Mocha Protein Shake

protein 3

That protein kindly sent us some of their protein so we decided to make a delicious post work out shake because we love them. We used the ‘Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha with organic coffee’ protein.

That Protein is a plant based protein powder and for once the protein actually tastes great. They are dairy free, no added sugars, non GMO, no sweeteners and free from anything artificial.

We decided to add a couple of other ingredients to make our shake thick and creamy- the best way to have a shake. We have tried it with just water though when we have been in a rush leaving the gym and it still tastes great!

protein 1

1 scoop of that protein mocha flavour
1 banana
8 frozen cherries(3 for decoration)
Handful of ice
Almond milk
Tea spoon cacao nibs (leave some for decoration)

Place all the ingredients in a blender and whizz it up until combined! Top tip always put your protein in last so it doesn’t get stuck to the sides (its a nightmare if it does and you will find yourself shaking the blender trying to get it to combine).

A super easy recipe to follow!

March FavouritesĀ 

March has been a great month! We have celebrated a birthday, saw one of our closest friends get married, both got new jobs, started a YouTube channel and most importantly finally tried Leon porridge which by the way is SO delicious!

Overnight oats-  We had never tried overnight oats before this month and to be honest they sounded gross, who wants to eat cold oats? How wrong were we! With work Annie has to travel a lot so on the go breakfasts are exactly what she need so decided to try them! It’s safe to say we both have been loving them and Annie looks forward to them every morning if she has to get up and go somewhere early! We will be posting a recipe soon so make sure you look out for it!

VLogging- In March we filmed our first ever vlog, it was our friends wedding day so we thought it would be a nice start to our YouTube journey. We absolutely loved it and although we have a lot to learn still we are having so much fun! If you have been thinking about vlogging for a while but haven’t stated yet we are telling you to just bite the bullett and go for it!

Mornflake- We have been loving Mornflake this month they have some amazing products you all need to try. First up is their no added sugar granola oh my gosh it’s so nice to find a granola that isn’t packed with extra sugar. This granola is so moorish and one bowl isn’t enough. We have loved it so much we have already finished our bag and trust us the bag isn’t small! You can taste that it hasn’t got lots of added sugar in but it’s actually really nice to have a granola that isn’t overly sweet. They also sell individual protein porridge sachets which are great, the portion size is perfect and much bigger that some other brands that sell individual sachets so it definitely won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Hangry- We tried hangry snack bars for the first time this month and absolutely loved them. We especially enjoyed the original flavour it was so good! They are the perfect afternoon snack when you need something to satisfy your hangry belly!

TRX workouts- We have been incorporating the TRX into our workout routines lately. It’s a great piece of equipment at the gym and you could even use it for your entire workout. We are planning on filming a YouTube video all about the TRX and the different exercises you can do using it.

Nutri Ninja – We had a basic blender but it wasn’t very powerful so decided to purchase a more powerful blender as they are ideal to make pancakes, smoothies, juices etc. We love our Nutri Ninja firstly because its so easy to clean (everything can go in the dishwasher!), and secondly because it whizzes up food in seconds. We have been experimenting with lots of different recipes, with our first one live already – watch this space for more to come!

We cannot wait for April as we are off to Paris for the weekend – BRING ON DISNEYLAND, we are already planning our pictures, blog posts and we are super excited to vlog the whole weekend! However before that we are both going away for Easter with Annie off to Suffolk and Rach off to Northern Ireland. We are both going to vlog our holidays so make sure you watch it. In addition Annie can finally eat chocolate again! What exciting things do you have planned for April?