived just after 11 and headed straight towards the North Lanes.

By now it was definitely coffee o’clock, there are so many independent cute coffee shops in Brighton we were spoilt for choice. This was good though because it meant we could scan the food counters for lunch later on. Once the coffee had been drunk we continued to wonder through the lanes stopping off along the way.

We stopped off at BlueBird Tea Co and purchased some of their delicious lose tea leaves. This time Rachel went for strawberry jelly with cream and Sangria they both smelt delicious.

We stopped for lunch at about 1 o’clock and decided to try the ‘Flour Pot Bakery’. We had heard/read some good reviews about this bakery so decided it was a must. The sandwiches were literally amazing. We ordered a selection of Chicken, Chorizo and cheese Ciabatta and a Pastrami, Gherkin and cheese focaccia. There were a number of sandwiches to choose from and they all looked incredible so if you are in the area we really recommend.

The interior inside ‘The Flour Pot Bakery’ was also really warm and welcoming. They had some really quirky ideas for example all cold drinks were kept in a sink instead of a fridge.

One of the main reasons to go to Brighton is to see the sea and we had not yet been down to the sea front. On our way we stopped off to get some handmade ice cream from ‘Boho Gelato’ which was probably the best idea we had all day. There were a number of flavours to choose from and we noticed some said ‘experimental’ the man behind the counter said they were flavour they were testing to see how well they sell before they make them permanent flavour.

Flavour Examples: Salted Caramel with Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Caramel, Espresso, Sour Cherry, Chocolate- Dairy Free, Chocolate, Carrot Cake- Experimental, Gin- Experimental, Mint etc.

We made our way down to the sea front dodging the seagulls on the way, can’t have those pesky things stealing our delicious ice cream! We wandered along the seafront and obviously had to get the selfie stick out – cue the million and one photos!

We then headed into the centre for a spot of shopping, with Berksha being the firm favourite – we all treated ourselves to an outfit or two for our upcoming holiday – post to follow!

We got the train home at 6pm back to London and then home sweet home. Getting to Brighton by train is super easy and we would highly recommend it for a super fun day out and its very cheap too!


Jammy Dodger Smilies

As much as we love running, exercising and eating healthy, it also good to treat yourself once in  a while. What better way to do so by baking, so here are is one of our recent delights!

Jammy Dodger Smilies:

These are so simple yet look so effective, a shortbread biscuit with buttercream and strawberry jam filling using some cutters from Lakeland.


  • 300g plain flour
  • 200g butter, cold
  • 100g icing sugar
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 egg yolk


  • 250g icing sugar, sifted
  • 80g unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 25ml whole milk
  • a couple of drops of vanilla extract

In a large bowl, rub the cold butter and flour together with your hands until you have a bowl of fine crumbs. Sift in the icing sugar and mix with a wooden spoon until it’s just combined – don’t over-mix it or else it won’t hold it’s shape when it’s baked.

Add in the egg yolk and vanilla and mix until a dough forms – it’ll be a smooth, fairly firm dough that’s slightly sticky to the touch. Place the ball of dough on top of a piece of clingfilm, sandwich with another piece and roll the dough out between the two until flat. Chill the slab of dough in the fridge for 30 minutes and it’ll harden up.

Roll the dough to 1cm thick on a heavily floured surface – this shortbread dough can be sticky, so try to work quickly, keeping it as cool as possible. Using your fluted circle cutter, cut as many rounds as you can, remember to cut both ‘fronts’ and ‘backs’ for each biscuit. The fronts will have your shape/letters cut from the dough, and the backs will be left plain.

Using your shaped cutters, quickly and carefully cut your messages or shapes from the dough. Transfer the cut cookies onto the baking sheet and chill again for 20 minutes. While it chills heat your oven to 170°C/350°F/gas mark 3-4.

Place your biscuits in the oven and bake for 7-10 mins, until they start to just turn golden brown. Set them aside to cool.

To make the buttercream beat the icing sugar and butter together in a freestanding electric mixer with a paddle attachment (or use a handheld electric whisk) on medium-slow speed until the mixture comes together and is well mixed.

Turn the mixer down to slow speed. Combine the milk and vanilla extract in a separate bowl, then add to the butter mixture a couple of tablespoons at a time. Once all the milk has been incorporated, turn the mixer up to high speed. Continue beating until the frosting is light and fluffy, at least 5 minutes. The longer the frosting is beaten, the fluffier and lighter it becomes.

Using a pallet knife on the ‘backs’ spread a generous layer of the butter cream, on the ‘fronts’ the strawberry jam/preserve. Then stick together to make your biscuit sandwich.