Staying at The Bird, Bath

We had wanted to stay at this hotel for a while, their website is just so colourful and inviting and the hotel looked super quirky and cool, so we were super excited for our stay at The Bird.

The Bird, Bath has a carpark, so we arrived in the morning, parked up and decided to hire bikes for the day to explore Bath and the surrounding areas. We then returned in the afternoon to check in which is available from 3pm onwards. The reception is gorgeous, it has bright sofas and a super cool retro Smeg fridge with milk in your tea and coffee.

There is a also a sweetie station where you can get pic and mix so we were in our element, you should have seen our excitement when we spotted them!

We were taken to our room (room 7) by the lovely receptionist who informed us when breakfast was and that we needed to leave our keys at reception when leaving the hotel.

Room 7 was gorgeous, it had amazing views of Bath, a beautiful sofa which had an incredible pattern on it! It was as if they knew that we loved the colours mustard and grey! It also had a stunning chandelier and beautiful side lamps. We had a twin room but we imagine it would be used as a double as well.

We loved the double window in our room as it let in so much natural light, something that we love and often find you don’t always get in a hotel. We had a great view as well and enjoyed watching the sunset form our bed.

We had a large bathroom that was super clean! We love it when a hotel has good quality shampoo and conditioner and The Bird certainly does. The provide you with Aromatherapy products including; shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturiser.

There is a Nespresso machine in the room with the cutest espresso cups! There is also a selection of pods to choose from so you can have your favourite coffee. There was also the usual tea bags and biscuits to snack on!

Breakfast is served 7:30-10AM Monday to Friday & ?? at the weekend. Breakfast is served on the ground floor which you can access form the Reception. The breakfast room was simply lush with lots of cool decorations including feathers on the ceiling and other bird decorations dotted around oh and of course the wall paper had birds on it!

There is soooo much to choose form on the breakfast buffet including; fruit, cereal, croissants, yoghurt & granola. There are also the sweetest mini jugs of apple and orange juice which we loved.

Rach was happy as the granola didn’t have any nuts in it! She doesn’t like nuts and often cannot enjoy the delicious granolas on offer but at The Bird she could well and truly tuck in!

Tea, coffee and toast is brought to you table and then you can choose a hot item from the menu. Of course we opted for a jug of coffee, the best way to start the day!

Annie went for the scrambled eggs and salmon and Rach was awkward as ever and went for the Smashed Avo on Sourdough but changed the poached egg for smoked salmon. They were more than happy to change this for her. When we heard someone order an eggs benedict but instead of the eggs asked for a mushroom I knew I wasn’t alone (HAHA!)

The portion sizes were absolutely massive, they are so generous with the smoked salmon and avocado! We certainly left feeling very content, it was the best start to our morning!

There is also a conservatory area that was so bright, there were arm chairs that were super comfy, and it was the perfect settingto enjoy a coffee. Through the conservatory there is a garden that has recently opened. They are still currently getting it ready for summer!

The Bird was just as beautiful at night that we just had to take a snap when we returned from our evening meal.

We would highly recommend booking to stay at The Bird when in Baht, the location is superb, you are a little out of the centre so it’s nice and peaceful but it is only a short walk into the centre of Bath for all of the shops, bars and restaurants.

The staff are also great, they are so so so friendly and welcoming and do everything to ensure you have the best stay and leave feeling happy.

Honestly, we could not fault our stay and we cannot wait to return!

Learning a new Language

It’s weird because when we were at school we both HATED languages and detested having to take it for GSCE, needless to say we both never carried languages onto A-Levels!

However now we are both a little older, we kinda regret not persevering with languages and get a little jealous when we hear people that can speak more than one language. It really is such a great skill to have, its can improve job prospects, is a great hobby and makes life a little easier when travelling!


We came across Listen and Learn as we both thought we would love to learn a new language. The great thing about Listen and Learn is that you can do an intense course to learn French, Spanish, English, German, Portugese, Italian, Manderin Chinese, Arabic and a handful of others. Sessions can take place on the day of your choosing (even weekends, which is perfect for us as we work!) and whenever you want, whether it be morning, afternoon or evening.

If circumstances arise where your home or office is not available, the classes can be held at your trainer’s office. Resources for the lesson are provided for you which is great for us too as we don’t have a printer!

Or you can do the LL Survival Language training which is a super quick course before you go on vacation! In 14 hours you will have the skills you need to ensure you have no trouble communicating in typical situations whilst on holiday or making genera chit-chat. You also get a phrase book to help you when you arrive!


There are so many websites that will help you to learn another language! We were really impressed when we were having a browse on google! Mango languages looked great as did Future Learn!

So why not pick up a new hobby today and make sure you don’t get caught short whilst travelling! You will also be able to impress your friends/family/bf/gf with you new found skill too! Head to Listen and Learn to discover more!

Dukes Hotel Bath

Dukes Hotel is located just off Great Pulteney Street, just a stones throw away from the Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon where there are so many cute tea rooms and coffee shops.

Dukes hotel bath

The hotel is small and absolutely perfect for your stay in Bath, it feels like home away from home. In winter there’s a roaring fire in the main reception room along with a cheery grin and welcome from the staff on duty.

Dukes hotel bath

Dukes hotel bath After collecting your keys the staff will show you to your room. The hotel is 2 houses joined together so there’s 2 sets of stairs and you have to either use the stairs at the front or back to get up and down. The rooms are all named after Dukes (it’s called Dukes of Bath afterall!)

The room was spacious, we had a back room with a lovely view outside. We had requested a twin room and the staff were very accommodating in sorting this out for us.

The beds were super comfy and the curtains were blackout which was amazing and meant we slept the entire night through, something we sometimes struggle with when staying somewhere unfamiliar so this was incredibly dreamy!

Dukes hotel bath The morning lighting in our room was incredible we just had to take a couple of cheeky selfies!

The bathroom was a great size and it had a large bath tub, so if you like having a bath this is certainly a plus. We were given complimentary shampoo and body wash. When we asked the staff for another shampoo as we both needed to wash our hair they were more than happy give us another one.

There was complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits in the room. They were placed on a lovely white tray and displayed really nicely. We especially liked the mugs they were super cute and we wished we had them at home!

Breakfast is served in the basement in a really cute room. There is a small continental including; croissants, yoghurt, cereal, fruit and juices. You can also pick a hot dish off the main menu. There is lots to choose from including full English, pancakes, scrambled eggs and porridge.

Dukes hotel bath breakfast Of course we went for pancakes and it was the best decision as they were incredible, we could’ve eaten more!!! The pancakes were crepe batter but shaped like a scotch pancake which was a different touch! You got 3 little pots of toppings, natural yoghurt, seasonal fruit compote and maple syrup. Of course we had all 3 and it all went so well together and the maple syrup was yum!!!

Dukes hotel bath breakfast We stayed around valentines and something that we really loved was the little tea cosies they had on the table and inside was a chocolate orange, it really did make us smile, we wonder what else they do throughout the year for that little special touch!

Guests are also offered toast white, brown or mixed and we went for mixed which came on a cute toast rack. We enjoyed the toast with some salty butter YUM!

We also enjoyed a pot of coffee to share which was the perfect start to our morning! It was strong and delicious and was just the boost we needed after our morning run.

Dukes hotel bath breakfast There was also another lounge area in the basement which of course we had a nosey around! There was also a bar area so we can imagine this would be perfect in the evening before going out for dinner.

We had the most glorious time in Bath and our stay was made so perfect by the friendly staff at Dukes Hotel, a smile doesn’t cost a thing and the smiley staff made our day! Thank you to all the staff for our beautiful stay! 🙂

Dukes hotel bath

Wroclaw Foodie

After returning from Wroclaw we just had to write a post to showcase all the amazing food on offer here. Some of the places listed we have visited ourselves and you will be able to read separate reviews, others we just walked past and took a photo off because they looked lovely! We wish we had time/money/bellies big enough to sample all the restaurants and cafes but sadly we don’t. Therefore you guys will have to visit for us, and report back!


This place is famous for their cake and has definitely been designed especially for Instagram. The long counter as soon as you enter has some incredible cakes and then you can sit at marble tables. There is pink on the walls EVERYWHERE too! If you search them on Instagram you will see why it has become so popular!

PieRogi vegan

Pierogi is a famous polish dumpling and this places serves Polands traditional cuisine but vegan style. If you are a vegan but wanting to sample these traditional dumplings then you have to try out this restaurant!

FC Caffe

Located in the University area of Wroclaw and a good place to pop in for a coffee and also a cake if you are feeling peckish. The seating is bright and modern. They also cater for a variety of diets, gluten free, dairy free, vegan etc! Check out their Instagram!

Central Cafe

A brunch spot that is famous for their pancakes, however be warned everything is in polish so its kinda hard to read the menu! We did attempt to go here but got scared and went back to where we knew….. ooops! Also it was pretty dark inside so we didn’t think it would be great for photos!

Di Dinette

We stayed in Wroclaw for 2 nights and ate breakfast/brunch here on both the Saturday and Sunday morning. We just really liked the vibe, the staff were lovely and the menu had lots of choice. We have written a separate post all about out visits, which you can read here.

Targowa Craft Beer & Food

Located next door to the historic market hall, which you can read all about here, is this venue which has 16 taps all from Wroclaw and the surrounding areas. Targowa also serves food but it seems its the best place to go for a beer!

OK Wine Bar

Situated on the river this wine bar is very fancy and pretty pricey. However it looked super nice inside and the perfect place for a pre or post dinner glass of vino or two! If you check out their website, the pictures look glorious, especially in the summer!

Frytki + SOS

Basically this place serves french fries with all the different sauces. The smell coming from this place was delicious. You wouldn’t really be able to tell that this place was here as its basically just a window in a wall!! However in the evenings its a little more obvious as there is a queue!

Chimney Cake Bakery

Okay the sweet smell coming from this bakery was incredible. If we hadn’t have just stuffed our faces with pancakes then 100% we would’ve sampled one of these famous chimney cakes. They are basically pastry like things shaped like a chimney that you can then fill with cream. The famous one is the cinnamon one! We also love their motto ‘lifes to short to eat bad cakes’ and we couldn’t agree more!!


This place is a book shop stroke coffee shop and is the perfect place to sit and relax after a long day of exploring. The vibe here is super chilled and the coffee was delicious.

Bema Cafe

We sat in here for a couple of hours because we were so cold! The seats were super comfy and the staff didn’t mind us being there. It’s right by the main square so easy to find and the great spot for a coffee break.

Exciting And Inspiring Destinations To Visit This Year

If you love to explore the world often, like us, then it can be difficult to think of new places to see, although our list does keep getting longer and longer! If you have already managed to get through your “must see” list of travel destinations, we are very jealous because we are still working through ours!

That doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything though and we are sure there are plenty more places in the world left to see. There might be plenty of places you’ve not considered exploring.

We are going to share with you some of the exciting and inspiring destinations to visit this year. We are only just planning the destinations we want to visit this year, so thought we would share some with you too!

California, U.S.

One of the most exciting and inspiring destinations in the world is California. It’s not the only state in America to offer sunshine and soft sandy beaches, but it does offer a heap of amazing sights at the same time. For starters, Los Angeles is a brilliant city to explore. The streets of Hollywood are intriguing to see in person. We have been before and can confirm it is a bizarre place, but the Hollywood Hills are truly beautiful.

Make sure you check out the Griffith Observatory if you go up there, when hot it can be a bit of a trek so make sure you bring water but trust us it is worth it – not only is it an architectural wonder with intriguing space-theme exhibits inside but it offers magnificent views of the L.A. skyline, you can get that Instagram worthy picture of the views and also the famous Hollywood sign!

Of course, Los Angeles is only one city in this gigantic state. You should check out San Francisco too. The Golden Gate Bridge is even more impressive in person we recommend hiring bikes and cycling to the bridge and then over it to the other side. If you are feeling adventurous and want to make a day of it cycle all around the otherside of the bridge and take the ferry back home.

That isn’t the only thing to see in San Fran, we also suggest taking a ferry to Alcatraz Island. There’s a lot of fascinating history to uncover on the island, but it’s also a beautiful place. Also don’t forget to sample the famous chill or chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl – yum!

Queensland, Australia.

Australia is known for many things; incredible beaches, modern skylines, and vast open landscapes. Queensland offers all of these things.

The city of Brisbane is a particularly exciting place to visit, despite popular belief maybe people told me not to visit and how wrong were they! I loved Brisbane!

You should also check out the stunning Whitsunday Islands just off the coast of Queensland, probably the most stunning place I have visited thus far, the sea is simply stunning. There are plenty of professional tours that will take you around the islands. That’ll give you the opportunity to not only admire the stunning natural scenery and wildlife but also snorkel in some areas known only by experts and take walks along the beautiful beaches of these islands. You will see some stunning fish, including nemo (!!) and maybe even a turtle or two!

You might also want to try out ocean rafting because that’s particularly fun. It’s just one of many incredible things to do on a tour of the Whitsunday Islands, and that’s only a small part of what Queensland has to offer as a whole.

Tuscany, Italy.

The Italian region of Tuscany is one of the most popular places in the country, and there’s a good reason for this. Cuties such as Florence are absolutely stunning and very picturesque. If you do head to the capital then make sure you check out the San Lorenzo market for delicious fresh local food.

The Piazza del Duomo is also full of spectacular buildings and authentic Italian restaurants (you won’t find the likes of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut here, which we HATE seeing when on holiday).

Pisa is another city in central Tuscany that’s well worth visiting and I am actually headed back there this summer! Obviously, the leaning tower of Pisa is its primary draw, but you should also visit some of the beautiful palaces in this city. The Palazzo della Carovana is a palace in Knights’ Square, and it’s stunning.

So there you go that is a couple of places you should add to your travel bucket list! I (Rach) have visited all of the above and I can tell you they truly are spectacular!

Tower Apartments Wroclaw

When we visited Wroclaw we decided to book an apartment instead of a hotel. We always usually book a hotel when we go away as we love a hotel breakfast. We decided to mix things up a bit this time though as the breakfast cafe’s in Wroclaw looked insane!

We booked Tower Apartments on and it cost us nearly £82 for two nights, which we think is amazing value! The apartment was in such a good location, if was just a 10 minute walk into town and a 15 minute drive to the airport!

Tower Apartments were really helpful and booked us a taxi from the airport (first time ever having my name up on a sign at the airport, we felt special lol!). Check in closed at 11pm and they told us to keep them posted if we were going to be delayed.

The very polite and helpful receptionist helped us find the reception as the taxi driver dropped us off outside a random door, we thought we were going to be outside all night! We were given our keys and she directed us to our tower block.

The Apartments looked so nice online and when we opened the door to our apartment it didn’t disappoint! It was really spacious and we both said we would be happy if it was our own flat!

When we walked through the door we were in the living room, which had an L shaped sofa and a tv! It was really spacious and there was also a dining room table! The Built In wardrobes were also in the living room tucked away near the door!

The kitchen was a decent size and had everything you would expect to find in a holiday rental apartment! They did also provide tea and coffee which was great!

We bedroom was tucked away behind a wall! It was a good size and had a double bed taking up most of the space! We loved the view from the bedroom window as it looked out onto the river!

The bathroom had a shower, toilet and massive wash basin! We will say though that they did not provide any shower gel so make sure you bring your own (luckily we did) there is toilet roll though which is fab! We loved the decor of the bathroom it was really light and made the bathroom feel very spacious!

We also had a HUGE balcony that would have been perfect in the summer months! Imagine coming back after a day of exploring and enjoying an ice cold drink outside!

We did of course make use of it and take some pics even in the freezing cold!

Ski Festival Finder

We would LOVE to go skiing, I went at school when I was 13/14 and absolutely loved it, it was so much fun and i just had the most incredible time! Rach has never been skiing before and is also really keen to try it, so its definitely something we will HAVE to do- hopefully sooner rather than later.

We have heard that skiing holidays however, are not just about the skiing they are also about great music and the après ski that takes place at the end of the day- sounds absolutely incredible and right up our street!

If you want to take it a step further then there are also so many skiing festivals in Europe and Worldwide, imagine being able to ski and also getting to listen to some of your favourite artists well.

We didn’t realise there were so many skiing festivals out there, it was quite overwhelming when we were doing our research! That is before we came across Admirals Ski Festivals Finder it saved us so much time and meant we only had to research the one festival as opposed to the 100’s online.  

We both took the test and got the same results! Now this is why we are friends we are too similar and basically like the same things! Anyway, here are our joint result below, guess we better start looking at flights to Italy (lucky we are obsessed with Pizza!!)

The Ski Festival Finder asks you 5 questions before recommending ski festivals that meet your criteria, so it makes finding that perfect ski holiday much much easier!

It literally takes about 5 minutes, we think they need to create more of these! We would love to use it to find the perfect summer holiday or city break!

We have shared the ski festival finder with so many of our friends (lots of them are keen skiers)! They are all loving it and are hoping to book one up next year!

Wroclaw Tourist Guide

We really wished we had a tourist guide when we were visiting Wroclaw so we thought we would write one for you all instead!

Wroclaw is a city in Poland that’s think is over shadowed and when we told people we were visiting Wroclaw, the usual response was ‘where’!?! Most people when visiting Poland go to Krakow or Warsaw but we cannot recommend Wroclaw enough!

Flights to Wroclaw are pretty cheap which is why we decided to visit (we only paid £36 return, such a bargain!) and accommodation is equally reasonable. We can recommend the Tower Apartments enough and you can read our post all about it soon!

So if you have already booked your trip to Wroclaw or are thinking of visit Poland heres our tourist guide to ensure you have a fabulous time!

Things you must do during your visit:

Market Square & Old Town- Of course you have to visit the market square and old town when you are in Wroclaw! You can walk the entire way round the marker square and there are tons of restaurants to choose from! All of the houses are so colourful we just had to stop and take a couple of photos!

Tumski Bridge (Love lock)- we knew there was a love lock bridge in Wroclaw but we didn’t set out to find it, we just stumbled across it as we were walking across the mini islands! We loved the sparkly pink, purple and blue hearts they had placed on the bridge! We had to take a selfie of course! There is also a place to purchase the locks on the bridge.

Gnome hunting– There are 300 or so gnomes of drawf statues in Wroclaw to be found. You will wander around and stumble across them or you can make it your mission to try and find them all! We spotted about 15 in the end over our two days exploring the city!

Park Szczytnicki- we didn’t actually get w chance to visit this park! The weather was pretty wet during our visit and it was quite far out we were really gutted though and we can imagine this park on a beautiful sunny day would be stunning! So make sure you definitely check it out!

Indoor market dh Hala Targowa- it started it rain one afternoon so we headed back to our apartment to drop some bits off and have an action plan! We were on our phones googling what to do when we came across Dh Hala Targowa which was home to an indoor market! We decided to visit as it was only open on Saturdays! It was a giant food market selling every kind of vegetable, fruit, dried fruit, nuts & snacks you can imagine! There were also fake flower stalls, meat stalls and mini cafes dotted around. It was really interesting and if you are stuck for things to do we would recommend a visit.

P.s cabbages in Poland are MASSIVE! Have a look at our picture below LOL!

Walking down the back streets- this is something we always recommend when we visit new places and even when people visit London! There are so many hidden gems that you would never usually stumble upon! We found so many cool cafes and restaurants as we wondered around! We also stumbled across a music festival for a charity (read more about that below)!


Christmas markets– Wroclaw has one of Polands largest Christmas markets that takes over 2 sides of the beautiful famous square. The market is one of the earlier ones to open in Poland and usually opens in the third week of November and closes on 31st December. The market is open from 10am – 9pm.

2nd weekend in January – An annal event Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy, to raise money for charity happens every year on the second weekend in January (the weekend we happened to be there). Familys, friends and groups all stand around the city (some dressed up!) with stickers which you can get when you donate to the charity box. They raise money for different charities and in 2019 it was for hospitals for poorly babies. There is also a big concert at Plac Nowy Targ where there are food stalls and games.

Summer- Summer in Wroclaw would be pretty stunning, the colourful buildings and clear blue skies and hot weather what more could you want?! Also in summer they have pop up beach bars dotted around the city and also a floating bar on the river too. Think we may have to return in summer!

We honestly could not recommend visiting Wroclaw enough! We cannot wait to go back and visit in the summer!

Iggy Pizza In Wroclaw

Okay so it might sound a little strange that we went for pizza when in Poland BUT how could we not visit Iggy Pizza!

We read so many good reviews online about Iggy Pizza that we just had to make a visit! Whilst doing our research we actually realised that Wroclaw is also known as ‘little Venice’ because they have an entire area full of pizzerias!

We arrived at Iggy Pizza at around 7:15pm and the restaurant was already buzzing. We were shown to our table and the waitress provided us with en English menu. We had read online that they didn’t have an English menu available so this was a nice surprise!

We loved the interiors especially the giant pink quotation signs! One of our favourites being ‘Real Queens Eat Pizza’! The tables were marble which is of course a bloggers dream so we were delighted with that as well.

To drink we both ordered a glass of red wine for 12 Polish Zloty which is is less than £3! The wine tasted delicious (but like we have mentioned previously we are no wine connoisseurs lol)!

We both ordered a Margherita pizza was which was priced at 22 Zloty, which is about £5! We both added on an extra, Annie had mushrooms and Rach had Prosciutto ham which were an additional 5 Zloty which is £1.

We loved how thin the pizza bases were at Iggy Pizza, they did have a airy but thick crust that again wasn’t too doughy and sooo delicious.

Lol gotta get that shot! 😂

They also gave you the option to swap your cheese to vegan cheese free of charge so Iggy Pizza would also be a good option for any vegan or plant based eaters.

We would definitely recommend Iggy Pizza to anyone visit Wroclaw! We enjoyed great pizza with a delightful atmosphere that certainly didn’t break the bank!

A Christmas Weekend in Basel

We love a Weekend city break, we love squeezing as much into two days as we possibly can, soaking up the atmosphere and of course trying all the delicious food on offer. A few months back my mum suggested that we went on a girls weekend away (two sisters, my mum and myself) and we all jumped at the idea. Last weekend we hoped on a plane and got the chance to explore the beautiful city of Basel.

Basel is in Switzerland and it certainly isn’t cheap, we realised that when a 15 minute cab ride cost us 40 CHF! We also popped into Zara and a top that was £20 in the UK was being sold for 45 CHF crazy!!

Old Town

We stayed in the old town in a quirky Air Bnb, we loved the old town it had so much character and loads of cute shops and bakeries. They have so many cute Christmas shops the first one we wondered into was a shop full of baubles, there were sooo many.

We visited a popular bakery that had a que out of the door, selecting a delicious almond pastry to enjoy with a cup of tea. It was so tasty and the inside was basically stuffed with marzipan, so festive!


There are two Christmas markets in Basel and they are considered to be the best in Switzerland!

Münsterplatz is located in front of the historical cathedral on a beautiful square in Basel, we headed straight to Münsterplatz before it got too busy and each enjoyed a glass of Glühwein which is basically mulled wine YUM my favourite!

We decided to have fondue for lunch and headed to one of the tents at Münsterplatz. The fondue was served in a giant saucepan with a generous portion of bread to dip in, it was fairy pricey costing CHF per person, but it was so delicious and definitely worth it.

Before leaving the area we took a wander into the cathedral to defrost a little bit as it was SO SO cold outside temperatures were hitting -2! The cathedral was so stunning and it would have been great to have visited during a service (not that we would have understood any of it).

Barfüsserplatz market is much bigger and also a lot busier as it is located closer to the city centre. We wondered around in the afternoon but also re visited the following morning when it was much quieter! Both markets sell very similar things!


For dinner we visited a local restaurant that was recommended to us called Hasenberg. It was a lovely little restaurant that was full of locals (always a good sign). To start I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin soup that had so much flavour. For mains I ordered a sausage with onion gravy and a potato rostie.

We only needed breakfast on the Sunday morning and forgot that the majority of places were likely to be shut or at least not open until 11am! We visited Hotel Basel for breakfast which was 27 CHF which was a little pricey but it was delicious and kept us going for the rest of the day.

If you fancy a 10 mintue walk out of town for some street food then go to Markethalle! We took a wonder there not really knowing what to expect and it was basically just an inside market selling so many different cuisines. We stopped off for a coffee in a cute little coffee shop and of course had to take some pics!

When in Basel it would be rude not to tuck into a Bratwurst, we came across a market stall that were selling Bratwurst and enjoyed one for lunch. Instead of serving the Bratwurst in a bun they serve it with a slice of soda bread.

All in all we had such a fabulous weekend away, it really did make us all feel extra festive!