Cuckoo’s Bakery Edinburgh

We love finding independent coffee shops when visiting new cities, we refuse to purchase a chain coffee when there are so many other choices! This was exactly the same during out time in Edinburgh and one of the coffee shops on our hit list was Cuckoos Bakery.

There are two Cuckoo’s Bakery coffee shops in Edinburgh one is located on Dundas Street which is just a short walk away from the centre of Edinburgh, we chose to visit this bakery as it was on our way back to our hotel which was located in Leith. The other bakery is located in Bruntsfield which we had planned on visiting after our hike up Arthurs Seat.

We had spied their ice coffees on Instagram and as soon as the sun started to shine our iced coffee craving kicked in and we headed straight to cuckoos bakery.

When we arrived there was a table available outside in the sun so we sat down before going inside and ordering our coffee, Rachel opted for a soya milk latte and Annie had an Iced Americano with a dash of soya milk (if you follow us on IG you will know already this is always our go to order).

We were admiring the cupcakes Cuckoo’s Bakery sell and if we hadn’t of been full from our brunch we would have definitely purchased a couple. The cupcakes looked absolutely delicious and they were iced to perfection.

The two girls who were working at the Dundas Street branch were incredibly friendly, polite and obviously enjoy their job a lot (why wouldn’t they when they get to work here).

It was definitely worth the visit and we would highly recommend it if you are visiting or live in Edinburgh!

Walking up Arthurs Seat

Walking to the top of Arthur’s Seat is a must do when in Edinburgh and was on the top of our to do list, especially as we love to walk.

Its crazy that in the middle of a city is a beautiful hill to climb where you feel like you’re in the countryside and a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh city centre. It’s nice to break up the craziness of a city break with a long walk with breath-taking views.

The climb may be tricky and sometimes hard on foot, but it is definitely worth it once you hit the summit.

We strongly recommend you wear shoes with a good grip especially for when walking back down as its very easy to stumble and fall (we were both in trainers and both fell over in style much to the amusements of passers-by!).
We also recommend you start early as it gets very busy. We went early, and it was still busy at the top. Next time we would love to be at the top for sunrise or sunset.

You can tackle this hill from many different angles depending on where you are coming from. We started our hike from……. Park but came down a different route as we were heading back into the city centre. As long as you have a map you will be fine working your way to the top and bottom.

You also do not necessarily have to just hike to the seat and back there are many other routes around and you could very easily make a day of it. If the weather is nice how about bringing a picnic and doing a long hike which involves Arthurs Seat too.

There are also lots of car parks if you have a car with you so you can drive to the base of the hill. We are crazy and we walked from our hotel all the way to the base, however there is lots of public transport in Edinburgh so its not hard to get to at all.

We also noticed lots of people cycling or running to the summit which we think was very brave but if you fancy the challenge we are sure it would be great.