Fitness for free!

Fitness is something we really enjoy, whether this involves running, Metafit, Boxercise, Bike Rides, Weight training, Spinning or even a Sunday morning walk in the countryside. We have always been active and enjoyed getting out and about enjoying the fresh air (whatever the weather). It probably helps that where we live there is fields all around so we have no excuse and also nothing beats a bit of fresh air!



Working in London means that we are only a stow throw away from lots of different exercise classes and some of these are even free! Recently we attended a HIIT session with Nike in Westfield White City. It was a really good class and the fitness instructor’s energy was contagious. Arriving at the Nike Store in White City we didn’t really know what to expect, the Brand Ambassadors were there to welcome us and ticked our names off on the registers. We assumed the fitness session would take place in the store but in fact it took place in Westfield’s Car Park (ha-ha), this was probably a good thing as it was nice and cold down there which was perfect. I would really recommend the Nike FREE classes they are a great way to keep fit for free and they even give you a complimentary bottle of Smart water.



We recently came across PHIIT on Instagram, a new boutique gym that has recently opened in West Kensington. We noticed that they were letting people sign up to try their new classes. We decided to sign up for ‘Killer legs, ass & abs’ on Monday 30th November. It was a great way to round off a manic Monday! The class was great fun and the instructor had loads of energy and really pushed us to the limit.

British military fitness 


‘Oh they must be newbies, they have bottles of water! Girls go back to the car get rid of your water and take off your jumpers because you are not going to need them and then you can come back and talk to me.’ Oh my god what have we let ourselves in for was exactly the thought going through our minds. We could have just got back in the car and driven off but no we decided we CAN and WILL do this.

Let me explain British Military fitness (BMF) hold fitness classes outside (whatever the weather). All of the instructors have Military backgrounds and the idea is that they help people of all shapes and sizes become fitter and healthier.  As you can imagine we felt slightly nervous when we turned up in the Car Park of Cassiobury Park in Watford because we really didn’t know what to expect.

The Warm up involved everyone running around in one big circle and the instructor gradually introduced different exercises like Lunges, Squats, star jumps and their own version of tag (when you got caught you had to do 10 press ups). The rest of the class was diverse and stimulating, we worked out in pairs as a group and on our own. The hour literally flew by and by the end of it we really did feel like we had worked out HARD! (We definitely looked like we had we were covered in mud from head to toe).

Next stop will be sweaty Betty- they offer such a wide variety of free exercise classes in many different locations.


Remember Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive!