December To Do List

Is anyone else obsessed with writing to do lists? We have one master copy to do list but then we also seem to have so many other daily to do lists flying around reminding us of all the work we have to do. We have therefore decided to document our December to do list (mostly fun things).

Life can get so busy especially in December that sometimes we forget to just stop and take a look back at everything we wanted to do, so we thought if we document it we have to do it right?

What is on your December to do list? We would love to know as always!

Blogmas- We are so excited to be taking part in Blogmas again this year, we loved it last year but it does mean our to list has grown and Blogmas has justified its own to do list.

Baking everything Christmas related- We love baking all things seasonal especially at Christmas time! We spend our lives on Pinterest gathering all the inspiration we need to get in the kitchen and make the house smell like sugar and spice.

Attend a carol concert- This is one of our favourite things to do at Christmas time and last year we didn’t get round to going to a carol concert together.

Drink copious amounts of Mulled Wine- Need we say more? We love mulled wine and we even made our own last year which was incredible.

Watch endless Christmas films- Snuggled on the sofa with the fire on, hot chocolate in hand wrapped in a blanket our idea of heaven.

Winter walks- Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time inside, get outside and explore the countryside.

Eat all the advent calendars- Chocolate for breakfast? Errrr yes please!

Put up the Christmas tree and outside lights- A tradition that will never end!

Wear tacky Christmas jumpers- If you see two girls wearing identical tacky Christmas jumpers walking around you can probably assume that is us.

Watching and take part in Vlogmas- We will be taking part in Vlogmas for the first time this year, we won’t be Vlogging everyday but we will try and film as often as possible. Watching Vlogmas is one of our favourite things to do we always catch up on it in the gym when we are doing some cardio.

Spend time with friends & Family- December is the month were everyone makes the effort to see family and friends and we absolutely love it.

Buy Christmas presents- Thankfully we have already started (super organised this year) but we still have a few more bits to get!

BLOGMAS Day 23 – DIY Gingerbread House


One afternoon in November we found ourselves in IKEA browsing the Christmas department when we happened to come across a Gingerbread house. IKEA had a beautifully decorated house on display and immediately we knew we had to make our own.

We have so many memories of making gingerbread houses when we were younger! In fact we didn’t make them our parents did and most of the time they ended up in a collapsed heap on the kitchen table.

The gingerbread house from IKEA was only £2.50 and tastes just like biscoff. We knew on buying the decorations we had to head straight for the royal icing as this was our only hope that the house would be a success. With a lot of perseverance and copious amounts of icing our gingerbread house stood strong for the first time ever.

We decided to decorate our house with Jelly tots, Strawberry laces and Smarties. We found that the lighter the sweet the easier if was to stick on the house so we would definitely suggest using Jelly tots or something similar.

This is such a fun thing to do with kids around Christmas time, and maybe a fun activity to calm down all the excitement on Christmas Eve, something to keep them occupied for at least half an hour!!

We had so much fun and will definitely be making  this a new tradition maybe next year we will brave it and make our own gingerbread….


PRE BLOGMAS – Our favourite alternative Advent calendars

The best part of Christmas is the build up and counting down to 25th December. The advent calendar tradition comes from when the Christians used to light candles to countdown the days until Christmas. The tradition has been modernised starting with standard advent calendars, moving onto chocolate ones and now theres an even bigger variety to choose from. From advent calendars for your pets, to tea ones, lego ones and makeup calendars too. We have scouted around and found our favourite alternative and someone unusual advent calendars that you can get your mits on this advent!

My Protein My Protein have created an advert calendar with chocolates with added whey protein. The chocolates have more protein than carbohydrates in them, and no artificial sweeteners of ingredients. The calendar is great to ensuring you are getting that extra protein in your diet on a daily basis, ideal for those fitnesses lovers (like ourselves) that enjoy My Protein products.

Holland & Barrett The guys at Holland and Barrett have created a vegan, dairy free and organic chocolate advent calendar which is suitable for all! This advent calendar is great as it ensures that no one misses out on the excitement of advent.

Yankee Candle  If you want to a avoid a food advent calendar altogether then why not treat yourself to a yankee candle advent calendar. Who does not love a candle or too, and we cannot resist Yankee candles which smell absolutely amazing. We love the fact that they have developed an advent calendar. What is even better is that this £24.99 calendar comes with festive smelling candles getting you in the mood for Christmas day by day!

Oliver Bonas– In writing this blog we have come across the best discovery ever, an Oliver Bonas advent calendar! We both work near an Oliver Bonas and can find ourselves browsing the store often on our lunch breaks. This advent calendar looks super cute and we love the design!

Kiss Cosmetic We love our bargains and are firm favourites of bargain value stores and love that Wilko A have created a great alternative advent calendar that anyone can afford. This advent calendar comes with 24 cosmetic treats from their Kiss Cosmetic range, and at only £5 this is an absolute steal!

Bluebird Tea– We first discovered Bluebird tea last Christmas on a visit to Brighton. The Bluebird tea shop can be found on the lanes and has such great variety of teas. They come up with some great, unique flavours and of course Christmas flavours too. We love that they have created a tea advent calendar and this will go down a treat with tea lovers like ourselves! However get them quick at their 3rd and final batch is selling fast!

Gin Foundry  Gin Foundry have created Ginvent! We love it and oh wow, all those meme’s you see of those advent calendars with a bottle of wine a day has sort of come true! Imagine our delight when we can across this gin advent calendar. We both love a good gin and tonic so this advent calendar was a great surprise! The advent calendar can be bought from Amazon but will set you back £129.95! Eeeek!

Smiggle-Smiggle is such a cool and quirky shop and you never know what delights you will find here. Although prominently a card shop they also sent stationery and gifts. We have one close to work ad its a great shop to go to when you do not know what to buy someone as a gift. The Smiggle advent calendar looks magical with lots of stationery items, you even have a chance of winning £250 in Smiggle vouchers.

Eat your greens! Ha, this one has to be the funniest of the bunch (from notonthehighstreet)! Many people do not like brussel sprouts but they are one of the highlights of Christmas, we just love em. Why don’t you treat yourself to this comical advent calendar with chocolate brussel sprouts! Santa will be impressed that you ate your greens!

Accessorize– 24 colour of Christmas with this Accessorize nail polish advent calendar. What a treat having 24 colours to choose from on Christmas day! Of course this calendar has all festive colours from sparkly red to shiny silver.

However we will still be enjoying a chocolate filled advent calendar too! The countdown to Christmas is on and we cannot wait!  Oh how we love this time of year!!