The Star Inn, Ashton Under Hill Review

We love exploring the UK countryside and going on mini breaks in our home country. The Cotswolds are a beautiful part of Great Britain, the most beautiful walks, stunning countryside and also amazing food.

We recently stayed in a cottage in Ashton Under Hill, which is very close to Evesham. The cottage was opposite The Star Inn. We could not have asked for a better location for the cottage being located opposite the cutest nicest pub. Being able to drink and literally walk 30 seconds home was pretty epic!

We would recommend this pub if you are staying nearby, or want to do a walk around Bredon Hill. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is fab. The staff are super friendly and relaxed.

There is also lots of outside seating for the summer and kids play area too so we can imagine when its a hot summers day it can get pretty busy.

Sunday Roast
The Sunday roast was INCREDIBLE, I don’t think we can rave about this enough. There are lots of meats to choose from, pork, lamb, beef or chicken, or for £2 extra you can have the mixed meat roast. This is what we went for and it was well worth it.

Each guest is given a plate with meat, roast potatoes, new potatoes, roast parsnips, stuffing balls, pigs in blankets, the crispiest Yorkshire pudding and covered in gravy. Vegetables are given to the whole table to share: carrots, broccoli, green beans, cabbage AND cauliflower cheese. They also provide more jugs of gravy too! There is just SO much food, no one will go hungry!

There is also lots of choice for dessert, the afogato is the perfect end to the meal. However the bakewell sponge is also amazing. For chocolate lovers there are plenty of chocolate puddings to choose from too.

Monday quiz
We attending the Monday evening quiz which was an interesting experience. The quiz was basically full of locals but they made us feel so welcome! The host was brilliant and made sure we knew what we were doing too and kept checking up on us. However the questions were SO hard and we were very useless and lost the entire thing! We still had fun none the less. It costs £1 per person to enter. Afterwards they bring out sandwiches and chips for everyone to enjoy.

This is like Dominos two for Tuesdays only a billion and one times better. Buy one main course and get one free – how epic is that. There is a small menu to choose from but its excellent value. We recommend you book in high season.

There are soooo many different gins to choose from and they come in a massive goblet just how we like it. We would love to return to sample them all! The staff take great pride in making the gins too which is lovely.

If you are ever in the area we suggest you pop into this traditional pub or why not do a walk in the area and stop off half way round or after your long walk, you wont regret it!

5 UK Cities We Want to Visit in 2018

We do love to write about the places we have visited, but this time, we thought we would write a post about the cities we want to visit in the UK. City breaks are great because you can go away for a long weekend, and it can feel like you have been away for ages.


We have wanted to visit York for a while not only to see the beautiful cobbled streets but also to visit Betty’s. Of course, with us, it’s always food-related, but Betty’s Tea Rooms are famous in York, plus the food looks divine. However, we would be torn whether to go for brunch in the morning or for tea and cake in the afternoon because they both look so yummy — guess we could go for both.

We would also like to walk down The Shambles, which is the maze of twisting lanes that we have seen in lots of pictures. Of course, we would also visit the famous York Minister, which is the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.


Canterbury is only an hour’s train ride away from London so it’s easily accessible and a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of London.

Someone recommended we do a walking tour that takes 90 minutes, so we would definitely take part in that. We often go on walking tours when visiting a new city as firstly, we love walking, and secondly, it’s a great way to see all the city and learn about it. The tours leave twice a day, so you’ll be able to join one of them!


We stumbled across a blog post about Manchester once, and ever since then, we have wanted to visit! It seems like there is so much to do there, and it is so easy for us to get to Manchester from London!  We would start our day with a run through Heaton Park like we do with any trip we go on!

We would head down to the quays at night to grab some dinner along the waterfront. We feel like when in Manchester, you have to do something football-related, so we would do a football stadium tour.


Newcastle is another city in the north of the UK, and although it may be famous for that crazy TV show called Geordie Shore, it’s also a City we would love to visit!  Newcastle sure does have a crazy night out (including a treble vodka mixer for £5), but there’s much more to the city than that. We would  choose to walk over the Tyne Bridge, as we feel like that is a must if you ever visit Newcastle.


We have only ever heard good things about Edinburgh, so a visit will definitely be on the cards for 2018. As you probably already know, we love walking, so this would be the perfect city break, as we could visit Arthur’s Seat and challenge ourselves to climb the main mountain in Edinburgh. It wouldn’t be a trip to Edinburgh without a visit to the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Have we left any cities off our list that you think we should visit? We would love to hear your recommendations; there are so many beautiful cities in the UK that we need to explore.