App’s we use to edit photos

We love taking photos what blogger doesn’t right? We snap away all the time our camera roll is full of random snaps mostly consisting of food, coffee, fitness and travel are you surprised? One of our favourite parts of taking photos is editing them afterwards, we have so much fun editing our photos it can really bring the photo to life.

Taking photos can be frustrating and sometimes it just doesn’t go your way, nothing seems to work and your creativity is just not up to scratch. We hate these days and often just end up giving up and starting afresh the following day.

Taking and editing photos can be a long task we set aside days where we just have photoshoot after photoshoot changing outfits as we go constantly snapping away. We will then dedicate time to editing the photos making sure we have enough photos to post on Instagram, we are currently posting two a day.

Sometimes we will post a photo on Instagram, stare and it over and over again and decide no this photo just isn’t right and just doesn’t fit with our theme or it might fit with the theme but it is just a crap photo. People that only run a personal Instagram account don’t always get why we are so selective over the pictures we choose to post but the quality of the photo is so important on Instagram now days.

We only use three apps when editing our photos which we will go into more detail about below:

Instagram- Of course Instagram is going to be one of the apps we use when editing our photos. This is usually the last app we will use just before posting the photo. If we choose to use an Instagram filter we will always choose the filter ‘Aden’. It is by far our favourite filter and makes any photo look completely magical. It’s very rare we use any other filter on Instagram they just don’t match up to Aden.

Afterlight- This was the first app we ever purchased and swore by it for so many years. We do still use it today mainly for cropping, rotating and changing the brightness/contrast of a photo. Although it isn’t our favourite editing app at the moment we still use it on a regular basis and would definitely recommend it.

VSCO- This is the latest app we have started using, at the beginning of October we were completely obsessed with Zoella’s Instagram it was so beautiful and enough to get anyone in the autumn spirit. We saw on Twitter that she used this app so after having downloaded it a few months before and never using it we decided to give it a go. We absolutely love it and it is the app we are currently obsessed with. The only downside to this app is the fact you need an internet connection to use it.

We always try to use the same filter when editing our photos to ensure our photos fit well together on our Instagram grid. Although we don’t follow a strict theme we do like our grid look aesthetically pleasing.

During the autumn months we decided to have a pop of orange in the majority of our photos and always used the VSCO P5 filter on our photos. This filter didn’t fit on all photos so sometimes we went for C1 and Aden on Instagram but we always cross checked the photos to check that they fitted well together- you can see an example of our Instagram below.

insta shot.png

How to juggle a blog with a full time job 

When we are not working at our day jobs we spend the rest of the time blogging. 95% of our weekends have something blog related going on and it’s very rare we ever stop working on our blog. We have a to do list that just seems to grow which is great but it can also become very overwhelming. We are lucky we have each other to talk to and discuss what our priorities are for that week.

If you are also juggling a full time job with a blog which lets be honest is basically a full time job as well, then you might be interested in our top tips below! These basically help us get our shit together instead of having a mini breakdown halfway through the week!


Write a to do list- we don’t know where we would be without our to do lists. It’s impossible to remember everything you have to do unless you write it down. We each have a to do list we work off of in hope that if one of us has forgotten something the other has remembered.

Write an Instagram schedule- at the begging of the week we write an Instagram schedule on the sort of photo we want to post whether that is fitness, coffee, breakfast etc. We don’t write the exact photo as sometimes we haven’t even taken it yet but it just saves us time during the week as it is one less thing to worry about.

Put time aside at the weekends- schedule in some blogging evenings and weekends so you can work on your blog without feeling rushed. We love our blogging days and evenings they are always so much fun and we always end up having so much content by the end of the weekend.

Work through your lunch break- we regularly work through our lunch breaks, this can include going to the shops to buy props, ingredients or new active wear. We also plan what we are going to bake so we constantly scroll through Pinterest looking for inspiration for our weekend baking sessions.

Wake up earlier/ go to bed later- we are early birds and love getting up early in the mornings and recently we have been meeting up at the gym to film workout videos for our YouTube channel. We love getting into bed early at night but we definitely make the most of the evenings when we get in from work before bedtime.

Communication is so key especially if you work on a blog with someone else. We are constantly talking to each other about the blog, we always wonder what we did before the blog came along!

Getting the recognition you deserve- if you work with a brand or a brand have contacted you you should ask yourself whether or not the content you produce will be worth your time and efforts. We are after all working on our days off and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t work your day job free of charge or without getting some sort of recognition.

Utilise your commute by joining a Twitter chat, commenting on Instagram photos, replying to emails, writing blog posts on the notes section of your phone, buffer tweets and the list could go on and on!

Make the most of the good weather and get outside! If you know the weather is going to be lush at the weekend then try your hardest to get outside. We have met up early in the morning on a Saturday just to fit a photo shoot in as we had other plans for the rest of the weekend.

Don’t stress when your blog has to take a back seat, although this is probably the last thing you want sometimes it has too.

Use scheduling apps to keep on top of social media, we recommend Buffer or Hoot Suite but would love to know if you have other recommendations. We schedule our tweets on Buffer and it means we can continue to promote our blog throughout the day on twitter. We don’t pay for the app yet, so can only schedule 10 at a time but means we can have a tweet promoting a post at lunchtime when we are at work or in the afternoon.

Blog about what you love and it will never feel like work! 

January Favourites

Well that is the first month of 2017 done and dusted! We have had the most amazing month. Rachel had the trip of a life time exploring Cambodia and Vietnam and Annie completed her first 10 mile trail run.We have had a great time and also had super productive blogging days yay!

We also hosted our first twitter chat last weekend, which was so much fun. We cannot wait to host another one, it was so fast paced and manic but we got the hang of it. Our topic was juggling full time work and the blog its nice to know lots of other bloggers are doing it as well!

You can find our January Favourites below, let us know what you have been loving this month! 

Metafit- We have re found our love for metafit. We started back at our metafit class this January and we absolutely love it. Its 30 minutes of HIIT Training and trust us when we say you will be red faced and feeling the burn by the end of the class. We will be writing a full blog post on this soon so watch this space.

Peanut butter Porridge- We have loved putting Peanut butter in our porridge this month, it has been our go to breakfast especially in the cold winter mornings. It makes the porridge so creamy and just bloomin delicious. Once we have cooked the porridge we put a teaspoon (large) into the porridge and stir in well. The peanut butters we have loved this month are Funky Nut Company, Proper Nutty and also the M&S Smooth Peanut butter (it’s not as healthy as the others but tastes SO good).

MUA Makeup- This is a slightly unusual favourite for us as we don’t really experiment or spend much time and money on make-up but one lunch time we were browsing the make-up isles in Superdrug and saw that MUA (the cheap brand in Superdrug) have a Luxe matte lipstick range.  We decided to give it a go and it was literally amazing! The lipstick stayed on our lips ALL DAY! We were so impressed and will definitely be trying more colours!

Instagram Stories- This January decided to start using Instagram Stories, we don’t actually know why we never used them before. We both have our own Snapchat account that we post on but we have never used it for Three Brits. It is safe to say we are absolutely loving them and we will definitely be continuing.

Primark active wear- WOW they have really impressed us with their active wear this January. In December we went into Primark hoping to get some new running tops and the selection was awful we left straight away. This January however, we first noticed their amazing collection over on Instagram (Which by the way everyone should follow its amazing). We headed to the store as soon as we could and picked up so many bits! Its so affordable and actually lasts.

Wonder what February has in store for us, we cannot wait to see!

October Favourites

We cannot believe we are writing October favourites already, it only seems like yesterday we were writing September’s post. To be honest even though this month seems to have flown by we have visited Normandy and Sheffield so its been an exciting month. However some favourites this month are below:

Aussie Bodies- We visited the Lorna Jane active day where they were giving out free samples of the Aussie Bodies Mini ProteinFX Bar, Salted Caramel flavoured . We sampled them and they tasted delicious, sometimes we find that protein products aren’t that great, are high in sugar and leave a horrible after taste. These however are delicious and we have already spied that you can buy them from Boots – we may be stocking up on these and also trying the other flavours – Chocolate Fudge, Rocky Road, Toffee Crisp, Peanut Butter Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry

Jordans Lighter Granola- We recently tweeted a picture of these on our Instagram and we cannot stop raving about this. Rachel doesn’t like nuts and has been hunting for ages for a granola that doesn’t have nuts in (most of them at a minimum will have desiccated coconut). It was a nice surprise when we came across this granola and is tastes delicious. It is perfect for breakfast with some greek yoghurt. There are two flavours to choose from; Strawberry & Blueberry and Raspberry & Apple. So far we have tried the Strawberry & Blueberry one but once finished will try the Raspberry Apple one. As much as we love porridge it’s nice to mix breakfast up a bit and this is a great alternative.


Bomber Jackets- Bomber jackets are all the rage and we cannot get enough of them. They are so versatile and go with anything, you can wear them casual and also glam them up. There are so many bomber jackets around but we have spied some we love in Primark.

Primark Instagram- This leads us nicely onto the Primark Instagram account which we are loving recently. There is so much cool stuff on there and we want it all. We actually have found us screen shotting stuff from their page and then going to the shops and buying it. Some of our faves off their Instagram that we have purchased recently can be seen below 🙂

The Apprentice- The Apprentice is back and we love to hate it. We have been cringing on our sofas every Thursday night watching the candidates make complete idiots of themselves whilst arguing with each other. It’s a guilty pleasure for sure, but we can’t decide if we love it or hate it, but we still continue to watch it! Who do you think will win? At the moment they are all looking pretty useless and no one really stands out yet – we will have to wait and see!

Bake Off- Oh no…..! This month sees the end to Bake Off as we know it! It’s never going to be the same again is it – we hope you enjoyed the last ever episode, were you pleased with who won, was Candice the deserved winner. She did completely nail the final didn’t she! I wonder what will happen with all the bakers now? Wednesday’s will not be the same without Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue.

Zanna Van Dijk- We have been following Zanna on all her social media platforms for a while now and we just can’t get enough. The reason why we have decided to include her in our October favourites is because she has been posting some AMAZING content recently. Zanna is currently travelling (Bali, Malaysia, Cambodia & Vietnam) and has been posting all sorts on her social media including the best places to eat, workouts, what I eat in a day and much more. Zanna is so honest in all that she posts which really is a breath of fresh air.

Livia’s Kitchen- we really wanted to bake a quick, healthy and delicious snack that didn’t need 100’s of ingredients (which most healthy snacks do). We first came across Livia’s kitchen on Deliciously Ella’s website as a guest recipe. Straight away we headed over to Livia’s website and found so many delicious recipes. So far we have made the Blueberry Porridge squares and we have added many more to our ‘what we want to bake’ list.

Now thats all for our October Fave’s, we have had a very fun month indeed! Now Halloween is over we can star getting ready for Christmas right?! We cannot wait to see what November and December will bring!