What’s In Our Gym Bag 


We really enjoy watching ‘What’s in my bag’ YouTube videos so decided to write a ‘what’s in my gym bag’ blog post. Whether you are popping to the gym or heading to work we always like to carry some essentials with us as you never know when you might need them! Some of the items below we wouldn’t carry to the gym if we didn’t have any plans pre or post workout, instead we would go home and get ready for the day.

At the moment the gym bag Annie is currently using is a black Adidas rucksack and Rachel has a limited edition Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse bag. These rucksacks literally come everywhere with us, they are the perfect size and comfortable to wear.


Sweat Towel- One of the Boutique gyms we go to actually provides sweat towels which is great as you don’t have to pack your own, if your gym doesn’t provide sweat towels we would suggest bringing your own! There is something worse than using the blue paper towels some gyms provide.

Headphones- When working out alone whether this is running or the gym headphones are essential! Whether you use them to catch up on Youtube when on the treadmill or listen to music when lifting weights. When we work out together we don’t wear headphones as we have each other to talk to.

Water Bottle- It is so important to stay hydrated at the gym. Your ability to perform well will decline if you are dehydrated. Drinking water is essential if you want to get most out of your workout and feel good while you’re doing it. If you don’t drink enough water when working out you may experience dizziness, tiredness and muscle cramps.

Drying Towel- We tend to go to the gym before work and during our lunch break so it’s important we remember to pack a drying towel.

Spare Clothes- Spare clothes are essential if you go to the gym before work or if you have plans post workout.

Wash bag & Make up- Remember to pack make up remover and face wash so you can wash your face pre workout, there is nothing worse than sweating off your make up you have been wearing all day. Other items we like to pack in our wash bag are: Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel, Moisturiser and our makeup bag.

Protein Shaker- We like to carry a protein shaker in our bag so we can refuel. This isn’t something we carry in our bag all the time. We would have a protein shake after the gym if we have a while to wait for our next meal e.g. on the way to work pre breakfast.

We love the National Trust


We absolutely love the National Trust and we are not ashamed to admit it. Our friends think we are a bit mad but a Saturday spent at the National Trust going for a super long walk and maybe a visit to the cafe or pub too is our ideal Saturday!

We actually have a life members card which admits 2 people for free which makes our weekends spent at the NT even better as they are free so a cheap weekend for us! We have already written a post about our love for walking, but will highlight why we love it again. Walking is great cardio, its good to get out in the fresh air, we find it excellent therapy and of course its totally free!

I think the reason we love the NT so much is because there are so many different places for us to visit and explore and often there are many already planned walks for us to try out. Then we can end the walk and explore at either a NT cafe or a pub. The NT cafes are great, especially the homemade cakes!

We have decided to make it our new years resolution to visit lots of NT places in 2017 and write lots of posts about our visits. We also want to take lots of pictures on our visits and to show everyone how much fun a visit to the National Trust can be. So you can all look forward to lots of National Trust posts this year!

Why not check our their website and pick a place near you to visit, trust us you won’t regret it!

Running in your lunch break

We find running outside far more enjoyable than running on a treadmill. We have been running in the evenings for about a year now and really enjoy it.  A few months ago we decided to go for a run on our lunch break, this is something we had discussed for a while but had never actually got round to going. It’s a great way to fit in some cardio in if you don’t have time to go to the gym that day.

We put some time in our diaries at the beginning of the day, once your run is scheduled in you know you have dedicated that time to run. We get a one hour lunch break so decided to give ourselves 5 minutes to get changed, 30 minutes to run and 25 minutes to cool down, shower and eat lunch.

You could even invite your co-workers along with you so it becomes a social activity which could even lead to a work running club. Running with friends makes time go so much quicker and you will have completed the 3 miles before you know it.

It is so important to get some fresh air at lunch time and you will more than likely return back to your desk in a better mood, less stressed and ready to focus.

We have found it is important to work out a running route before you start the run to ensure you don’t waste time figuring out which way to go. We used map my run, which is really great and easy to use. If the route doesn’t work well for you after trying it out then think of a different route for next time it can be trial and error to begin with. For example running near Waterloo and Westminster (Particularly Southbank and Westminster Bridge) can be tricky at lunch time as it can become very overcrowded.

If you are trying to improve your speed then we would suggest running the same route so you can track how quickly you are running. Of course running the same route may quickly become boring so you could try mapping out a few runs and keeping track of your fastest times on each of these run. This way you will be able to keep track on whether you are maintaining your pace, speeding up or slowing down If you aren’t trying to improve your speed then why not try lots of different routes and get to know the local area a bit better, running is a great way of getting to know your surroundings as you can get to places a lot quicker than walking.

Another tip would be to prepare your lunch for work that day. You don’t want to waste time queuing up for lunch after your run, so make it the night before or buy it on your way into work. If you know you are running at lunch time then make sure you have prepared or purchased food that is going to refuel your body.

Happy Running.

Walking Workout

Walking its free and one of the easiest ways to get fit and become more active yet so many people HATE walking. As a society it has become too easy to get from A to B without using your legs. There are so many different types of transport these days it has resulted in us not having to walk.

Growing up our parents were all keen walkers, at the weekend we used to go on family walks which at the time we hated! We didn’t understand why our parents enjoyed walking and we certainly didn’t agree when they said ‘come on it will be fun’.

Now we go on walks all the time exploring new places whether this is in the beautiful countryside or exploring the streets of a bustling city. If we have the option of walking or using transport we will always choose walking.

A walking workout will help strengthen your heart and lungs whilst also toning your legs and bum (Bonus).  Walking is a great way to help maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your bones and muscles both of which are incredibly important.

Last year we each purchased a Fitbit so we could keep track of how many steps we were taking in a day, working in an office can reduce your daily step count dramatically so we wanted to make sure we met our daily target of 10,000 a day every day. The Apple Iphone also comes with a ‘Health’ app that will tell you how many steps you walked in a day.

Ways to make your walk more enjoyable

  1. arrange to meet your friend for a walk, this way you are less likely to cancel as you have made a commitment.
  2. Explore new places
  3. If you are walking on your own try listening to some music or a Podcast.
  4. Phone a friend and have a catch up (time will fly by)
  5. Pack some healthy snacks and water if you are going on a long walk.

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

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The Body Coach

We were having one of those days were we really didn’t want to go to the gym. The sun was shining and we wanted to make the most of the summer sunshine (good job we did it started to thunder and lightning soon after our workout). We had never tried a Body Coach workout before so decided to give it a go.

The Body Coach has a Youtube channel where he uploads live videos once a week. The HIIT session we did was 20 minutes long and oh my gosh it is an absolute killer. When Joe Wicks says you are going to sweat he really does mean it.

In the session we completed there were 5 rounds of 4 exercises, you do 30 seconds of work then you rest for 30 seconds. The exercises in the workout were; High knees with straight punches, Press ups, Squat jumps (imagine you are shooting a basket ball) and finally a Burpee with four mountain climbers.

We will definitely be going back for more!

After the session we refueled our bodies with a PHD Chocolate Peanut flavour protein shake.

5 Benefits of HIIT

1. It only takes 20 minutes; you can complete a HIIT session in the morning before work or even in your lunch break.

2. You will burn more fat during the session and after the session is complete. You will burn more calories in the 24 hours after the HIIT session.

3. No equipment is necessary.

4. It’s free and you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership.

5. You will always be able to challenge yourself no matter how fit you are.

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